What are Cluster Lashes & why you should avoid them?

Did you know that cluster lash can damage your natural lashes? You might have seen several negative cluster lash extensions reviews posted on social media by some customers without even knowing the difference between volume extensions and cluster lashes. Learn the difference between cluster lash and volume extensions from the BL Lashes blog and find out more about why using cluster eyelashes as extensions can be harmful.

What are Cluster Lashes?

Cluster lashes are disposable false eyelashes that are attached to the skin rather than to the natural eyelash, it originated from cutting off the strip lash (Individual Eyelashes).

 It’s not attached as a whole like a strip lash, so it’s comfortable for the eyes and looks more natural after attaching, and hence it’s receiving a lot of love.

Cluster Vs Strip Eyelashes Vs Volume lashes

There are different types of false lashes available, and they can be easily confused as to where they are used. The table below briefly outlines the differences between them.

Cluster lashes Vs Volume lashes

Let’s take a closer look at the differences between cluster and volume lashes that are similar in shape.

Cluster eyelashes are applied with water-soluble glue that can be easily removed with water or cleansing water. They are easy to apply and usually last for a day.

The volume lash is maintained for approximately a month and is applied using cyanoacrylate glue that should only be removed by a professional eyelash tech.