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Which Brand Cat Eye Lash Style is More Popular in 2022?

When you read this blog, I know you love cat eye lashes! So do you know what cat eye lashes are more popular in 2022? Do you know how many cat eyelashes there are? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will systematically show you cat eyelashes of different materials, different styles of cat eyelashes, and of course cat eyelashes of different brands. I am sure that when you read this blog for the third time, you will understand what kind of cat eye lashes you want, you will easily choose your favorite style from these popular cat eye lashes to use by yourself, of course you also It will be easy to choose the cat eyelash style you need for your eyelash business!

  • Adell ultra-thin vegan cat eye lashes |ARDELL 853

The classic ARDELL 853 eyelashes are very influential. These eyelashes can last for several years and top the sales list. These eyelashes are fatally attractive to customers with beauty experience because they are thin and light, and they can DIY their own eyelashes. style, so its repurchase ratio is also very high.

Velour lashes is committed to the development and promotion of vegan lashes, especially the promotion of plant fiber eyelashes, it is ahead of other brands, and even developed a full degradable combination from eyelashes, eyelash trays and eyelash packaging boxes, which are popular among vegetarian eyelashes users. Admired, is also the first vegetarian eyelashes brand, her sales have nothing to do with price, but feelings and environmental protection concepts.

The founder of Huda beauty has a deep understanding of beauty and has a strong ability to promote social media, so the huda beauty collection has always been at the forefront of fashion, this eyelash is also very beautiful, and the customer feedback is also very good, if you can find more A good model will perform better.

Lily lashes has been constantly launching her new styles and collecting customer feedback through Internet stars, so it is efficient from the company’s high-level procurement to the company’s promotion implementation. Amor lashes has close cooperation with them , so I appreciate their approach very much, and I also appreciate the eyelashes they launch.

  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Different from the above Lash Brand Company, Amor Lash Vendor are wholesale lash vendors, what we do is to supply custom eyelashes to them, therefore Amor Lashes design more cat eye eyelash styles, and is much more comprehensive, from vegan lashes, to mink lashes, from short eyelashes to long eyelashes , all have, because we are also constantly designing new styles to provide eyelashes for the above brands.

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What False Lashes Can Make You Look Younger?

If you work hard everday or when you are aged, your eyelid will go down the next morning, result is you looks so sleepy, in this case, Amor Lash Vendor remind that you need a pair of right eyelash to lift your eye and makes you looks younger!

Mink Lash Vendors
  • Remember 2 Rules To Choose The Right Eyelashes

1- Keep inners shorter

2 – Keep outers lighter

Very Simple – you remember that and you cannot go wrong.

Amor Lash Vendor recommend following 2 lash styles for you, Mink Lashes 3D09A, and Hemp Fiber Lashes PL04 to you.

3D Mink Lashes 3D09A

We find that many people do not know these 2 rules, and they look sleepy when they wear the wrong style lashes, infact they do not know what lashes is better for them. it so sad to see so many beautiful ladies wearing the sleepy look, it ruins their features and is no different to a badly applied face of makeup.

Surely we want to look awake and youthful when we pay out for lashes?

False Eyelash Vendors

Amor Lashes produce high quality Eyelashes , the Mink Lash 3D09A and Vegan Hemp Fiber Lash PL04 lash style can well light your eyes, make your out eyelid fly up, make your eyes looks bigger and light, you looks at least 10 year younger than your normal looks.

Plant Fiber Lash Vendor Vegan Lash Vendor

No matter Mink Lashes and or Vegan Hemp Lashes, 100% handmade, they are top quality, not only get confortable false lash experience, but also reusable, they are 25 more times reuable, Amor Lashes, you should always trust.

You can choose more lash styles according to the 2 rules from the Webpage list down below, go and visit the page now!

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How Salon Owners Sell Full Lashes?

Segment Customer Types According To Demands

Amor Lash Vendor has lots of Extension Salon Customers, they not only order individual lashes, they order full lashes as well, their customers offen take a pair of full Lashes when they finished lash extension.How to do this kind of full lash business? Amor Lash Vendor give you a very good idea, that is to segment the customers to different types, then take different approach to let them feel they have get the lashes they want, and buy the full lashes haippily with thanks!

Lash business is not only place the Eyelashes in a visible place, on display. You should do a lot of work to close sales, clarify the different type clients and know what they exactly want, and satify their demand is the best selling Stragegies besides your make up extension business!

And this is a tip for sales in general, not just selling false lashes: your pitch or approach needs to change based on the customer profile because each type of customer will have different motivations and needs.

Read on for a rundown of the various personalities who may be eyeballing the false lash display and how to tailor your approach!

The Everyday Girl & Market Approach

False eyelashes are the choice for anyone who isn’t comfortable with eyelash extensions, but who still desires that glamorous curl.

Your approach: This customer type might make up 50 percent of the customers who check out the display. These are the customers who come to your salon for amani, pedi, or a facial, and who go to a salon as a once-in-a-while treat. These girls are interested in products that allow them to stay cost-conscious and bring products home to self-apply. Emphasize the do-it-at-home aspect.

The Working Professional & Market Approach

Ladies who work a 9 to 5 job (or similar) that requires them to pay attention to their appearance, or who simply like to have the boost that wearing false lashes provides.

Your approach: Point out which falsies provide the wearer with the most natural look. Discuss your favourite false lashes that provide a subtle, classic, elegant note.

The Ballerina Star & Market Approach

Being up on stage as a dancer of any kind, whether ballet, contemporary, or Broadway, requires pronounced featuresso that the face doesn’t get washed out under the bright lights or becomes hard to view from the back seats of a theatre.

Your approach: These girls are easy to spot and wearing makeup is parcelled up in their careers, so talking shop is a breeze. It’s okay to go into detail.Hand out any product information you have on hand because if they like you, they’ll pass along the promotional material to the whole troupe!

The Bridal Party & Market Approach

Wedding photos last forever. So eye drama needs to be volumized for the effects to show through in photographs. The bridal party will be on the hunt for ways to amp up the sparkle of the day.

Your approach: Show wedding day pictures of happy customers who used your services for their big day. Point out the type of false eyelash each is wearing. Seeing how false lashes come across in photographs will be key here.

The Dancing Queen & Market Approach

This category is for those who wish to dramatically change their look through the use of falsies. And it’s a testament to the power that false eyelashes have that they can do this for their wearers.

Your approach: Show off your maximum impact eyelash selection. The product will sell itself.

ll sell itself.

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What Mink Lashes Can Accent Cardi B’s Sexy Glamorous Look?

Internet celebrities are people who are at the forefront of Make-up Beauty. They will always lead the fashion, and of course also lead the sales of fashion and beauty products. Amor Lash Vendor follows these influencers all the time, researching what kind of Mink Lashes they wear, and ready to luanch newer and trendier lash styles based on the fashions they lead.

Today in this blog we’re talking about Cardi B, a great rapper and an internet star with millions of followers,
What lashes does she wear?How does this lash accent her sexy, luxurious and glamorous look?

On the stage of “I like it “ Picture A

Eyelashes are the most powerful weapon of beauty. It serves beauty and highlights the unique temperament of people with eyelashes.

The Mink Lashes call 3D09A,super natural Holywood natural lash styles, shows that Cardi B lovely natural girl looks!

Before Mariage Picture B

She said on the year 2022, her stage style will change to sexy luxurious and glamous, then her lashes also changed to the fluffy wispy styles, fluffy lashes lifted her eyes and make it bigger, show her sexy glamous pretty look. The eyelash style will introduce on picture 5.

Wearing Fluffy Wispy Lashes Picture C

Any of Cardi B’s work, like his experience, is explosive. Full of perseverance, positive attitude to life, break free, desperate break free!

The eyelashes Amor Lash Vendor designed for her also all show this personality. The crisscross in the middle shows her calm attitude towards life, and the exaggerated cluster of CLUSTER eyelashes shows CARDI B boldly and confidently.

Mink Lashes Light Wispy DM20
Eyelash Packaging Box
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
On Bold Wispy Wing Lashes

Amor Mink Lash Vendor recommend this DM04 Mink Lashes to Cardi B, this lash style is more bold and sexy than the lashes Cardi B now wearing, this will be more help on the way her of her journey!

Mink Lashes Dm04
3D Mink Lashes Dm04

What make up style do you like? The style with 3D09A natural looking? Or the looking with DM20 sexy glamous?

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What Mink Lashes Does Tati Daily Wear?

Amor Lashes is one of the top Wholesale Lash Vendor, we always focus on the trending of eyelash fashion, of course, the media celebrities are always on the range of our eyesight, today we talk on the famous Youtube blogger, Ms Tati, to see what kind of Mink Lashes does she wearing daily, and how the lashes works?

Tati’s Eyelash looks very natural and cute from the front, but when she look down, we can see her lashes clearly, she did wear a pair of Mink Lashes, and it looks very short, the Fuller Outer Half Lash that will ready lift the eye!

Mink Lashes

She said on her Youtube video: “I do want to share with you all, remember how it was keeping it a little bit of a secret, the lashes that i was gonna use on Erica for her wedding day ”

“My gosh,these are the best lashes of all time, love them!
They are perfect,they make the look she looked old hollywood glam and it was just beautiful!”

False Lashes

“Well i happen to be wearing them for this video as well
i bought like like 10 packs of these, i’am obsessed with this lash, it is absolutely so good,
For some reasons this is kind of a fuller outer half lash that will ready lift the eye!”

Below picture are catlog of half lashes which designed and produced by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier, these lashes from shortest 10mm, longest 14mm length, 9 styles total, more choice for the people who love half lashes.

That is easy to apply, you can use these over and over and over again,
they are built sturdy !
and you know sometimes lash companies will say use these 25 times you’re like,
Okay how they’re gonna fall apart,But these really hold up, you get a lot of mileage out of them,

Mink Lashes DQ09

They are amazing whether you are doing full glam big day makeup or you just want a little something extra on a date night or a casual afternoon of filming,
i have no reason to be in lashes other than this video

Eyelash Vendor

But you know what?
i’m keeping them on, i think they’re cute!

Mink Lash Vendor

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Why Wispy Lashes Top Popular?

Amor Lash Vendor always focus on Eyelash development and luanch new trending lashes, now the Wispy Lashes which mix Volume lash style looking are much popular, we have luanched these 20mm wispy lashes already, this blog will tell you the difference of natural lashes, volume lashes and wispy lashes, tell you why wispy lashes are so popular, why now promoting wispy lashes can earn more money!

Natural lashes as the words, they are mostly looks like baby lashes, but some where get longer and little more density, it looks more outstanding than the baby lashes, this natural lashes fit for the white ladies, their skin color white, so little change on the lashes can be obviously showed out, looks very charming!

Amor Lash Vendor

Following is the Volume Lashes Extension, all the lashes grow up and big density location, just like a forest full of straight small trees, no cross between each others. this volume lashes are the most favorite for the ladies who love heavy make up!

Mink Lash Vendor

Wispy lashes are the latest but most trending lash styles among all lash styles, it is similar to the Hybrid lashes on the lash extension industry, but they are much more conflict than the Hybrid lash extension, because the lash artist can not do so hard work as Wispy lashes.

View the following picture, you can know the 2 famous characters of wispy lashes:

First, almost all lashes are growing cross each other from the lash band, but they are not mess cross, finally the mink furs formed a very beautiful pattern.

Second, their is valley and peaks on the appearence, soft lash fur tips has very good curly,

Eyelash Vendor
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How do identify the difference between mink eyelashes and bad mink eyelashes?

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes. Many people like mink eyelashes, me either. But there are many mink eyelashes with uneven prices and poor quality on the market, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Today, I will teach you to judge good mink eyelashes from two aspects.

1.  Top of the mink

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes
Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes

The top of the good mink is pointed and the top of the inferior mink is flat.

The top of the mink should be a natural tip so that the 3d mink eyelashes are will be light and natural, not stiff.

2. Mink Eyelash Band

The eyelash band is where all the bristles are attached and fixed. Good lash bands are soft and comfortable, while bad lash bands are stiff, straight and difficult to wear, and cause eyelashes to fall off.

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes
Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes

For high-quality 3d eyelashes, use good glue on the lash band and apply it on both ends. The color is transparent and odorless. Bad eyelash glue will be sprinkled on the eyelashes, which is not easy to clean, and the color is muddy and smelly.

Difference between good eyelashes bad eyelashes. The above are two simple ways to distinguish false eyelashes, and you can also make further judgments by touching them. The best mink eyelashes can make our makeup more delicate and make our eyes look more beautiful.

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10 Reasons To Choose Best 3D Mink Lashes

10 Reasons to choose the best 3D mink lashes. Most wholesale eyelash suppliers can do this for you. If your eyelash wholesaler cannot provide you with certain unique styles of eyelashes, you can add Whatsapp: 00861756168 for help. If you have your own ideas about your own eyelash style, we can make a unique style for you. You will open the 3D mink false eyelashes business series with your own unique style.

The best 3D mink eyelashes are “beautiful and flawless”.

If you are a user, the best 3D mink eyelashes are easy to learn and make your beauty easier!

1: Cosmetics are different from other products. The only reason to buy 3D mink false eyelashes is “beautiful and flawless”. Unlike clothes or shoes, they can not only stay beautiful, but also keep warm. If you buy them to keep warm, you can give it the second best option. Just keep it warm. But cosmetics are different. There is no other reason other than beauty, so our quality mink eyelashes must meet the needs of our customers. Good mink eyelashes are “beautiful and flawless.”

2: High-quality handmade mink will affect the soul of the designer, the temperature, and the wisdom of the workers. You can admire the artwork.

3: The best 3D mink eyelashes are made of natural materials and can be used for natural beauty.

4: High-quality mink 3D eyelashes can bring fun to customers and save customers time and space. Nowadays, the greatest capital of man is time. What we sell is not just a pair of eyelashes, but a solution. High-quality mink eyelashes make customers feel awakened and hate being late.

10 Reasons to choose best 3D mink lashes

If you are a middleman

your boss will think that a high-quality mink eyelash manufacturer can speed up your capital turnover. Make profits easier.

5: High-quality products are distinctive and easy to operate. When you sell low-quality mink eyelashes, the worst thing is that there are no regular customers, so you spend time developing new mink eyelashes wholesalers, but high-quality mink eyelashes have a good reputation, high market recognition, high repurchase rate, and fast accumulation of funds.

6: If you also make mink eyelashes to enrich the product line, you must use high-quality eyelashes. Eyelashes are the lowest cost of cosmetics, but sometimes makeup is essential. Good eyelashes have their own fluidity. Customers can use high-quality eyelash products. Learn about other products to attract new customers for other products.

7: High-quality mink eyelashes come from high-end designs. They are avant-garde, bold, visionary, and easy to communicate with. Able to solve problems quickly.
The design concept of high-end mink eyelashes comes from life and nature, which can resonate with consumers. Products that resonate will become classics.

Good mink eyelashes wholesale can make more fans!

If you are an internet star, the wholesale of high-quality mink eyelashes can bring you more and more fans!

8: Good eyelashes can help you bring more fans, and fans are satisfied with the high-quality mink hair that can be promoted. Good products will spread quickly.

9: High-quality eyelashes come from high-quality mink eyelash suppliers. We can make exquisite promotional mink eyelash catalogs for you for free, the production process of mink eyelashes, video tutorials, product sales and practical blogs. Whether it is products or knowledge, you will win more fans.

10:Good mink lashes come from an advanced thinking and healthy company system. Good mink lashes make your users more and more. On the contrary, if you have no attitude of pursuing perfect, which resulted that your products and service will be just so so, things are postponed. You can’t see it in the short term, and you will surely collapse in the long term.

10 Reasons to choose best 3D mink lashes. Contact us if you have any other question. Should you need my help, Pls contact us freely!

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Why Good MinkLashes Count?-Lashes Amor

Why Good Mink Lashes Count?-Lashes Amor

I met an interesting customer today. She thinks our mink lashes are too expensive. Our 3D mink eyelashes are only $6 per pair. I think this is a reasonable price for high-end eyelashes.

The lashes market is now very transparent and all eyelash prices are available. No eyelash company will choose a high and outrageous pricing strategy. Value for money, this is the most basic reason for manufacturing.

Customers always thought our mink lashes too expensive. I have encountered this situation many times. Then they end up choosing the expensive but good quality eyelashes. This is the game between consumers and the market. The eyelash market will tell you what is the best choice.

We have always relied on our good quality mink eyelashes to gain the trust of our customers. The design of our eyelashes, the unique beauty, when the customer gets the lashes she wants, the satisfaction is self-evident. A good pretty mink lashes will inevitably bring people greater happiness than the price. And eventually, your products from Lashes Amor will bring you more profits than you ever know.

mink lashes vendor supply 20mm mink lashes

My happiness is that the customer receives our eyelashes, wears them on the eyes, and keeps praising the eyelashes. It is my most fulfilling moment.

If you want to make yourself look better, you must not miss a pair of beautiful eyelashes. You will throw a fortune for your own beauty, we all do, that’s our company’s belief, creat beauty for individuals personal beauty, and the best quality for you!

Better lashes, better life. We Lashes Amor stick to our product principles, only be stunning! Majestically Lustrous Sheen! Each pair of eyelashes is hand-curled to perfection by professionals

Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink eyelashes vendor.

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3D Silk Lashes Is Also A Good Choice-Lashes Amor

3D Silk Lashes Is Also A Good Choice-Lashes Amor

There are a lot of false eyelashes on the market, but many of them use silk lashes to pretend to be mink lashes. Of course, many eyelash manufacturers will specifically indicate the difference between mink lashes and silk lashes.

difference between mink lashes and 3d silk lashes
The difference between 3d mink lashes and silk lashes

Silk and mink lashes are basically made of the same material, synthetic PBT. The main difference between the two is not in their material, but in their shape, finish, and weight.

Raw Material

The main difference is raw material. Silk lashes and mink lashes raw materials are very different. There is a natural difference between the feeling of synthetic hair and natural mink hair. Synthetic hair has a uniform standard, but natural mink hair has a vivid appearance that is not found in synthetic eyelashes. Therefore silk lashes and mink lashes are very different.

Customers who prefer a thick and three-dimensional feel will feel that mink lashes are better. But customers who are looking for a more natural or more supple feel will feel that silk lashes are a better choice.

Good Choice As Well

Silk lashes are more natural and non-aggressive. The length is not very long and more suitable for natural styles lashes.

Our customers in the Middle East prefer silk lashes. American customers prefer mink lashes. The aesthetics of different cultures determine different eyelash preferences. We respect everyone’s preference for different eyelashes. Beauty is a comprehensive feeling. It is not only about the present, but also about the past and the future.

In terms of raw materials, silk lashes are indeed cheaper than mink lashes. This is also why eyelash makers confuse the difference between these two eyelashes to make more profits.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best wholesale mink lashes vendor.