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Top 10 Eyelash Styles Suitable For Round Eye

Amor Lashes Vendor get much feedback pictures from out customers, when you view all the pictures, you will find that they are all round eyes with gorgeous looking eyelashes, what characters do these lashes have? Which Eyelashes do you prefer? please leave your comments down below if you have any good ideas.

White people usually like to choose sparse Wispy Lashes or Half Wispy Lashes and Natural Lashes styles to lift the eyelid, make a great open eye which looks more cute and dollly, attracts eyesights around.

Black girls like to choose Wispy Volume Lashes,which are little dramatich,they are longer on the outer corners and this will help to elongate the outer corners of your eye thus creating a cat-eye shape.

Yellow color girls like to take wispy natural lash styles,just like the make up pictures below, with their delicate temperament, they can attract the eyes of strong men and stimulate their desire for protection.

Another great way to enhance your eyes is by using makeup techniques which accentuate your round eyes and complement your false lashes. There are various makeup tips that will help make your round eyes pop.

This including:


One of the first things you should do to emphasise your round eyes is to pluck and shape your brows with tweezers to create a slightly arched shape. You can then fill in any sparse areas by drawing hair-like strokes with a pencil that matches your brow hair colour.

By creating a slight arch in your brows, you can actually define your eyes while also making them look bigger.


Before applying any eyeliner or eyeshadow, you should use a primer on your eyelids as this will make the application process much easier. It will also make your eyes pop while ensuring that your eye makeup lasts all day.

You can also use a concealer on your lids as well as under the eye to cover up any discolouration and shadows.


To avoid a sunken look, you need to be very careful when applying eyeshadow, so you should try to avoid dark shades and instead use neutral palettes on the eyebrow bone and the eyelid. Using neutral colours will prevent a darkening effect and will instead add definition to your eyes whilst also brightening them up.


Another great way to combat sunken round eyes is by applying a highlighter shade to the inner corners of the eye. To really enhance the inside of the eye you should trace a line of shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter on the outline of your tear ducts.


To elongate your eyes, you should use the right eyeliner for round eyes which could include a pencil or liquid eyeliner which should be applied directly on the lash line starting from the outer corner to the inside of the eye. To create a cat-eye effect, you should draw a winged shape at the edge of each eye to lengthen your eyes at the outer corners.

Professional makeup artists also tend to stick to a thin line above the upper lash line, making it slightly thicker above the pupil to create the illusion of wider eyes.


For an extra lift, you may want to use eyelash curlers which will create a natural aesthetic that really works for your home.  However, if you prefer to use false eyelashes, then you should apply a small amount of mascara first to ensure that lashes stick down properly without prompting.

To avoid non-sticking lashes, you should be very careful about applying your mascara as clumpy eyelashes will not hold your lashes as well and they may only last an hour or so.

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