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When And Why Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lashes Vendor well understand that lash extension are the basis of Strip Lashes, most fashion lash styles are come out from Lash extension, and then appears on strip lashes list. Strip Lashes are another kind of eyelash extension that can be mass-produced, convenient, low-cost,can be replaced at any time.

When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lashes Vendor designers always pays attention to the make-up trends of any female on social media, pays attention to the eyelashes of female celebrities, absorbs popular elements at any time, updates their own eyelash list. Amor Lash Vendor distributes fashionable high-quality eyelashes in the United Statess, providing OEM eyelashes and exquisite packaging, and making Eyelash distributors make money is the basis for the development of our Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor here share the feedbacks from America customer, these feedbacks clearly expressed when people would like to try Strip Lashes instead of Lash Extensions, this would be great help for the Lash Distributors USA when they focus on the growing lash business.

  • Strip Lashes offer a variety of options,they come in numerous styles and colors, from natural every day to night time glam, you can even get glitter lashes for a great festival look.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Much Cheap Price,they can be reused multiple times if properly looked after. This reduces waste and saves you cash.They are much cheaper than eyelash extensions, so if the treatment is out of your budget, you can still look great.
  • Convenient is a great advantage. It can be applied at home, meaning you don’t have to make a trip to the salon for a lengthy appointment.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Strip Eyelashes can create exaggerated shapes and bring enough traffic to social media.They are more noticeable in photos, when i create social media post, i usually use super dramatic or super long lashes to make exaggerated effects, it brings me much comments and finally brings me enough traffic.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Frequent change scenes, young girls will work day time, then dating time or even night out, this need natural lashes, dramatic lashes to match the scenes.
  • Prepare some different eyelashes for special occasion, such as a wedding, you’ll look great for the camera.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • I don’t like to go to public, i like to apply strip lashes at home.
  • I like DIY Eyelashes, i order as much as possible different lash styles, i like cluster strip lashes too, this give me many many changes when i Diy my eyelashes.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
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