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What Are Vegan False Eyelashes?

First of all, what are vegan false eyelashes?
Amor Lashes Vendor according to the source of hair for making eyelashes, Amor Lashes Vendor eyelashes made without animal hair and human hair are called Vegan False Lashes. These materials include silk, synthetic plastic threads, and plant fiber threads.

Vegan False Eyelashes

Who Prefers Vegan False Eyelashes?
There are three categories of people who prefer vegan lashes. Green environmentalists agree that people and animals live in harmony and oppose innocent killing. They refuse to use mink eyelashes because of their political opinions. They like to use vegetarian eyelashes to show their claims. The number of such people is growing, and vegetarian eyelashes are the best. Customers, who are willing to pay for their opinions, would rather pay a high price for high-quality vegan eyelashes; the hairs of vegan eyelashes are harder and straighter than mink eyelashes, and some people who don’t like soft eyelashes prefer to use vegan eyelashes. Buddhists naturally don’t like killing creatures, they don’t eat animal meat, so they only like vegetarian eyelashes;

Vegan Lashes Cluster Lashes

Do Vegan Lashes Same Quality With Mink Lashes?
Amor Lashes Vendor offer 3 kind of Vegan Lashes, Silk Lashes, Faux Mink Lashes made of Synthetic plastic fiber, Plant Fiber Lashes made of hemp fiber. They are well disinfected, soft , light weight, same test feeling with mink lashes, and they are 20 more times reusable when they are proper cared.

Hemp Fiber Vegan Lashes

What The Different Compare To Mink Lashes?
Vegan Lashes not as fluffy as mink lashes, they looks little hard and straight, suitable to make to Wing Lashes and Wet Lashes styles, looks more natural. Vegan Lashes don’t look like the luster of animal hair like mink eyelashes, which is determined by the nature of the material itself. But it seems nobody care about this when the clents ready to order Vegan Lashes.

Vegan Lashes Half Lashes

Does Vegan Lashes Profitable?
This can make sure, Amor Lash Vendor sold out many vegan lashes every year, and the customers growing up now, more ladies become enviromentist, these rich ladies are the main consumers for high quality Vegan lashes. When you do a good aftersale service, they will make good rewards to you.

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