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How To Apply Pre-cut Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor start to supply Pre-cut Lashes for the lash fans 4 years ago, now Amor Lashes is Major Pre-cut Lash Vendor for Eyelash Salon and Diy Lash Fans. This blog instroduce how to apply Pre-cut Lashes in a simple way, to help the lash fans do it herself, only 3 times practise, you can well done!

Pre-cut Lash Vendor
  1. Order Pre-cut Lashes from Amor Lash Vendor, get this cute Pre-cut Lashes, Lashes, Lash Glue and Tweezers ready!
Vegan Lash Vendor

2.Apply lash glue on lash band and small lash glue on the lash hairs near the band, wait few second till the lash glue nearly dry.

Lash Vendors

3. Apply the wing section of Pre-cut Lashes to the root of your natural lashes on the Out Corner of your eye,lift the eyelash up, hold a little while, let the Pre-cut Lash section get good touch of your natural lashes, close and tacky together, then release it to normal states.

Mink Lash Vendors

4.Apply second section near the first one, from out corner step to the inner corner of your eyes, only when the prior lash section dried and get firmed, then start the next applying.

Apply The 3 Section Pre-cut Lashes

5. Step by step, apply the left sections of Pre-cut Lashes, Remember: no need to apply all the lash section on, you can apply few part depends upon yourself.

Pre-cut Lash Vendor

6.When you lift the lashes, lift it very near the up eyelid, so the lash band can get well sticky to your eyelid and lift the natural lashes. This need practises, few times later you can know how to do next time.

Mink Lash Vendor

7.Go in and pinch the lash with our natural lashes using a set of long tweezers, this is going to secure the lash band to your natural lashes, purse the glue in between and it also means the seam is almost impossible to see, Done!

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How Does #Lashmapping Help You To Promote Lash Business?

Hot Instagram hastage #Lashmapping really great help to all lash lovers.

Lashmapping is a system pictures sets, these pictures will show the strip lash charactors and fitted eyes, help Promote Lash Business in a rightway, Lashmapping is a good way of picture communication for lash business.

Amor Lash Vendor now instroduce this Lashmapping Skill to our website visitors, will clearly show the lash length, lash curl and lash style, even if it can show clearly whether the lashes are match the eyeshape!

Lashmapping is really very strong on comunications, if you are lash enprenuer, you should learn this skill and make all the lash styles you promoted in this way, it can guide your customers choose the right lash styles in an easy way, this will help you very much on promoting your lash business! Oh my Gosh, i love this kind of LASHMAP!

lash map

5 Knowledge Points For The Lashmapping Picture

Following 5 knowledge points is very important Lashmapping Skill, when you understand and control them, you will be the marketing expert, at that time, you can give very clear useful suggestions to your customers, help your customers choose the right lash styles, you will get more faithful clients every month, grow your lash business in a simple way.

  • 1.Show The Maximum Length On The Lash Picture
  • 2.Mark The Length Of Base Lashes
  • 3.Mark The Eyeshape Fit For The Lash Style

This picture is most important, there are so many eyelashes styles to fit each eyeshape,so choose the most suitable lashes is a difficult matter for some customers. When you know this knowledge very well, you can make this kind pictures amd give best suggestion to your customers, of course your customers will respect to your well education and you are the best expert in their mind!

  • 4.Curly Degree Of Top Lashes

Generally, dramatic lashes D curly degree for the top long lashes seems more glamous

  • Curly Degree Of Base Lashes

The base lashes do not need great curly degree, C is enough

  • 5.Tell Your Audience How Criss Cross The Lashes Are
  • According to the desity of eyelash hairs that criss cross, we make them light criss cross, medium criss cross and full crisscross, view the following pictures, you can know the differents between.