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Top Five Favorite Wispy Lashes-Lashes Amor

Top Five Fluffy and Wispy Mink Lashes from LashesAmor

Calling all wispy lash lovers!  Makeup is so common now for all kinds of occasions. And False Lashes play such a big role in make up that it can make your looking different instantly with significantly effect. Various lashes can be choosed for different makeup style, and many girls are very fond of wispy lashes which looks so natural and cute. Here we have picked our top five favourite wispy 20mm mink lashes styles to enhance your makeup and creat a stunning look.

18mm 3D Wispy Mink Lashes DM01

With 18mm length, this strip eyelashes are slightly extra to our own eyelashes, not so bold or open. The hairs are arranged with big criss-cross angels as well as some wispy ones in between, fluffy at the end. It’s so lovely and cute when wearing this lash, elegant and attractive. It’s very suitable for daily makeup, as well as dinners, concerts, dates.

18mm 3D Wispy Mink Lashes DM04

DM04 is a very unique pattern of wispy 20mm mink lashes style lashes. The lashes hair at outer side is markedly bigger than the center side, super good for small and close-set eye shape. It’s very typical wispy style lashes. 1 pair sample are available and Private logo lashes package are supported here with super low MOQ required.

18mm 3D Wispy Mink Lashes DM06

Make your eyes look deeper and more charming without being gaudy! This lashes is wispy style with little extra hair volume. Length at inner side is shorter than it at outer side, looking very natural and advanced. The band is very soft and feels nothing even if wear all day long. It’s so perfect for dates that peopel cannot move eyes off you!

18mm 3D Wispy Mink Lashes DM14

Simple and clear patterns with wispy styles, very neat arranged lashes. The multi-layered lashes making eye make up more natural and stereoscopic. Perfect for daily occasions especially nights out.

Wispy 20mm Mink Lashes DM27

A false eyelash can make eyes look so different. As can be seen from the pictures and model show, the hair volume is little more but looks very natural and elegant. All wispy lashes pattern makes it looking so active and energetic. All our lashes are washable and can be reused for more than 25 times. High quality product and service will be provided for your own lashes line business!

Lashes are an Art. Which one would you prefer?

All sample are available without MOQ requirement. Customized eyelashes packages supported!

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