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Who Supplies Plant Fiber Natural Eyelashes?

Who supplies plant fiber natural short eyelashes?

Plant Fiber Eyelashes use high-tech processing and manufacturing technology to select suitable plant fibers for further processing, so that the plant fibers can be softer, more resilient, and easier to shape, so that they have the characteristics of repeated use. The wearing experience is the same as mink eyelashes. 100% cruelty-free, which satisfies the wishes of environmentalists to buy vegetarian eyelashes, and has a wider and wider market.

The eyelash market is going back to basics, and the refreshing makeup experience of naturally short lashes is reviving. Natural plant fiber artificial eyelashes designed by Amor Lash Vendors are becoming more and more popular among girls in the workplace.

Now, we can show you more statistics about herbal false eyelashes.

How good is the price of plant fiber eyelashes?

If you find the right mascara supplier such as Amor Lashes Vendor, you can buy it at great wholesale prices.

Usually $2 to $3 is charged depending on your order. When the quantity you order is larger, the cost of batch production will be lower, and the price will be cheaper naturally.

Besides that, if you order custom eyelash packaging, you can also get great wholesale prices.

If you want to get specific wholesale rates now, you can contact us via WhatsApp.

What Are Great Plant Fiber Eyelashes?
Now the most suitable plant fiber for making eyelashes is hemp. The greatest hemp eyelashes look fluffy, slender, smooth, and the eyelash stems are flexible and elastic.

Why are more and more women choosing natural strip eyelashes?

First Time and money

They can do it themselves for a very low price, like $5, in less than 10 minutes, as opposed to 2 hours and $150 at a Lash Bar or Shalon.

Second, there are so many better styles to choose from.
For eyelash grafting, you have to fix one eyelash style for 30 days, which is obviously inflexible, because the life scenes of girls are changeable, different scenes such as dating, nightclubs and work have different eyelash styles, which will bring them Better visual effect, which is more interesting than a single eyelash style with eyelash extensions.
Amor Lash Vendor provides a lot of plant fiber eyelash styles, just choose! You can choose plant fiber natural eyelashes with exclusive patterns every day to create stunning and unique eye makeup.

Third, the new market demand brought about by the change of users’ environmental protection awareness

More and more high-ranking women pay attention to environmental protection. They realize that man and nature should live in harmony, animals should be protected, and they refuse to use animal hair to make eyelashes. The scale of this part of eyelash customers is gradually expanding, and more and more!
Amor Lashes Vendor is ahead of most eyelash suppliers, through a lot of basic research, finally launched hemp fiber eyelashes first, which is sought after by the market, and our customers also earn more money by selling hemp eyelashes.

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