Premium Cashmere Eyelashes

  • Cashmere Eyelashes,light Soft Strong

Breakthroughs in material technology have led to the upgrade of eyelash varieties, such as Cashmere Eyelashes. Premium Cashmere Eyelashes made by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers are lighter, thinner and stronger than other materials, and are adopted by more famous eyelash brands, such as Kiss, they began to sell cashmere lashes as well, their slogan is “Bring The Salon Home”!

Cashmere Eyelash Vendor
  • What’s different between Cashmere Lashes and Normal Lashes?

Flat concave shape on the root of lash hairs is the great design for the cashmere lashes, this makes it more stable and the lash band thin enough,the lashes lightweight and strong.

  • What’s advantage of Cashmere Lashes?

25% lighter than other types of lashes

35% more durable compare to other material lashes!

25% cheaper price than others!

Vegan friendly and cruelty free!

Cashmere Eyelash Vendor

Additional and Special Features:

Matte deep black finish that makes a thicker look yet has light lifting.
Wispy curl style have split tips for a dramatic look and extra volume effect
Longer Retention Soft, light and yet with a stable curl.

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Cashmere Eyelashes

New Lash Concept:
Slim, tousled and volumised makeup enhances the natural beauty of the eyes with handcrafted lashes

Perfect Universal:
Ultra-lightweight feel and classic look make lashes perfect for everyday use and special occasions

Luxuriously Soft And Effortlessly Elegant
Dense tufts and fluffy fibers for the perfect eye-catching lash look

Eyelash Business Starter Kit

Order Amount:$125.5 free shipping.
Order Contents:CM04 CM09 CM10 CM12 CM17 5 pairs each,25pairs lashes
lash glue 10 pieces,black glue 5 pcs, clear glue 5 pcs, 5ml lash glue bottle
Lash box: A01/A02 total 25 pcs

It’s very good time to start lash business now, 2023 is the year to make money, and it is the best chance to make money, consumer market now turns well after the covid-19, easy selling and make money.

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Cashmere Eyelashes
Cashmere Eyelashes Catalog
Cashmere Eyelashes Catalog