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Why You Need Wear Faux Lashes?

New Launch! November Hot Sale! Faux Lashes!

New Trend! 20MM 3D MINK FAUX LASHES! Only For You!

The Main purpose of Faux lashes is to vaule your natural beauty. Our Team compromises of extermely abundant aesthetics thoughts and dynamic innovation into the market emploees. 

Our handmade 20MM 3D MINK DM-lashes give you conidence, fill your insecurities, and provide you a glamorous look.

Why shouldn’t I just accept a lash extension?

Yes, Let’s face it, applying faux eyelashes can be a tedious and frustrating work, especially when you already heard about lash extensions—–a cosmetic procedure that involves applying individual lashes to your natural lashes to enhance length, curl, fullness, and thickness of natural eyelashes. With proper care, extensions can last six to eight weeks.

Maybe a choice…

While waking up with selfie-ready lashes certainly sounds appealing; there are some major advantages to choosing traditional; faux stick-on lashes over extensions.

False lashes on the Model shows

Lashes Wearings & Lashes extensions

Zero Up-Keep

Zilch, Nada, No regular appointments to attend for refills—Hallelujah! Once you’ve mastered the art of applying faux lashes (it’s easy, you have my word!) youcan simply just pop them on and take them off as you please.

No Damage To Your Natural Lashes

As though there is no solid evidence that extensions damage your own natural lashes, the weight of extensions over time can take its toll. If you’d perfer to save your best look for a special occasion, then faux are the way to go!

Be the Custume Queen You wanted

For one have to say, this is the one of my favourite advantages of faux lashes versus extensions! With so many different styles, you can change your lashes to suit your mood. MINK DM-7 LASH is a girly, dainty style, that’s perfect for picnic dates, or try MINK DM-13 LASH for a night on the downtown!

The Verdict

Wanna try switch to DM LASHES? We Lash Amor has you covered! Check out our MINK DM LASHES collections and be sure to drop us a line on Facebook, Pininterest or Instagram and let us know what’s your faves are!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us! Anytime at your service!

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