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Why Wispy Lashes Top Popular?

Amor Lash Vendor always focus on Eyelash development and luanch new trending lashes, now the Wispy Lashes which mix Volume lash style looking are much popular, we have luanched these 20mm wispy lashes already, this blog will tell you the difference of natural lashes, volume lashes and wispy lashes, tell you why wispy lashes are so popular, why now promoting wispy lashes can earn more money!

Natural lashes as the words, they are mostly looks like baby lashes, but some where get longer and little more density, it looks more outstanding than the baby lashes, this natural lashes fit for the white ladies, their skin color white, so little change on the lashes can be obviously showed out, looks very charming!

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Following is the Volume Lashes Extension, all the lashes grow up and big density location, just like a forest full of straight small trees, no cross between each others. this volume lashes are the most favorite for the ladies who love heavy make up!

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Wispy lashes are the latest but most trending lash styles among all lash styles, it is similar to the Hybrid lashes on the lash extension industry, but they are much more conflict than the Hybrid lash extension, because the lash artist can not do so hard work as Wispy lashes.

View the following picture, you can know the 2 famous characters of wispy lashes:

First, almost all lashes are growing cross each other from the lash band, but they are not mess cross, finally the mink furs formed a very beautiful pattern.

Second, their is valley and peaks on the appearence, soft lash fur tips has very good curly,

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