14 FAQ About Wholesale Lash Suppliers

  • Q1:Do you have a MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) requirement?

A1. MOQ of each order is only 10 pairs,mixture lash styles are available,u can mix any styles u want from different catalogs.
MOQ of Custom Eyelash Packaging Box is only 30pcs with ur logo

  • Q2:Can I choose the sample lash styles I want, rather than what is offered on your sample pack sitepage?

A2: Of course,dear,u can match the style u want ,also i would like to recommend popular lashes style for u

  • Q3:Do you offer free samples, whether that being lashes, or glue, etc.?

A3.Dear,we are professional great quality Eyelash Lash Vendor, we support Lash Entrepre to start lash busines, do not support individual comsumers, also we are engaging international lash business, so we Do Not Supply Free Lashes,hope you can understand.

  • Q4:Would the price decrease based on the amount I order?

A4.Thats commen sense, we always support bulk orders,The more you order, the more affordable the price. The more u order,the best discount u will get.

  • Q5:How do you maintain the quality of the lashes with such high demands?

A5. We focus on High quality mink lashes producing and promoting, we use the best mink tail furs, best lash glue To control our best quality mink lashes .All our mink lashes are made by experienced and skillful workers, hand made, this ensure the best quality. We also have a quality examination system, every batch lashes will take few pairs to check it, these action guaranteed the high quality!

  • Q6:Are you able to apply my company’s custom design and logos on the products?

A6: Yess,dear,if u have ur own logo, Our designer can make renderings for u before bulk produce.
If u dont have ur logo, our designer can design for u FOR FREE once u confirm order, ,If you are not satisfy with the logo, we can modify it for you

  • Q7:What is your turnaround time for processing and for shipping?

A7. If u only order lashes, we will ship it within 2 days,u will get your order within 3 to 5 days after shipped.If yr order contains custom eyelash packaging,It only takes three to five business days to produce it,u will receive the goods within 3 to 5 days after shipped

  • Q8:Who is your shipping carrier and how much would the cost of shipping be to the United States?

A8:Our shipping carrier is Fedex、UPS and DHL,u will ger your order within 3 to 5 days after shipped,Shipping cost depends on the quantity of eyelashes and the quantity of packaging

  • Q9:Does your company accept paypal?

A9: Yes,dear,we accept Paypal、Alibaba、Western Union and Moneygram,You can choose the payment way that suits you

  • Q10:What is your return policy on unsatisfactory Lashes?

A10: If you find the quality problem, or you get the wrong lashes shipped by us, please let us know without hesitation, you can get Refund in a very short time.

  • Q11:Do the lashes Cruelty-Free?

Q11: Love, you never worry about Amor Lash Vendor. All mink fur hairs we use are collected from the adults minks which fall down naturally, they are 100% Cruelty-Free.We had disinfect it multiple times,that is why our mink lashes are full of Soft and tough, full of vitality and shine

  • Q12:Do you offer sample packaging?

A12. Yes dear, when you order sample lashes, you can get one Eyelash Packaging Box FREE, but we do not supply Sample of customized lash Box, you know Custom Lash Box only made by batch can get the common price. If you want to pay for a expensive for sample packaging, we also can do it for you!

  • Q13:Do you offer Vegan Lashes?

A13: Yes dear, beside the mink lashes,we also offer Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes, Cashmere Lashes and Fiber Lashes, they are not made of animal fur hairs, these vegan lashes same best quality but much cheap price!

  • Q14:Can you offer Lash Acdessaries?

A14: Yes, we have lash tweezers, stip lash glue, lash curlers, individual lash glue and lash sessiors and so on!