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Why Vegan Hemp Fibre Lashes So Popular?

“No business, no harm” is a well-known environmental slogan. If we don’t use animal fur, there will be no fur market and no endangered animals will be killed. Beauty-loving elite ladies have been pursuing Cruelty-free Eyelashes to satisfy their beauty pursuits, because their environmental awareness makes them consciously resist mink eyelashes, but it is impossible without eyelashes, it is a contradiction between sexiness and killing, which cannot be compromised .

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier has successfully produced Plant Fiber Eyelashes, including hemp eyelashes and bamboo eyelashes, through numerous material experiments in response to market needs and customer requirements, among which hemp eyelashes are the most popular in the market.

Vegan Biodegradable Hemp Plant Fibre Lashes

In the process of developing plant fiber eyelashes, the production and maintenance of fiber curvature is the most critical part. Because plant fibers are not heat-resistant and fragile in texture, it is difficult to form, and it is difficult to maintain long-term after fixed and formed. The research team of Amor Eyelash Vendor successfully produced arbitrarily curved plant fibers, which can keep the curved shape for a long time after many experiments. So, we can now make any type of eyelashes without difficulty, and can meet any custom requirements of our customers.

Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes

Compared with Mink Lashes, Hemp Plant Fibre Eyelashes have no difference except that the “hair” is slightly duller and less shiny. Hemp eyelashes are also very light, and the eyelashes can be made soft or hard according to customer requirements. The number of times can meet the industry standard of 25 times for high-end eyelashes, and it is as comfortable as mink eyelashes after wearing.

Hemp Plant Fiber Vegan Lashes

Amor Eyelash Vendor not only provides degradable vegan eyelashes, but also provides a full range of degradable packaging for environmentally friendly customers, including eyelash trays and eyelash boxes, which are pressed with sugarcane fiber, and the packaging is strong enough protect eyelash and support long distance transportation, these are beyond your expectations, right?

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