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How to Get Seductive Cat Eyes?

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Marilyn Monroe Seductive Cat Eyes
  • How to Get Seductive Cat Eyes?

Cat eye is recognized as the sexiest eye makeup, how to get Seductive Cat Eye? The first thing to do is to make a Sleek Wing Eyeliner, and then to find the eyelashes that highlight the cat’s eye effect. Amor lash vendor analyzes how to choose the eyelashes that can highlight the cat’s eye effect from a professional point of view.

Do A Sleek Eyeliner First

The Perfect Cat Eye Look Lash Mapping

Amor Lash Vendor now tell you how to choose cat eye lashes by the lash extension languages, following lash mapping is the original design, we can choose similar lash styles, all the lashes chose out are suitable for cat eyes, pay attension to:

1.Shorter inner eye>>Gradually longer going to the out corner>>Shorter lash hair at the end of out corner.

2. Inner corner of lashes keep C degree, out part of lashes keep D degree, so it looks fluffy corner eye.

3.This lash mapping only for reference, if you like longer lashes, please scale up the length of lash hairs, no need change the curly degree.

Cat Eye Look Lash Mapping
  • First Choice Of Cat Eye Lashes
Hemp Plant Fiber Vegan Lashes

Amor Lash Vendor has chosen few cat eyelashes for you, Pl014 Hemp Plant Fiber Lashes is the first choice, it satisfys all clients’ desires for cat eye .

This lash style is made of hemp plant fiber, Amor Lash Factory using the most advanced material technology, the hemp fiber is processed by bending, shaping, and strengthening, so that the hemp fiber can be used for a long time without deformation and maintain elasticity.

This Hemp Lashes is pure Vegan Lashes, totally Cruelty Free Lashes.It is degradable and belongs to the most environmentally friendly eyelashes currently, very popular among environmentalist eyelash fans.

Eyelash Vendor
  • Second Choice Of Cat Eye Lashes
Cashmere Lash DFS01

Amor Lash Vendor recommend this DFS01 Cashmere Lash style for you, this is the second typical Cat Eye Lash Style,it is alao high-tech lashes, the lash hair much thin, super lightweight, more resualbe time, upto 40 times if well take care.

  • What Kind Of Women Would Look Best on these lashes?

It is equally important to know what kind of women would look best with this style. Because cat’s-eye designs flick out at the end, they are especially helpful for women with smaller or close-set eyes. If the woman has wide eyes or ones that naturally tilt downward at the outer corner, this set may not be the best option. With all of the different styles of false eyelashes possible, you are sure to find the perfect one for every client.

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