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Why Do Ppl Find it Difficult To Apply Eyelashes?

Wearing false eyelashes can be challenging for some people because it requires a steady hand and some practice to apply them correctly. This is not the point, the following matters may be the reason Why Do Ppl Find it Difficult To Wear Eyelashes. Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor lists the mistakes you’re probably making when applying false eyelashes and gives tips on how to do it well.

Apply Eyelashes Without Good Measure And Trim

Strip lashes are made as long as they can, so they can meet all eye’s width, the details width is about 35cm. Before you apply the Mink Lashes, you need to measure the width of the lashes you need first, then cut off the extreme part to meet your eyes. When you do not well trim the lashes, the false lashes will give you overweight and make your eyes look small, get a very bad makeup feeling!

Apply Eyelashes

Apply Eyelashes Not Well Exposed After Apply Lash Glue

Lash glue are not fast dry glue, they need 20 seconds to get sticky.”This time is suitable for most girls’ makeup speed” Said Mr.Eric, the designer of Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor. This is quite different with lash extension glue. If you apply the lashes more quickly before the lash glue gets sticky, they are not well applied to the eyeliner, they will fall off!
For the same reason, when you do not apply the lash glue evenly, the part of the lashes with more lash glue will not sticky as the part with lash glue, so you can not apply the lash well.

Apply Eyelashes

Not applying false lashes close enough to their real ones

A common mistake that rookies make is not applying false lashes close enough to their real ones, which often leaves a strip of visible skin in between. “After applying lashes, conceal the glue with a super thin liner along the upper waterline. This makes the eyelashes look more natural, and hides the glue bits that might still be visible,” says Designer Eric. Since most eyelash glues are water-based, you can just wash your face to remove false lashes painlessly.

The lashes aren’t fit your Eyeshape

The goal of your lashes is to open up your eyes and give a somewhat dramatic effect to your eye makeup. “If you have hooded eyes, for example, using fluffy strip false lashes can make your eyes look smaller and enhance your hooded lids.” Designer Eric Said. When you choose the wrong lashes, they will give you very bad makeup effects.

Apply Eyelashes

Apply false lashes do not care about the skin color

Regarding to white color girls, a pair of false lashes that is too long or heavy can weigh down the eyelids and feel uncomfortable, while to a black girl, a pair of false lashes that is too short or sparse may not give the desired effect. Furthermore, false eyelashes come in different lengths and thicknesses, and choosing the right pair can be overwhelming.

In summary, wearing false eyelashes can be challenging, but when you subscribe Amor Lashes channel, and get the right guidance, these challenges can be get over easily!

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