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Where Can Buy Pre-made Fan Lashes?

Amor Eyelash Vendor is one of the top Pre-made Fan Lashes suppliers, if you are the Boss of the beauty salon or lash studio and want to order individual lashes, cluster lashes, or fan lashes, please contact our sales girls, you can buy Pre-made Fan Lashes from Amor Lashes at competitive wholesale prices, no matter what kind of lash styles. Following you can see the pictures and introductions of our lash styles.

How to place a Pre-made Fan Lashes order?

If you want to place a perfect order, you should first count your sales data and know what characteristics of eyelashes you need, and then you tell Amor Lashes sales girls, tell them the details of lash styles, curl degree, and the number of each style, you will get quotation from sales in a very short time.

How to order Pre-made Fan Lashes?

When we wanna place a Pre-made Fan Lashes order, we usually use the following data to define the lash extension, as follows:
Material: silk, cashmere, human hair, mink furs
Curl: J, B, C, D
Thickness: .
Mink Fur Number: 3D Fan lashes mean 3 mink furs hairs, max 20D Lash Fan extensions
Color: Black or others

For example, 5D human hair 0.07C10mm, Black, 20 pcs, that means you will order 20 pieces of human hair Lash Fan Extension made of 5 mink fur hairs, with 0.07mm thickness and 10mm length, at C curl degrees, black color.

Pre-made Fan Lashes Extension

Fan lash extensions mean 3 or more lash hairs heat-bonded at the lash end and forming a fan shape lash combination, these fan lashes also have different curls and lengths, and they are marked with different names.

7D14MM-0.10Thickness D Curl Short Stem Fan Lash Extension

According to their unfolded shape, they have also named chicken feet fans, fishtail fans, phoenix fans, and so on. A fan made up of three eyelashes is called a 3D fan, a fan made up of four eyelashes is called a 4D fan, and so on, and now the maximum number is 20D fans.

How does Pre-made Fan Lashes Classify?

Long Stem Fan Lash Extensions

Short Stem Fan Lash Extensions

Natural Fan Lash Extensions

Volume Fan Lash Extensions

Mix Fan Lash Extensions

3D/4D—-20D Fan Lash Extensions

Other Lash Extensions Amor Lashes Suppliy

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor also provide Individual Lash Extensions and Cluster Lash Extensions and Easy Fan Lash Extensions,

they are also popular between make up artist for their high quality!

Individual Lash Extensions:

Individual lash extensions mean a single individual with different curls, different diameters, and different lengths, these lash extensions can be applied to the baby’s lashes, forming beautiful lash extensions.

Cluster Lash Extensions

The root of the cluster lash extensions is not a point, but a line segment. When applying for cluster lash extensions, they are applied to several baby eyelashes instead of one baby eyelash.

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