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What Kind Of Wispy Lashes Can Make Money?

Besides of Natural Minks and Volume Lashes, Wispy Lashes are now more popular, The contrast between long hair and short hair makes the eyelashes more flexible, not as rigid as the VOLUME style, but also more eye-catching and more beautiful than the natural style eyelashes.

This DM01 Wispy styles lashes, has thicker cluster bundle, it looks more dramatic, is one of the best sellers of wispy lashes, the people who love thick lashes would like pay more dollars fot it!

Wholes Eyelash Vendors

Mink Lash Vendor

Dm02 lash style, wipsy pattern, it has much curly degree, more fluffy, the second best sellers on the length of 20mmm mink lashes.

Eyelash Vendor

Amor Lash Vendor

Dm03 lash style, it is designed as volume look, but also have shorter and longer mink furs, so it looks volume far away, but it also has wispy style when you look near, more popular than volume style.

20mm Wispy Lashes

Dm04 is totally wispy lash style, but it has a great wing on the out side of lashes, it more flexible, top 4 rank.

Wispy Minks
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