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Why do eyelash artists like premade fan lashes?

Why do eyelash artists like premade fan lashes?

Amor Eyelash Wholesaler is the best partner of eyelash artists, we have been working hard to design and produce more efficient grafted eyelashes for eyelash artists.premade fan lashes are an excellent product for lash artists. Its main advantage is that they provide a faster and easier application process than individual eyelash extensions. With pre-made fans, lash artists can apply multiple lashes to each natural lash at the same time, saving time and effort. In addition, premade fan lashes give more fuller and fluffy than single lashes, making them popular with lash artists. This blog will introduce you why eyelash artists like premade fan lashes.

Pre-made fan lashes are eyelash combinations

Precast scalloped lashes from Amor Lashes Wholesalers are lash assemblies, usually with several lashes pre-glued on the bottom, and slightly flared or flared to mimic the look of natural lashes. These clusters are then applied to the natural lashes using a specialized adhesive.

5D pre-made fan lashes are the most popular

5D Pre-made fan lashes are fan-shaped prefabricated eyelashes composed of 5 eyelashes (D here is not dimensional, but a special term in the eyelash industry, which refers to several eyelashes.). Amor eyelash wholesalers provide 3D to 12D pre-made fan lashes, and 5D pre-made fan lashes are the best sellers. In terms of efficiency, grafting 5D fan-shaped eyelashes saves a lot of time than grafting single eyelashes. From the perspective of effect, grafting 5D eyelashes is the best choice for the weight that natural eyelashes can bear,customers who graft 5D eyelashes feel the best . A customer complained that she grafted 10D fan-shaped eyelashes last time, which was very plump and beautiful, but it always brought weight and pressure to her natural eyelashes, which made her feel uncomfortable.

C/D curved pre-made fan lashes most popular

Pre-made fan lashes, also known as pre-volume lashes, are a type of lash extensions used to create fuller, fuller lashes. The fan-shaped eyelashes with C/D curvature can form a thicker grafted eyelash effect. Among the fan-shaped eyelashes manufactured by Amor eyelash suppliers, the eyelashes with a D curve are the most ordered, followed by the C curve. Many eyelash stylists have reported that mink eyelashes with D curvature are better than fan-shaped eyelashes made of other materials, and the effect of thick eyelash extension is better, plump and fluffy, and more popular with customers.

Pre-made fan lashes can be customized

Amor Eyelash Supplier provides PBT synthetic fiber, fan-shaped prefabricated eyelashes made of mink hair, the length is from 7mm to 12mm, and the degree of curvature is C/D. We also provide customized services. If you want to order DD curved mink eyelashes in bulk, or vegan plant fiber eyelashes, or you want to customize your own brand logo packaging, we will customize it for you, but the delivery time needs to be extended and payment is required. Shipped after 15 days.

Please note that pre-fanned lashes require professional application by a lash technician. If you want to apply eyelashes above 12D, you should consult the customer’s feelings. The fan-shaped eyelashes of 12D and above increase a lot in weight, and they should be applied carefully and accurately to ensure that customers do not bear weight pressure while experiencing fluffy eyelashes.

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