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How To Get Enough Trffic For Your Lash Business?

Subtitle: Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.2 | Expand Eyelash Traffic

In the same 3D Mink Lashes business, when others can make money, but you can’t, probably because of marketing problems, and sufficient traffic is the first key point in eyelash marketing. So how can we get more traffic and more customers to buy? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor shares how to get traffic, browse carefully, you will gain a lot.

Shopping Mall Eyelash Store To Get More Natural Traffic

Where there are the most beautiful female gathering or passby, there has the largest Eyelash Consumer traffic. This is our first choice for selling eyelashes. Supermarkets and shopping centers are naturally the places with the largest flow of people. Naturally, the sales volume of eyelashes here is very large. If your eyelash store open here and have a relaxed experience environment, then it is easier to get the many many orders.

Residential Community Eyelash Store To Get Stable community traffic

It is also a good choice to open a store in a relatively large community. Although the customer traffic here is not as large as that of a shopping center, they are easy to communicate with because customers here will come to visit when they are walking and leisure, so it is easy to communicate and make a deal. Because of the short distance, you can provide technical guidance and other after-sales services to customers at any time, and these customers can easily become your loyal users.

Amazon Online Eyelash Store To Get Enough Amazon Traffic

The well-developed network and the popularity of smartphones make opening an online eyelash shop an important way to quickly gain traffic and expand business. Amor Lash Vendor suggested opening a store on Amazon, because in the United States, Amazon is the largest consumer entrance, with unlimited traffic, and the cost of opening a store is not high at all. You need to do two things well. First, instruct your eyelash supplier how to ship to Amazon warehouse, including packaging, printing barcodes, shipping to Amazon’s warehouse and other details; second, update the beautiful mink in the Amazon online store Eyelash pictures, provide information about the manufacture and use of mink eyelashes, set the search keywords. I believe this is a small matter for you, do these things well, and the rest is Amazon to make money for you!

Home Eyelash Store If You Have Got Enough Socia Media Traffic

Of course, if possible, you can create a considerable amount of online traffic yourself. For example, if you create an Instagram account or YouTube account with a lot of beauty fans, then congratulations, it is very likely that 30% of the fans will be converted into yours potential customers, your mink eyelashes business will be better, and you don’t need advertisements, and you don’t need email visits. You only need to shout in a video, and customers will come to consult. Then you can start eyelash business at home, your home is eyelash store, what you need to do is ship your orders in time! Such low-cost customer traffic and free lash store costs will create better for you profits!

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, you can always rely on!

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How To Diy Eyelashes| Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes ?

If you are enjoy Diy Eyelashes, Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor recommend you try this Individual Lashes and Cluster Lashes, especially Color Cluster Lashes this will make a great fun to your daily life, and get you happy every day!
Compare to lash extension and strip lashes, cluster lashes and individual are treated as assist lashes, when you do a good job on them, will make a great looking with only very simple diy lashes activities.

View this picture, only put a few Individual lashes, this eyelashes become a wet lash looking effect, perfect operation!

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

The eyelash extensions industry has come a long way – what started as clunky cluster or party lashes has been replaced (for the most part) by light and flattering eyelash extensions which pose no threat to the health of anyone’s eyelashes! Let’s have a bit of a closer look at the differences between cluster lashes and individual eyelash extensions!

Individual lashes are made from synthetic fibres and can come as either a singular lash or in a ‘fan-like’ fashion with a number of lashes joined together. Singular lashes are used to create a more natural ‘classic’ lash look, whilst anything more than a singular lash is referred to as a ‘volume’ lash look.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Cluster eyelash extensions are a collection of individual lashes that are grouped together, or ‘clustered’, and glued at one end, finishing with a thick base. They can often be made from small, cut sections of a strip lash. Their bases tend to be quite wide and heavy. These lashes are also known as party lashes, and are sometimes offered as an express eyelash extensions treatment in salons.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

How To Apply Cluster Lashes and Individual Lashes?
Cluster lashes are half or part of strip lashes. Applying cluster lashes is similar to gluing an entire false eyelash to your eyelid.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash with military precision.
With individual eyelash extensions, lash techs will map out exactly where they want each eyelash extension to go to ensure that they create a perfect and symmetrical look for their clients. The individual lashes are designed at the perfect weight to be applied to eyelashes so that they do not cause any damage.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Due to where they are applied on the natural lash, they can shed with the natural lashes and after a few weeks it is time to revisit your lash tech for an infill.

So if you want to save time whilst maintaining your high standards and immaculate reputation, you could always opt for high quality premade fans instead!

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor