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Want Dramatic Mink Lashes?Choose Lashes Amor

Want Dramatic Mink Lashes?Choose Lashes Amor

Want dramatic mink lashes. Many customers like our products, especially after the 25mm eyelashes are listed, they have been loved by many people. Many customers want more dense effects, they like more exaggerated and more dramatic styles. Today, let’s introduce our exaggerated styles of eyelashes.

>>Dramatic mink lashes collection<<

>>Wispy fluffy lashes for your glam<<

25MM Mink Lashes

Want dramatic mink lashes-1

We launched 25mm mink eyelashes in 2018, and these long and dramatic eyelashes were loved by everyone when went public. The length of this eyelash is a bit bold and exaggerated. It can meet the requirements of customers who like long eyelashes. In fact, for daily makeup, 20mm mink lashes is enough. But to reach the attention of everyone 25mm mink lashes are a must.

Want dramatic mink lashes

25MM Mink Lashes Double Layer

In order to meet the thicker lashes effect, we also introduced a double layer of 25mm mink lashes. This eyelash is double volume and more dramatic. Many stars use super thick eyelashes.

Want dramatic mink lashes

28MM Mink Lashes

We also have 28mm mink lashes, super long length, almost let your eyes sparkle. For this kind of big eyelashes, there is no way to highlight the good shape in a small box. A larger box is needed to show the charm of the big eyelashes.

Want dramatic mink lashes

Of course, if you have a more preferred length, we can customize lashes and lashes packaging .

The best eyelash manufacturer is Lashes Amor. Lashes Amor offers the best service and the best quality eyelashes.

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