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Top Overlooked Marketing Tips for Growing Your Eyelash Business

Amor Lash Vendor not only provide high quality Mink Lashes to our customers, but also help them grow their business upto a new levels, here we share worthful tips for the new clients, help them improve customers in the future!

Make customers feel valued

Being complimented, valued, and cared for is what every woman needs. Why do women like to go to beauty salons for beauty treatments? They spend hundreds of dollars on beauty treatments, because in addition to gaining beauty effects, they also have Being able to be complimented face to face makes them feel that the money is worth it. It is very important to understand this point. After you sell eyelashes, you can do a good job of after-sales service, communicate by phone, of course, face-to-face communication is better, give customers makeup guidance, eyelash maintenance guidance, and most importantly, don’t be stingy Give customers compliments, let customers feel that you are trustworthy, and it is worthwhile for her to buy eyelashes from you, then she will continue to buy and even recommend to people around her!

How To Grow Up Your Eyelash Business

Get positive text feedback from customers

Real positive feedback from a third party can resonate with customers more than merchants’ own sales, so getting customer feedback is more likely to bring other potential customers’ desire to buy!
When you do a good job of after-sales service, you will gain better trust from your customers. Then get her real eyelash wearing photos from this customer. With the consent of the customer, the photos and text will be published together on On your website or other social accounts, this will bring you more traffic and attention, and more orders.

How To Grow Up Your Eyelash Business

Expose the shortcomings of your own eyelash products and get more segmented customers
There are more than hundreds of eyelash styles, and different styles are suitable for different skin tones and eye shapes, and are suitable for different social application scenarios. Short natural eyelashes suitable for white skin are definitely not suitable for beauties with black skin, so in the eyelash styles you operate, while indicating the suitable crowd, you should also indicate the unsuitable groups and scenes. The result of this will definitely exceed your expectations, and it will increase the sales of your eyelashes, because while isolating non-potential customers, you will obtain a more subdivided customer group, which is the effect you want.

Take great photos of your work

Eyelash extensions are all about visual appeal, which is why top-notch photos of your eyelash extensions are a must. Potential clients will feel compelled to book an appointment if you have beautiful eyelash photos on your website, Instagram and Facebook pages, while dark, poorly lit, blurry or unflattering photos may put them off.

How To Grow Up Your Eyelash Business

Photographing something as delicate as eyelashes is tricky business. If you’re not particularly good at taking pictures, we think it’s worth paying for a professional photographer who will make the best use of the light and camera settings to get the best photos for you. Check out the Amor Lashes Vendor’s portfolio for some great examples.

Invest in advertising

Advertising is one of those “you have to spend money to make money” areas of business. Paid online advertising will increase website clicks, and if the ad is targeted correctly, many clicks will convert into bookings. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Yelp Advertising are all good options. You may want to pay for just one at first, then add additional ads as your business (and budget) grows. Facebook ads are a great place to start because they’re affordable and you have full control over your budget.

Get your customers to rebook (and make it super easy)

We are talking about our first title, pay attention to customers, communicate with customers uninterruptedly, maintain good communication, and recommend new models to customers at the right time, and remind customers to buy repeatedly! If you don’t communicate effectively with customers, then customers will easily forget you, and their attention will soon be drawn away by other foot hair sellers! Repeat business is ideal because you don’t have to spend as much time retaining existing customers as you do marketing yourself to new ones. An easy way to get more frequent repeat business is to proactively rebook your clients at the end of each appointment. It makes their life easier because they don’t have to remember to call, and it automatically helps you keep your calendar full.

Pay for a professionally designed website

An unprofessional website can turn off clients because it makes you look like you don’t know what you’re doing. Hiring a professional will ensure that you have a functional, clean, and attractive web design that customers will love to visit and spend time browsing. Your web designer should also be able to build SEO and sales tools to further grow your business.
Building a steady stream of new business takes some time and money, but it pays off quickly. Are there any other tips for growing your lash business that we missed? Please drop us a note and let us know.

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