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What Are Trending Eyelash Packaging Box|case 2022 ?

Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Supplier here show you five current Trending Eyelash Packaging Box, they are very beautiful and meet the fashion element currently, Amor Lash Vendor asure these lash box at least will lead the trending one year time. If you want to choose the eyelash packaging, they are the best chocie!

This is A perfect packaging solution, the Natural or Classic lashes loaded in the clear lash tray, it is in the half sleeve paper holder to make it together, the bottom side there is a thanks card which show your private label and your social media platform.

This packaging simple, easy,clear,cheap price, get much positive feedbacks from our new clients.

Girls who like this packaging are all beauties who are naturally willing to be close to nature. Butterflies of different colors and shapes are the main melody of this packaging box, which not only shows that eyelashes are as beautiful as butterflies, but also shows that people are looking forward to the early end of the epidemic. Over and they can fly around like butterflies

Small square window is more cute than the narrow wide window on the lash box, this window boxes are just run to the top 3 rank of trending Eyelash Packaging Box, and will last at least 6 monthes according to the prediction from Amor Lash Vendor Market Team.

  • Luxury Slidedrawer Eyelash Packaging Box

This box are prepared for the luxury eyelash brand, they seems so luxury and beautiful, of cousrse their costs are higher as well, In recent years, the eyelash market has been very differentiated, and high-end eyelash brands are constantly emerging. They are very successful. They order high-quality eyelashes and top custom eyelash packaging boxes from amor eyelash wholesale suppliers, and retail them to the wealthy. They do very successful. Good products and packaging attract high-end consumers, the world full of rich girls but lack of high-end eyelashes which they are willing to pay.

The round shape is the cutest shape, especially for young people.These cute Round Eyelash Packaging Case always popular among the colledge students and girls, the mirror lash case are most popular not only because they look cute, but also they are they are very practical。

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1 year ago

No.1 half sleeve lash box super cute, love it, do you have other color thanks card choice?