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Will falsies make my eyes look smaller?”

“Are lashes hard to apply?”

“Do they hurt?”

Unveil lash myth with Lashes Amor. Are questions like these holding you back from experimenting with new make-up looks? Our fabulous Lashes Amor has heard every lash myth under the sun and they are here to debunk them all – so that you can create a flawless lash look without a doubt insight.

MYTH #1: False lashes will make my eyes look smaller.

Our Lashes Amor’s trick is to pick the perfect lash for your eye shape.

If you have small, almond eyes, glam-expert Lashes Amor recommends the Naturals Mink lashes DQ Series. These featherlight lashes are the perfect natural lash to add length to the middle of your eyes and make them appear bigger!

Perhaps you have big round eyes and are looking to elongate your eye shape? Fluttery Light Mink lashes DM Series will do just the trick. DM is light and wispy lash that has a slightly longer outer corner. This will create the illusion of longer, less circular, eyes, and give you a subtle cat-eye in the process!

MYTH #2: I’m scared that falsies will hurt my eyes when applied

Lashes Amor is here to assure you that, if applied correctly, you can’t even tell falsies are there!

Before applying your lashes, Amanda recommends that you trim them to fit your eye shape. This will stop the lashes lifting or irritating your eye throughout the day. Also make sure you wait a couple of seconds after applying glue to your lash to let it dry, before applying it to your eyes.

Unveil lash myth with Lashes Amor

MYTH #3: Everyone will think that my falsies look unnatural and will notice them

I promise that achieving a natural look is simply a matter of choosing the right lash.

For the natural babes, the lightweight and short Naturals Mink lashes 3D Series are ideal. No matter the look, these lashes are perfect as you can build the thickness to your ideal level of impact.

MYTH #4: False lashes are just so hard to apply!

Make-up blogger Lashes Amor guarantees that applying false lashes will become second nature after only a few practice runs.

The angle you are looking at your eyes during application is the most important. Looking down into a mirror, rather than up, is essential to getting the best view of where you need to place the lashes.

Now that the Lash Squad has debunked the craziest lash myths, we can’t wait to see how you have conquered the world of lashes – don’t forget to tag us at LashesAmor! Unveil lash myth with Lashes Amor

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