Vegan Lashes Premium Cashmere Lashes

  • What are Cashmere Lashes?

Cashmere Lashes produced by Amor Lash Vendor is also synthetic eyelash with a different shape for its base.

Unlike the usual and normal eyelash hairs that have a round base, cashmere eyelash hairs have a flat base, that’s why the lash extension with the cashmere lash individual are called flat eyelash extensions, and/or ellipse eyelash extensions!

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  • What’s different between Cashmere Lashes and Normal Lashes?

Due to their flat concave shape, Cashmere Lashes has large area get in touch with the lash band resulting in having a stronger grip and longer retention. Their shape also creates that thicker and darker dramatic look on the lash line without adding additional weight to it. Cashmere eyelashes commonly used for classic sets looking, they are not intended for full volume sets looks but may be an addition to volume lash sets.
With the variety of Cashmere Lash styles available, Amor Lash Vendor currently focused on promote the strip lashes, let more people know and try this cashmere strip lashes instead only Cashmere Lash Extension.

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  • What’s advantage of Cashmere Lashes?

Compare to other eyelashes, Cashmere eyelash advantage is that it’s made better, 75% lighter and 35% more durable!

To visualize how Cashmere eyelashes are better, you may refer to the diagram below.

Split Tip feature that adds up that volume effect

Now that you’re informed, and are looking for Cashmere eyelashes, Amor Lash Vendor are the ones to choose place order.

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Additional and Special Features:

Matte deep black finish that makes a thicker look yet has light lifting.
Wispy curl style have split tips for a dramatic look and extra volume effect
Longer Retention Soft, light and yet with a stable curl.

Added curvature baking technology that makes the eyelash extensions last longer while having the flexibility resembling a natural lash.
Maintains its fine quality,75% Lighter and 35% more durable than other Normal Lashes

With a very affordable price you can get this premium class eyelashes from Amor Lash Vendor, that can help you achieve that look you are looking for.

Easy to work with a really great quality!

What are you waiting for? Get those Cashmere Eyelashes for your lash business now Now!

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Cashmere eyelashes from Amor Lash Vendors make your lashes more beautiful, but leave no artificial marks.

Cashmere eyelashes lashes in a long, angled style

Twisted, messy hair effects with unexpected texture, length and thickness enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.
These on-trend slender false eyelashes are classic enough for everyday use and for all eye shapes and occasions.
Ultra-light touch and thin, flexible construction make application and removal a breeze.

Vegan friendly and cruelty free

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New Lash Concept:
Slim, tousled and volumised makeup enhances the natural beauty of the eyes with handcrafted lashes

Perfect Universal:
Ultra-lightweight feel and classic look make lashes perfect for everyday use and special occasions

Luxuriously Soft And Effortlessly Elegant
Dense tufts and fluffy fibers for the perfect eye-catching lash look

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