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Wearing false eyelashes for beginners. When it comes to the point of beauty to a lady, it means all of her. I think eye makeup is the most important when it comes to facial beauty and our daily glam. Today, I would like to share about the things to consider before buying and applying eyelashes to beginners. So, let us start.

Quality will be my first thing to consider

 Because when it comes to my eyes, I really consider the highest quality. Who knows what will happen to my eyelashes when I will wear poor quality lashes. A classy lady must wear and use standard products. And it is from this point buying lashes from LASHES AMOR Supplier is the best option. The quality is good, buy now and thank me later.

Skin sensitivity

We are different in the type of skin we have and this is our nature as human beings. People with sensitive skin must be very careful when applying their lashes especially the glue used. So I suggest paying a visit to the Professional in the eyelashes beauty industry. And get some advice and which products to use.

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Wearing false eyelashes for beginners

Trending styles and my feelings

Fashion always goes with a trend. so before you decide on which eyelash to wear try to check about what is trending. And which feeling do you want to get from wearing the lashes? Either sexy, classy, or glamorous? Beginners must try to wear the short lashes which look similar to the original lashes.

ReasonaTble price

Costs matter but this should not be the first thing to consider. the most important is value for money, meaning that the price you pay goes perpendicular to the value you will receive from the lashes.

Nature of the occasion

The nature of the event must be considered and to decide which pair do you need to wear that will suit the event. For weddings, it will be good if you put on something more beautiful and sunny. When you are going to the office meeting or job interview try to wear lashes that look more natural.


Wearing false eyelashes for beginners. As a buyer, I would like my supplier to give me enough support by providing me with education. And guidelines about the eyelashes business and to create product awareness. Why I need education about this business is to provide me enough knowledge. And information towards operating my daily activity, at the end of the day I could be the ambassador towards creating awareness of the eyelashes products, designs, and styles.

Also, I would like my supplier to have a good customer care, fast delivery, and consistency in providing the products. So that I can be sure of our business and maintaining trust and a good reputation in my business.

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