Wedding lashes Styles

The Wedding Lash is a timeless companion for any bride to be, and the perfect lash for any special occasion. This effortless lash sits inside a keepsake ring box, perfect for showing off on her wedding day and to keep forever.

Wedding Boutique Mink Eyelashes Marketing Strategy

When you’re a bride or bridesmaid, do you buy fancy lashes that cost $20 a pair or drugstore lashes that cost $5 a pair? The answer is clear, be beautiful, don’t care about the price.Thus, wedding lashes are super high quality and should be package with very beautiful lash box, sell it with higher price.

Amor Lashes Wedding Lash Styles

Aamor Eyelash Vendor has prepared a variety of beautiful eyelashes for brides and beauties attending weddings, with real-life dressing renderings. Choose the style that suits your preferences, and you will definitely get everyone’s praise!

A pair of 3d 13mm mink lashes

3D Mink Lashes
A pair of 3d 13mm mink lashes