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Who Is Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier ?

Every eyelash retailer wants to find a reliable eyelash supplier, who can place orders with confidence and continue to repurchase, so what kind of eyelash supplier is trustworthy? There are 5 relatively intuitive conditions for measuring Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier. Let us explain them separately to see how reliable eyelash suppliers do.

Lash Customer Map Of United State

Many lash styles of eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier can provide enough eyelash styles, and their eyelash catalogs always have eyelash styles you like, made of eyelash materials you approve, such as biodegradable plant fiber eyelashes!
If the eyelash supplier has an independent eyelash website, and there are enough pictures of eyelashes on the website, then you can choose the style that suits your customers from these intuitive pictures, isn’t it very convenient?
Secondly, it depends on whether the variety of eyelash materials is complete? Are there mink eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, and plant fiber eyelashes?
In addition to strip eyelashes and segmented eyelashes for personal use, can we also provide grafted eyelashes for makeup artists?

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier

Good quality eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier to provide high quality eyelashes. We all know that high-quality eyelashes are the basis of market competition. Only high-quality false eyelashes can win the recognition and continuous purchase of customers. Amor eyelash wholesalers remind you that when your order quantity does not exceed 100 pairs of eyelashes, do not put too much price pressure on the wholesaler, otherwise the wholesaler will provide you with low-quality eyelashes for profit, which will make you lose customers, The loss is greater than the profit brought by the price.

Fashion eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier have their own designers, always keep an eye on the trend of the eyelash market, design and produce updated and fashionable eyelash styles in time. Especially the eyelash styles of female Internet celebrities are the most intuitive eyelash popular phenomenon. And can customize popular fashion eyelashes according to customer requirements.

Quick response

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier are very service-oriented, and the information feedback is very fast. For example, amor lashes, WhatsApp information feedback speed does not exceed 8 hours, and the 8-hour delayed feedback is caused by time difference. Your inquiry will be answered promptly and accurately, and we will provide you with a very economical packaging and transportation plan according to your budget.

Fast save shipping

Amor’s Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier will ship your order to your door within 4 days. Let you start eyelash business in time. If you are an old customer who repurchases, they will arrange for you a more economical transportation plan that is slower but saves freight according to your replenishment time requirements. Because Amor wholesalers have long-term agreements with many international logistics companies and have rich experience. For example, if you purchase a sample order of 6 pairs, Fedex will be arranged. If your order has a custom-made packing box, and the order is heavy, DHL will be arranged to transport it for you, saving shipping costs!

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