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Wedding Makeup | The Best False Eyelashes for Wedding Day

No one can deny that a wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life.The biggest task of the bride on this day is to dress herself up most beautifully and accept blessings and compliments from relatives and friends!
Aamor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor have prepared 5 beautiful eyelashes for brides, and they are matched with real-life dress up renderings. Choose the style that suits your preferences, and you will definitely get praise from everyone!

The following is the display of these eyelashes, amor lash vendor’s classic wedding eyelashes styles, these styles of eyelashes have a lot of orders, and some customers request to make some changes according to these eyelashes styles, they are even willing to spend hundreds of dollars to customize their own exclusive eyelashes styles, They are used for everyday occasions other than weddings because they love it so much, they are amazing!

  • Classic False Eyelashes

Eyelashes are cult following for their stunning full style, exceptional quality and ease of use. It usually warrants a lot of effort and research into the product from a professional standpoint to ensure the product is amazing. They also have very durable straps, so the lashes actually take a minute to apply after you fit them to your eye shape.

  • Natural Wispy Thin Lash Style

These are staples in my kit because they’re long and gorgeous, but look so natural. this is the most loved makeup artist’s brand, and these lashes are the most popular style for customers who want natural lashes. We love the flared shape of this style, which is angled to add drama to the outer corners of the lashes!

  • Wing Cat Eyelash Style

I love these because they offer a great cat eye look.
They can also be made more dramatic by the thicker wing lash hairs on the out corner of the eyes. They’re a very flexible option that can be placed to fit any eye shape. Plus, they’re really high quality, so they don’t feel cheap, itchy, or irritating.

I love great parties and alternative weddings and know many great wedding vendors that do too!

Making you look and feel great on your big day is at the heart of what I do, and I go out of my way to help you with ideas, beauty prep advice, and ways to stay zen on your big day.

How to choose right lashes to fit your eyeshape?

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