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What Are Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes Made Of?

What are custom eyelash packaging boxes made of?

Custom Lash Packaging is a huge support for creating and maintaining eyelash brands.
Mink eyelashes are high-end consumer beauty products, so its packaging must match its product positioning.
In this blog, Amor Lash Vendor will introduce in detail what material the eyelash box is made of, and what are the advantages of the mink eyelash packaging box made of each material. These advantages include materials and transportation costs, etc., and choose the one that matches your own brand. Customized product box for reference.

Matte Paper Magnetic Lash Packaging Box

Matte paper box is main Eyelash Packaging box, always the on the top sellers, it has a lot of change verity, such as top windows box, inner mirror box, also many color background, black/ gold/white/marble texture these 4 background color are top selling.

The suface of box very smooth, little shinny, super beautiful when put your logo on.

Cardpaper Lash Packaging Box

Cardpaper Eyelash Box are beautiful but the cheapest one, the are not stable enough during the international transportation, so they are installed it by customer themself at destination, and the box not reusable, when the final customer open the box, they are finished.

Glitter Lash Packaging Box

Gliter Lash Packaging box are the black’s favorite, they like the shining glittle at the first glance, the box has many glitter color, black, pink, silver, grey color are the most common, much popular among black girls.

Snake Skin Lash Packaging Box

This snake skin box are much luxury Lash Packaging box, much noble and fit for the top luxury long lashes.

Pure Arcylic Lash Packaging Cases

Metallic Paint Plastic Lash Packaging Box

Arcylic Plastic Lash Packaging Box

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