Cluster Lashes

Why Are Cluster Lashes So Popular?

Cluster Lashes are becoming the darling of the eyelash market and are very popular among girls. Amor Lash Vendor through big data analysis, the reasons for the popularity of clustered eyelashes are roughly the following factors, this blog analyzes why clustered eyelashes are so popular.

Cluster Lashes

A simplified version of eyelash extension

Cluster eyelashes are a new way of eyelash extension, which is much simpler than single eyelash grafting and cluster eyelash grafting, and the entire eyelashes can be grafted 4 times of eyelash extension.

Cluster Lashes


Cluster eyelash grafting is skillful and requires some practice work to be proficient, but when you master the grafting method proficiently, it only takes 10 minutes to complete eyelash grafting, which is an amazing miracle.

Cluster Lashes

Save money

The set including glue is less than 30 dollars, which is much less than the more than 100 dollars of eyelash grafting, and a 144-piece cluster eyelash set can be used for more than 4 months, and the average cost of less than 10 dollars a month is indeed Eyelash extensions that everyone can afford.

Cluster Lashes

Enjoy the fun of DIY eyelash extensions

Clustered eyelashes can also be called self-grafting eyelashes. You can choose different curvatures, different lengths, and even different styles of clustered eyelashes. You can create an eyelash map according to your eye shape and do eyelash grafting according to the eyelash map. This is very exciting. People are excited, which is the biggest reason why girls like self-grafting eyelashes.

Cluster Lashes

Order cluster lashes from AMOR lash vendor

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