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Why Mink Lashes are the Future of Eye Makeup?

According to Amor Mink Lash Vendors sales data,Mink Lashes are becoming the go-to for most of the lash lovers. More makeup artists and lash users are switching to mink lashes. Why Mink Lashes are the Future of Eye Makeup? Amor Eyelash Vendor analyzes this based on performance-to-price ratio on the following paragraph.

Mink Lashes 3D73

Mink Lashes Look The Best

Mink fur hair is the most similar lash material to the real human lash. Mink Lashes have beautiful and natural curl that gives your eyes a more lifted and dramatic look. Since mink hair is natural hair it has a very similar glossy sheen to real human lashes. Unlike coarse, blunt hair on synthetic lashes, it does a beautiful job blending right in with your natural lash line.

Mink Lashes 3T66

Mink Lashes Super Comfortable

Mink lashes are probably the most comfortable lashes on the market . Since the lash strips are made with real mink hairs, they are SO light and fluffy. Not only does this make them look incredible, it makes them super comfortable. When you have tried mink lashes, you would very glad say goodbye to those heavy synthetic lashes that make your eyelids heavy and droopy.

Mink Lashes 3D13

Broad Range of Lash Styles

Mink fur hairs are so lightweight, and much thinner than alternative lash materials, thus within the same weight, Mink Lashes can put more lash layers and create great 3D look effect.Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor designs more fluffy and dramatic mink lash styles on the catalogs than synthetic eyelashes。This makes tons of options for the lash business bosses because there’s a variety of styles and lengths to choose from.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes

Well Performance-to-price Ratio

Mink fur hairs are ntrual born hairs, they are better than synthetic hairs, Mink Lashes made by Amor Mink Lash Vendor are durable, they can reuse over 20 times if they are properly cared. We do a math, if the price of the lashes 12$, then only 60 cents cost for each wear, they havereally very good Performance-to-price Ratio! When you place a bulk order from Amor Lashes, you can get them only 4$ free shipping price each pairs! How a good deal they are! On the other hands, Synthetic lashes averaging only 3-4 uses,their chemical filled synthetic sets are more eye irritation! Which one are you going to buy?

How to order mink lashes?

Contact visit following website page to check different length and layer mink lashes, choose the best selling lash styles to your customers, then contact with our Amor lashes sales girls via WhatApp button, or directly place order on our shopify online store!

Classic Mink Lashes Web Page
3D Mink Lashes Web Page
20mm Mink Lashes Web Page
25mm Mink Lashes Web Page
Shopify Online Store


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