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Will Russian Volume Lashes Be Cancelled?

Russia Volume Lashes Name is Disliked

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers has renamed their popular 3D Mink Lashes Russian Volume style to Volume Styles – as the war
Russia-Ukraine conflict in Ukraine intensifies.
As Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the Ukrainian people suffer more and more, lack of water, electricity, everything, daily security is not guaranteed, Russia is increasingly condemned, Lashes named of Russian Volume have faced boycotts simply because of the name, now the entire lash industry changing the name of a popular Russian Volume Lash Extension.

3D08 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lash Extension still an high end lash extension

The Russian Volume lash extension, the most popular of high-end lash extensions — which can cost as much as $200 per extension — was created by Russian lash artist Olga Dobronravora, who pioneered the lash extension method more than a decade ago. This is achieved when the technician glues three to six strands of synthetic hair to the natural lashes to make them appear thicker. It is still popular in the whole high-end eyelash grafting industry.

3D12 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lashes Will Rename Full Lashes

Few beauty cares about politics, but Russia’s harm to Ukrainian civilians really made the beauties in the beauty industry unhappy. More beauty salons began to resist Russia, starting from their side, theychange the name of the Russian Volume to the Volume Fluffy lashes!

Most Information was quoted from Daily Mail News.

Purity Salon in Plymouth, Devon made an announcement via their Facebook page.Manager Lucy Phillips said loyal customers voted it “full lashes”Aesthetics and Beauty salon in Colchester, Essex has also been renamed Therapy Synthetic Lash Design by Russian Lash Artist Olga Dobronravora. As more businesses come forward in support of Ukraine.

3D03A Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Public Vote Rename the Russia Volume Lashes

Purity Salon in Plymouth, Devon, is one of many salons in the UK to change the name of a popular Russian beauty service. They held a contest on March 2 for customers to rename traditional remedies themselves.

In a post on their Facebook, the salon wrote: “We stand with Ukraine. We have decided to ditch the traditional Russian curling lash extensions and we now need your help to rename the service.

Manager Lucy Phillips has offered Russian lash designs since opening the salon eight years ago.

But in support of Ukraine, her loyal customers voted the treatment “volumizing lashes.”

Ms Phillips said: “We’re putting it to a public vote. We think it’s appropriate for customers to choose after they’ve made their proposals.

“I think most of us don’t want to see Russia in any positive light at the moment, including the popular eyelash treatment.”

a pair, forerunner and the side of 3d 18mm mink lashes
3D39 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lashes Rename was highly praised

Aesthetics and Beauty Salon in Colchester, Essex, has also pulled the “Russian lashes” from its products.

Manager Evie Davie, who opened the salon in 2017, decided to rebrand the treatment as Lash Volume after seeing the escalating disruptions caused by Putin in the news.

“As a beautician, a lot of our techniques also come from Russia and are named after this country. Russian lashes have always been popular all over the world.

“I thought if I changed my name to ‘thick eyelashes’ it would show that I was thinking about what Ukrainians are going through right now.”

a pair, forerunner and the side of 3d 18mm mink lashes

3D08 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Ms Davy was shocked by the popularity of the idea with her customers. Many have since reached out to congratulate her on the initiative and support the name change.

She added: “At first, I didn’t know the name change would be so popular.

“But not only have I had support and comments with positive feedback from customers, but also from people who follow me on social media.

“I feel that if everyone can do something to show their support for Ukraine, then hopefully the world can end these sad times.”

3D05 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Amor Eyelash Vendor Prays For Peace

Amor Eyelash Vendor also changed the name of Russian volume to Fluffy Volume Lashes, these 3D Mink Lashes not cancelled, only renamed. Lets supporting peace, let us pray that the war will end soon, and peace belongs to the whole world!

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