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What Styles Eyelashes Can Grow Your Lash Business?

Amor Lash Vendor considers that Eyelashes are divided into two major categories according to the beauty effect, classic natural type and large volume type, all eyelashes are extended in these two types, figure out what type your customer group likes, and you are halfway there.

People who are hot and exaggerated naturally like dramatic lashes, so volume or mega volume lashes are the first choice for these customers. Such lashes look thick, layered, and fluffy. When they wear lashes, it is very iconic. , She is the brightest star in the sky, she is the most beautiful cub on this street.

A pair of 3d 25mm mink lashes
Fluffy Volume Style Eyelash

Calm and intellectual women, they try to impress others that they have a very good temperament, so all the makeup process will not be distracting, and will not distract others because of the partial makeup, so these women are very concerned about eyelash styles. The need is natural or natural blending, or even partial half lashes, just to complement her own lashes.

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
Classic Natural Style Lashes

Of course, skin color is also very important. Of course, people with dark skin should wear thick and long eyelashes, and people with light skin can only wear short and natural eyelashes. These are common sense, so you should order eyelashes according to your preferred skin color. to choose to order.

A pair of 3d 18mm mink lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

The price of eyelashes has never been a problem. The eyelashes produced by Amor Lash Vendor are all high-quality eyelashes, which can be used for 25 times. This kind of high-end eyelashes, customers will definitely not be stingy with the $20 purchase, as long as you can show it to customers and understand it. When you let customers try it out, you are done!

A pair of 3d 13mm mink lashes
Eyelash Vendors Wholesale
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