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Why Not Build A Vegan Lash Brand?

What are vegan eyelashes
Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers divide eyelashes into Mink Lashes and Vegen Lashes, the Vegen Eyelashes include inorganic material synthetic eyelashes and plant fiber synthetic eyelashes, Amor Eyelash Vendors have launched three product catalogs, including synthetic material imitation mink eyelashes, synthetic material cashmere eyelashes and Plant cellulose eyelashes, these eyelashes have their own characteristics, but their effect has approached the feeling of mink eyelashes, and has been well received by customers!

Vegan Cashmere Lashes

Are vegan lashes as comfortable as mink lashes?
The hair of Mink Eyelashes is the most similar to the hair of human natural eyelashes in nature, and it is also curved. It is the best raw material for making 3D mink eyelashes. Vegetarian eyelashes are naturally less wearable than mink eyelashes, but according to the statistics of Amor eyelash wholesalers, vegetarian eyelashes have shown a very steep upward trend in recent years, and this increase in sales has nothing to do with price, so what is the reason?

hemp plant fiber vegan lashes

The concept of environmental protection has spawned a group of high-net-worth eyelash users
Environmental protection, friendly coexistence between human beings and nature, protection of endangered animals, and refusal to kill are the most talking topics in the world in recent years! Especially in the fashion industry, “no business, no harm”, this sentence is often said by environmentalists, and refusing to wear mink coats and mink eyelashes can prevent the extinction of mink due to human preferences . And these girls with advanced concept of environmental protection are all well-educated, their income level is higher than the social average level, they are not very sensitive to the price of eyelashes to the value of their own maintenance and value. So why not create a vegan eyelash brand that caters to these customer segments?

Hemp Fiber Vegam Lashes

Amor Lash Vendor’s Plant Fiber Eyelashes
The hemp vegetarian eyelashes of Amor Eyelash Wholesaler are the most trendy vegetarian eyelashes. They are produced from hemp fiber. The hemp fiber is processed through complex processes such as cleaning, fermentation, crushing, extraction, and shaping to produce high-quality plant fibers. The eyelashes are processed in a factory. Through a lot of wearing tests, it is close to the wearing experience of mink eyelashes. It is a very good variety of vegan eyelashes. The key point is that this kind of eyelashes is degradable for a short time, and the amor eyelash wholesaler also matched the degradable eyelash packaging box, so that this kind of eyelashes look high quality and satisfied People’s demand for quality products.

Vegan Lash Vendor

Can an eyelash brand in a niche market make money?
In the era of mobile Internet, social traffic is the prerequisite to continue to expand business! In the case of mink eyelash sellers, is it more eye-catching for you to create a vegetarian eyelash brand? Will it bring you more traffic? As we said in the previous paragraph, the buyers of vegetarian eyelashes are mainly high-income and highly educated women, who are not sensitive to prices. So as long as you do a good job in social brand promotion, you can easily get responses from customers and gather in a short period of time. More objective customer groups, earn your rewards!

Wholesale Vegan Lash Vendor

Don’t hesitate, act now, as long as you start your business, I’m here to prepare ample stock of hemp eyelashes for you, let’s add some green, some eco-friendly, some cute little ones to this not so clean world Animals have a chance to survive!

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