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Taylor Swift Lashes Out At Scooter Braun -Lashes Amor

Taylor Swift Lashes Out Scooter Braun

Taylor Swift Lashes. Taylor Swift explained her upset on Tumblr yesterday, learning that her music catalog has been sold to music manager Scooter Braun. And she claimed she’s been bullied by Braun for years.

Taylor Swift loses her first six albums in her catalog. She doesn’t own the rights to the music created while she was with the Big Machine Label Group. And Justin Bieber defends Scooter Braun after Taylor Swift accuses manager of ‘Bullying’ Her. “

Young artist should own the art they make.We stand with Taylor. Even in the lashes business,honesty and originality are also the key to a lashes factory.

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Taylor Swift Makeup

Taylor Swift Lashes. When it comes to Taylor Swift, people can always think of her signature red lips and cat eyes makeup. Especially in the 2011 Met Ball, her lashes, lips, and waves are perfectly matched.

Her eyes are typical almond, although not very large, but have a unique shape. Therefore, she always chooses clean cat eye makeup. When it comes to eyelashes, the longer and curve style adds retro glamour to her eyes.

Her go-to winged lashes with classic feel,let her deep set eyes bigger and more focused.

We have a few styles of eyelashes that are nicely decorated with this almond eye. If you are such kind of eyes, these eyelashes will be perfect for you.

If you want the same eyelashes style with Taylor Swift, please follow our There are still many lashes styles to meet all your needs.For further information,pls contact us.

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I hope Taylor Swift’s eyelashes never falling out and as beautiful always. Although there are so many things happening to her, her music and makeup will be forever.

Taylor Swift Lashes

Choose A Faithful Partner Is Important For Life and Lashes

From the case of Taylor, we see how important it is to choose a reliable partner. If you don’t want your heart broken, please learn how to protect yourselves. We are always devoted to working with each of our customers with faith and loyalty. We believe a good reputation and legal management will have a good impact on the lashes industry.

Better Lashes,better life.Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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