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What is Cost-effective Eyelash Packaging?

Half Sleeve Eyelash Packaging Set is the most cost effective eyelash packaging among all Eyelash Packaging provided by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers.Amor Eyelash Vendor says this Eyelash Packaging Case is great help on promoting lash business, most clients like and buy it when they first saw this lovely cute eyelash and packaging.

Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

This Eyelash Packaging Set was bulid up 3 necessary parts, Half Sleeve Paper Holder| Clear Slide Lash Box|Eyelashes. it also can add Lash Brush and “Thank You” Card, so the maxium 5 parts. Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor consider these 5 parts sets is the most help to the business, lash brush and “thank you”will not costs to much, but they are get great appriciation from customers.

Half sleeve paper hold only covers half of lash box, the other part of the box can clearly show how the eyelash looks, this brings great convenience to the customers, Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers says that Natural Style Short Eyelashes in the transparent box are the most tempting to customers. 60% of new customers place an order when they see this package at first sight..

Half Sleeve Eyelash Packaging Box

If you start create your brand lash line, you need Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes,you are necessary to print your private label on the half sleeve holder, , print your logo design and your brand name onto the surface of lash packaging, and print your social media informations such as email, instagram, youtube id on the back of the half sleeve holder.

This simple but beautiful logo design clearly seperate you from other lash traders, you are outstanding among all lash vendors, when your clients want to buy lashes again, you are the first choice in her mind.

Eyelash Box

Lash Box

Amor Wholsesale Eyelash Suppliers consider you need put a “Thank You” Card when you ship the lashes to your clients, Thank You Card is more convenience to keep by your clients and it seems more respect to your clients, your social media information can help your clients get newly updated lash informations, help them to repeat order!

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor can do every color Thank You Card | Half Sleeve Holders for you, promise cute and beautiful!

Eyelash Business

We said this is the cost-effective packaging solution, as our experiences, orders ship to the United States, 50 pieces eyelash set you can get the most cheaper price, that is only $0.5 each sets, this price has thought of extra shipping costs due to the overweight.In this consideration, we recommend this packaging to you, espeically to the regular personal small lash business!

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Sample Order 10 Pairs Lashes Mixed-Lashes Amor

Sample Order 10 Pairs Lashes Mixed

Mink lashes sample order

For customers who are just starting their eyelash business, we recommend purchasing a sample order for the first order. For the lashes business beginners, testing the quality of the sample lashes is a must.

We also highly recommend that who have just started the eyelash business order as many lashes styles as possible, in order to find the eyelashes line that are best for them.

Why do we recommend using 10 pairs as the sample order?

Mink lashes sample order

Because basically, 10 pairs are available, you can choose 5 or fewer different eyelashes styles mixed. This is a good match for the eyelash business, as proved. For the completeness of your own lashes brand line, we also recommend this combination of different lashes styles. And you can also check the similarity between the same mink lashes.

lashes pack mink lashes sample order

From another point of view, for shipping, the cost of the eyelashes sample is the same under 20 pairs. From the perspective of cost control, this quantity under 20 is the most appropriate.

We recommend a combination of 20mm mink lashes and 25mm mink lashes. This combination is the best for the development of the entire lashes brand. Especially our best sellers DM02 and DH008.

Lashes sample order is very important. The sample not only represents the production process and design concept of the Lashes Amor mink lashes factory. When you get the sample, you must wear it on your own eyes and experience it by yourself. Only in this way can you fully feel the comfort and beauty of the 3D mink eyelashes.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

Mink lashes mixed samples

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Sexy Lashes Create A Sexy Doe-eyed Look-Lashes Amor

Sexy Lashes Create A Sexy Doe-eyed Look.

Everyone loves sexy eyelashes. Those long thick eyelashes show your personal charm to the extreme. Whether it is Marilyn Monroe or Twiggy, their sexy lashes attract many beauty lovers. Sexy Doe-eyed lash look

Sexy eyelashes allow you to catch everyone’s eye in your daily life.

The sexiest false eyelashes come from Lashes Amor. Our designers have a unique understanding of sexy style. What do you think about sexy eyelashes? Whatever you like, they all can be found here at Lashes Amor.

>>Click here check your sexy special<<

Model are wearing Sexy Doe-eyed lash look

Sexy Doe-eyed lash look

Double Layer 25 mm mink lashes DB302. This long and thick eyelash is completely eye-catching. It’s hard not to be attracted to it. Big volume lashes can make your eyes bigger.

Double Layer 25 mm mink lashes DB307. The best-selling lashes style in American. It is one of the best eyelashes in 2019 July. This kind of eyelash shape of long wings is suitable for any kind of eye shape.

25 mm mink lashes DH021 is also a popular mink eyelash style. You can see carefully how this style looks. Lashes Amor is the most professional 3D mink lashes factory. Last year we launched 25mm mink lashes. It has been a hot sale since then.

Come to Lashes Amor and choose your favorite sexy lashes.

Better lashes,better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Get The Perfect Audrey Hepburn False Eyelashes-Lashes Amor

Get The Perfect Audrey Hepburn False Eyelashes

Do you love Audrey Hepburn False Eyelashes? Perfect Audrey Hepburn False Eyelashes

The intimate and elegant beauty of Hepburn shocked the entire film scene. Compared with the actress of the same period, Audrey Hepburn’s body and appearance are not in line with the sexy-oriented aesthetic direction at that time. But now,a lot of people want to follow her style, and buy thick volume lashes.

False Lashes Add Hepburns Glamour

 In the Roman holiday, Audrey Hepburn opened the new trend of women with a simple and elegant style. The thick eyebrows, the deer-like innocent and straight eyes, and her false eyelashes are unique.

Hepburn’s biggest memory point is the eyebrows. Her eyes are large, and the presence of the eyes is enhanced by thick eyeliners and false eyelashes. Let people be completely attracted by the beautiful eyes and doll-like false lashes. If she loses her signature rough eyebrows and false eyelashes, she loses most of her features.

Hepburn, who hasn’t wear eyelashes, is just a little girl with a beautiful face. There is no princess temperament.

The eyes did not look attractive enough. The solution is a full-bodied eyebrow and multiple layers of thick, curled false eyelashes. Wally Westmore, Hollywood’s top makeup artist, created the well-known Audrey Hepburn.

Perfect Audrey Hepburn False Eyelashes model shows

What Are Hepburn’s Eyelashes?

Hepburn’s eyelashes have frequent wings that extend all the way to the outer corner of the eye. Zoom in on the eyes and modify the eye shape. At the same time, it does not cover the aura of the eye itself.

How exaggerated is Hepburn’s false eyelashes? Everyone will know when you look at it. Absolutely a very large project.

We have several Hepburn Style 20mm mink lashes.

Be aware that when you take a photo, you can find the best angle to be attracted by your beautiful eyelashes and avoid your shortcomings. Just like Hepburn.

Hepburn as a fashion icon is very respectable. Not only her makeup, but from her charity, we can feel that she is a great woman. But if you want to have a good looking like Hepburn, start with a pair of Hepburn’s false eyelashes.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Clean Lashes Are Happy Lashes-Lashes Amor

Clean Lashes Are Happy Lashes

I believe many people have the same feelings. False lashes are very uncomfortable, so I had to give up wearing it. It was placed on my dressing table and never used again. Or sometimes I wear false lashes for a whole day. After picking it up, the glue on it sticks to our eyelids, which is also sticky. It takes time to clean lashes up, and also to clean the eyelids.

For most girls, this is a cumbersome thing.Clean lashes are happy lashes.

Beauty Maintained Requires Cost

It takes maintenance costs to stay in a good self-state and the current appearance. The significance of maintenance is that the better looking can last in the future. Maintenance costs inevitably include investment in time, money, and effort.

Applying eyelashes every day, this is essential for daily routine. If you do lashes extensions, you will need to pay more for maintenance. It means you need two or three weeks a salon time to maintain your lashes.

Keep Lashes Clean Is A Habit

Everyone wants to be looking good all the time. This means you need to keep your appearance all the time.After getting into the habit of wearing lashes, it is very simple.

If you want to wear eyelashes without hurting your eyelids, you should choose a good product,such as 3D mink lashes. Glue should also choose a better lashes glue because it can reduce the trouble when cleaning lashes. Or you can choose some eyelash cleaners to help you solve this troublesome problem faster.

Some people say that getting beauty is a very troublesome thing.But then you will find that in fact, the time to enjoy these pain and happiness is not too much. Most of the moments ,when you want to do the most beautiful makeup and wear the best eyelashes, are on an important date or a memorable day. This kind of time will not be so much.Do cherish this moment.

Better lashes,better life.LASHES AMOR will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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How Do I Choose The Right Eyelashes?-Lashes Amor

How Do I Choose The Right Eyelashes?

Today’s [Weekend Lashes] column is still answering questions from our Lashes Amor customers. How do I choose the right eyelashes?

This is a big question, actually. Many people have this kind of trouble. How to choose eyelashes? Sometimes the fake eyelashes you choose are not right for you. You fantasize that wearing the best-looking eyelashes will shine like Beyonce, but reality may hit you. Maybe you have a slight deviation from your own perception. I will introduce the choice of false eyelashes in several major aspects today.

Your Style Is The First Aim

First of all, according to your style. Everyone has a style that suits you. Comfortable and elegant, or personality, or a powerful woman. Your personality set the eyelashes that will suit you.

>>Check out your eye type<<

Choose right eyelashes based on the eye type

Eye Shape Is One Of The Standard

It depends on your eye shape. Eyelashes have the effect of modifying the eye shape. Like Angelina Jolie’s eyes, she is always a cat’s eye, and she has always chosen cat eyelashes. Choosing the right eyelashes will magnify your features. Let people remember you more clearly. Size and comfort are also important. These have some standards, and all you have to do is pick the eyelashes that suit you based on these criteria. Promote strengths and avoid weaknesses. Try to pick the beautiful eyelashes that best suit you.

There is an article about how to choose eyelashes according to eye shapes.

Choosing the best Mink lashes for your eye shape/Type

Where You Are Is The Important Rule

Third, it is also important to where you want to wear eyelashes. Whether you are doing daily makeup or office occasions, or going to the wedding, different occasions require different false eyelashes to match.

We have a lot of suitable fake eyelashes to choose from. For more detailed content can be found on my

Previously written style articles about best quality mink eyelashes, if you want to know please check the link below.

Helpul blogs:

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Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

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Top 7 Styles To Volume Lashes Lover-Lashes Amor

Better Lashes, Better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor-Lashes Amor

Crisscross Lashes From Best Mink Lashes Wholesale Vendor

Crisscross mink lashes have always been a hot spot on the market. The crossed eyelashes are more natural and have a sense of fashion. So if you want more natural eyelashes, be sure to choose this one. Crisscross eyelashes will make your eyes look furry and big. After all, the only difference between Mickey and Minnie is the beautiful eyelashes.

Cross Dense Eyelashes – Interlaced V-Type Eyelash Cluster

The first one is 20mm mink lashes DM01, which consists of 6 bundles of relatively thick hairs and small bundles around them. This one mixes the more trendy design and the effect of maximizing your eyes. It is the latest new design we launched. This medium-volume, two-layer stacking effect is a little bit dramatic. This style of eyelashes has a feathered appearance with different lengths of mink hair. It has a nice eyelash fan shape from short to evenly interlaced, making them more realistic than the same length of the other false eyelashes.

>>Stunning 20mm mink lashes collection<<

Crisscross mink lashes

Cross Natural Eyelashes – Full Size Cross Shadow Design

DM12 is a small bundle eyelashes with a uniform distribution of mink hair. Sexy and elegant. Although this model looks thinner than the previous one, it is more lush. Our designers made him a dramatic curl. At the same time, its length of hair bundles brings a different sensory experience to the eyelashes. This type of mink eyelash is very light and comes with no pressure on your eyes.

If it is thick false eyelashes, the density of crossover is relatively large, so that it is important to be layered. For natural eyelashes, weightlessness is the point.

Everyone likes their beautiful false eyelashes to be soft and elastic while maintaining a moderate curl. Crisscross eyelashes are just enough to meet your needs for having a big eye. You can always find examples of these crisscross lashes in different lengths in Lashes Amor. Come and choose a crisscross eyelash that suits you.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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Happy Inependence Day!-LASHES AMOR

Happy Independence Day!

Lashes economic business growth. Today is Independence Day. It is a traditional day to celebrate the U.S. full of freedom and liberation. Friends and families across the country will gather for backyard barbecues, parades, and parties in celebration of America’s birthday.

Lashes Amor has been in the eyelash business for more than a decade. The biggest market is the United States. We sincerely congratulate that the American people on Happy Independent Day. There is a whole week of celebrations in July. We believe that our eyelashes representing freedom and hope, sharing your every beautiful moment with this fascinating fireworks event all over the country.

>>Click here for your lashes<<

Disney’s Celebrate America July 4,2018

Under Economic Globalization, Everyone Is Closely Related

Lashes economic business growth. American celebrate interdependence with all human beings on the planet. Economic Globalization is a trend and we both play an important part in that. Lashes Amor follows this trend and offers good lashes that meet the US market needs.

China’s manufacturing industry is in deep related to the United States in all respects. During the last few months of the trade war, it does harm influence on both trading markets. But thanks to our loyal customers, the trade war has a little impact on our lashes business. We believe that our 3D mink lashes are and always be the best in the US market.

Lashes Amor is the best wholesale eyelashes vendor in the world, hoping to bring good lashes to all the beauties in the world. Because of this goal, we have been firmly committed to offer the high quality eyelashes. Unique design,the best raw materials,and 100% handmade craft make our lashes first-class. Our designers will personally participate in the production of eyelashes,instead of just drawing the draft, leave it over the workers. The power of craftsman spirits is most primitive and nothing can be replaced. Nowadays, the globalization of the economy is inseparable from China’s manufacturing crafts in almost every place.

Lashes Business Will Be Bigger And Bigger

The hand-made mink lashes of our workers are available to many beginners in the United States. Every day we receive a lot of inquiries, and most of them are about starting a new eyelash business brand. Up to their demands, We keep providing products and good services to them. Thus the feedback from the customer is also very good. The friendly trade between our two countries has continued. Only in this way can we have to increase employment in both countries. We are always grateful to our customers who are helping our eyelashes wholesale business grow bigger and bigger. Together we put all efforts to make this global lashes industry better and better.

In this festival full of freedom and joy, please wear our beautiful eyelashes and enjoy your carnival.

Happy Dependence Day!Remember, Best Lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.