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What Is Your Best Eyelash Glue?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor knows that using the best Eyelash Extension Glue and remover will make your makeup job as a lash artist or beautician so much easier! Our chief design director Jack Ma (not Ali Jack) has been improving the glue formula for decades, providing customers with special glue with various effects, and has achieved great success

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Magnatic Eyelash Glue

What is Eyelash Extension Glue?

Lash extension adhesive is the glue that you dip fan lashes or faux mink lashes in before applying them to your client’s natural lashes. We’ll show how to use it later.

Lash Extension Adhesive

Chief design director Jack Ma observed that different people have different speed when they apply 3D Mink Lashes. If you are slower one, but you use a fast drying lash adhesive, then you will find that the glue are dry before applying lashes on. But if you are very fast, and you get a slow dry lash glue, you will find the Mink Lashes can not stick on your eyes!
Therefore, Jack Ma created quick dry lash glue which will be dry on 5 seconds and slow dry lash glue will be dry on 20 seconds, there is a very fomiliar scene we offen watch on make up tutorials, girls offen shake and blow on the lash glue before applying on the lashes.
The Best Lash Glue is the lash glue dry time suitable for your make up speed!

Best False Eyelash Glue

How to Use Eyelash Extension Glue?

Whether you’re handcrafting your fan or using a ProMade fan, you can use the adhesive by dipping the fan in the adhesive, then attaching it to your natural lashes to cure.
Remember to shake your glue bottle by hand for at least two minutes before you start any appointment. This allows the separated ingredients to mix thoroughly.
Then, put a small dot of glue on the surface without the nozzle touching the surface. We recommend using glue dot holders or glue sheets to submerge the fan.During your lash appointment, you’ll continue to dip all the fans into your adhesive dots. If your adhesive starts to get sticky between appointments, simply place
Another point on your surface. Depending on your humidity, you should be dripping a new spot every 15 to 20 minutes.
Don’t forget to properly store your eyelash glue between appointments. Your adhesive will last 6 months if unopened and three to four weeks if stored open correct. You can store it in the sticky holder to keep it airtight and out of the sun.

Diy Pro Lash Lash Extension Glue

You need Eyelash Extension Glue in different colors

We offer the adhesive in two different colors: black and clear.
Our clear adhesive is perfect for those who use a lot of colored lashes so it fits seamlessly.

Don’t forget the Eyelash Remover!

Pro Lash Starters Kits

In some cases, your lash clients will want to have their lashes removed. When this happens, you can safely remove their grafts to keep your natural lashes healthy.
We love our stick removers. Our makeup remover allows you to safely remove grafted lashes without damaging natural lashes.

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