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How To Get Enough Trffic For Your Lash Business?

Subtitle: Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.2 | Expand Eyelash Traffic

In the same 3D Mink Lashes business, when others can make money, but you can’t, probably because of marketing problems, and sufficient traffic is the first key point in eyelash marketing. So how can we get more traffic and more customers to buy? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor shares how to get traffic, browse carefully, you will gain a lot.

Shopping Mall Eyelash Store To Get More Natural Traffic

Where there are the most beautiful female gathering or passby, there has the largest Eyelash Consumer traffic. This is our first choice for selling eyelashes. Supermarkets and shopping centers are naturally the places with the largest flow of people. Naturally, the sales volume of eyelashes here is very large. If your eyelash store open here and have a relaxed experience environment, then it is easier to get the many many orders.

Residential Community Eyelash Store To Get Stable community traffic

It is also a good choice to open a store in a relatively large community. Although the customer traffic here is not as large as that of a shopping center, they are easy to communicate with because customers here will come to visit when they are walking and leisure, so it is easy to communicate and make a deal. Because of the short distance, you can provide technical guidance and other after-sales services to customers at any time, and these customers can easily become your loyal users.

Amazon Online Eyelash Store To Get Enough Amazon Traffic

The well-developed network and the popularity of smartphones make opening an online eyelash shop an important way to quickly gain traffic and expand business. Amor Lash Vendor suggested opening a store on Amazon, because in the United States, Amazon is the largest consumer entrance, with unlimited traffic, and the cost of opening a store is not high at all. You need to do two things well. First, instruct your eyelash supplier how to ship to Amazon warehouse, including packaging, printing barcodes, shipping to Amazon’s warehouse and other details; second, update the beautiful mink in the Amazon online store Eyelash pictures, provide information about the manufacture and use of mink eyelashes, set the search keywords. I believe this is a small matter for you, do these things well, and the rest is Amazon to make money for you!

Home Eyelash Store If You Have Got Enough Socia Media Traffic

Of course, if possible, you can create a considerable amount of online traffic yourself. For example, if you create an Instagram account or YouTube account with a lot of beauty fans, then congratulations, it is very likely that 30% of the fans will be converted into yours potential customers, your mink eyelashes business will be better, and you don’t need advertisements, and you don’t need email visits. You only need to shout in a video, and customers will come to consult. Then you can start eyelash business at home, your home is eyelash store, what you need to do is ship your orders in time! Such low-cost customer traffic and free lash store costs will create better for you profits!

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, you can always rely on!

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How To Diy Eyelashes| Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes ?

If you are enjoy Diy Eyelashes, Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor recommend you try this Individual Lashes and Cluster Lashes, especially Color Cluster Lashes this will make a great fun to your daily life, and get you happy every day!
Compare to lash extension and strip lashes, cluster lashes and individual are treated as assist lashes, when you do a good job on them, will make a great looking with only very simple diy lashes activities.

View this picture, only put a few Individual lashes, this eyelashes become a wet lash looking effect, perfect operation!

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

The eyelash extensions industry has come a long way – what started as clunky cluster or party lashes has been replaced (for the most part) by light and flattering eyelash extensions which pose no threat to the health of anyone’s eyelashes! Let’s have a bit of a closer look at the differences between cluster lashes and individual eyelash extensions!

Individual lashes are made from synthetic fibres and can come as either a singular lash or in a ‘fan-like’ fashion with a number of lashes joined together. Singular lashes are used to create a more natural ‘classic’ lash look, whilst anything more than a singular lash is referred to as a ‘volume’ lash look.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Cluster eyelash extensions are a collection of individual lashes that are grouped together, or ‘clustered’, and glued at one end, finishing with a thick base. They can often be made from small, cut sections of a strip lash. Their bases tend to be quite wide and heavy. These lashes are also known as party lashes, and are sometimes offered as an express eyelash extensions treatment in salons.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

How To Apply Cluster Lashes and Individual Lashes?
Cluster lashes are half or part of strip lashes. Applying cluster lashes is similar to gluing an entire false eyelash to your eyelid.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Individual eyelash extensions are applied to each individual lash with military precision.
With individual eyelash extensions, lash techs will map out exactly where they want each eyelash extension to go to ensure that they create a perfect and symmetrical look for their clients. The individual lashes are designed at the perfect weight to be applied to eyelashes so that they do not cause any damage.

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor

Due to where they are applied on the natural lash, they can shed with the natural lashes and after a few weeks it is time to revisit your lash tech for an infill.

So if you want to save time whilst maintaining your high standards and immaculate reputation, you could always opt for high quality premade fans instead!

Wholes Individual Lashes & Cluster Lashes Vendor
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How Color Lashes Gain More Compliments & Social Traffic?

Colored eyelash extensions are a hot new beauty trend that your clients are clamoring for. But applying color lashes extensions for one month is a terrible experience. Amor Wholessale Lash Vendor update color lashes for partly time applying, get much appeals.

D Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Faux Mink Lash

You can really set yourself apart from the competition by adding this must-have modern lash option. And in addition to creating a fun, vibrant look, colored lashes can impact your bottom line by:

D Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Faux Mink Lash

Attracting more clients
Expanding and adding value to your salon offerings
Helping you gain more referrals through social media sharing

C Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Mink Lash

Working with colored lashes can be a fun and exciting way to bring out your creative side. Colored volume lashes are bold and bright, giving the volume and lushness your clients are after with a unique twist.

C Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Mink Lash

Following are datas of Color Mink Lashes provided by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers, and customers reviews and testimenals.

About this item
💚【Colored Cosmetic Lash Strips】There’ re 5 cute colors (Green/Red/Blue/Pink/Purple) of lashes, 2 designs for each color. One is end only colored, another is end & middle colored. Won’t be too overly, Just right lashes!
❤️【DD-Curl Medium Russian Lashes】Curlier than C-curl or other lashes, not like most rigidly stiff d-curls on the market, these lashes feature the soft hair & flexible strip. The band can smoothly blend with your eyelid and eyelashes, which will bring you the seamless feeling of wear.

C Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Mink Lash

💙【Veteran Makeup Artists’ Favorite】Collection of this coloured eyelash pack is based on our real customer research. If you don’t know which falsies to wear, follow them, no doubt the IG fashion blogger’s vibe. Easy to get a glamorous, fancy look.
🌸【Suitable for Broad Occasions】You can not only wear this in celebration on Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, but in parties, manga cosplay, street shoot, idea makeup. If the atmosphere where you work is quite relaxing, wear them daily working.
💜【Handmade by Skilled Workers】Due to the handcraft, each eyelash couldn’t be exactly the same but we still keep it as exquisite as we can. Which color is your best? Get any thoughtful idea of lashes? Feel free to tell us, let’s make idea into reality!

C Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Mink Lash

Customers Reviews & Testimenials

Cosette Daniels
Gateway drug to more decorative lashes!
Reviewed in the United States on January 2, 2023
Pattern Name: A-Mixed Color
I loved all the colors so much. The pink and red lashes I received the most compliments on. I loved the pink ones the best personally. So much so I bought a full pallet of the all pink lashes.

C Curl Fluffy Volume Curly Mink Lash

Kinda heavy but super cute look!
Reviewed in the United States on January 18, 2023
Pattern Name: C-Glitter Powder
They kind of create a hooded eye because they are a bit thick and heavy but also create a super cute unique look! Def topped off my outfit perfectly!

Really love these lashes
Reviewed in the United States on December 30, 2022
Pattern Name: C-Glitter Powder
I really loved these lashes ! I’m using them for countdown today and notice one lash was missing the butterfly … haven’t used the other pair …. But kinda bummed about it. But still love them

Lashes are super cute
Reviewed in the United States on January 6, 2023
Pattern Name: A-Mixed Color
I get lots of compliments when I wear these. Easy to put on and take off. Colors are pretty.

Best set of lashes ever
Reviewed in the United States on November 18, 2022
Pattern Name: D-Russian Strip
These are mad pretty!!! I like how each color has two pair- one with color that extends to the middle of the lashes and one with just a flare of color at the edge on the end. They are super durable, have the nicest C-curl/wispy combination. I got a lot of compliments on these. Will buy again!!

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Why & When Stop Apply 3D Mink Lashes?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor reminds you that 25mm Mink Lashes can make you beautiful than before, but some times it can not use! in the following situations, please stop using the eyelashes to ensure your safety.

If any eye makeup causes irritation, remove your 3D Mink Lashes right now.
Stop applying 3D Mink Lashes if you have an eye infection or if the skin around your eyes becomes inflamed. Wait until the area heals. Discard all eye makeup used on infection.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Wash your hands before applying Eyelashes.You have germs on your hands that can cause an infection if you put them in your eyes. .
Do not share your 3D Mink Lashes to others unless you are sure your lashes are fully sanitized, as another person’s bacteria could be harmful to you.

Keep your 25mm Lashes away from dust or dirt or mud.
Do not use old Eyelash Packaging Box.
Discard dried Mink Lashes. Do not add saliva or water to wet it. Bacteria in your mouth may grow in your mascara and cause an infection. Adding water may introduce bacteria and dilute preservatives designed to prevent microbial growth.

Do not store your Mink Lashes, Vegan Lashes at temperatures above 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
When applying or removing your Eyelashes, be careful not to scratch the eyeball or other sensitive areas. Never apply or remove eye makeup while in a moving vehicle.

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Mistakes That Should Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

If you are new to the world of False Eyelashes, applying fake eyelashes can be tricky business! But never fear! Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor shares with you a few handy tips and tricks up your sleeve, it won’t be long until you can consider yourself an expert! Below we share the most common mishaps that you may encounter and how you can tackle them.

Mistakes Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

Applying Mink Lashes Without Measure

Anybody and everybody can apply 3D Mink Lashes, but it is important to make sure that they properly fit your eye to ensure that they look natural and stay in place all day – and don’t worry; it is much easier to do than you think! Simply place the lashes against your natural lash line, lining them up from the inner corner of your eyes and note where there is a bit of excess. Remove them from against your eye and with a small pair of scissors, carefully trim the excess length from the outside edge of the false lashes and voila, your falsies are ready to go.

Mistakes Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

The Dreaded Lash Lift

There is nothing worse during a night out than realising your False Eyelashes are starting to lift off. Not only does it feel super annoying, it’s also not a very cute look! Luckily there are a few ways that you can avoid this from happening. After removing your fresh new falsies from their packaging and measuring them to your eyes correctly, gently bend the band by curling them around the end of a makeup brush. This will help to give them more flexibility and fit nicely. Don’t be afraid to also add a little extra glue on the ends of your lashes to help them stay in place! Extra Tip: Add your lash glue to your purse in case you need an extra touch up!

Mistakes Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

Applying Your Lashes Too Quickly

The biggest falsie mistake you can make is applying your lashes straight after coating them with glue. It’s super important to let the glue dry a little and become tacky before applying your lashes. This will help to make them stick properly and stay on for longer. If you are finding it difficult to apply the glue to the lash band, try using our Lash Fix adhesive. It comes with a handy applicator wand and dries clear, allowing for a quicker and mess free application. We got you, babe!

Mistakes Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

Throwing Your Lashes Out After One Use

Our lashes are made to last! Don’t waste perfectly good lashes when you don’t need to. If you take care of your lashes properly when applying, removing and cleaning them, our lashes can last for up to 20 uses!

Mistakes Be Avoided For 3D Mink Lashes

Not Properly Cleaning Your Lashes

It is important to ALWAYS clean your lashes after using them to help maintain their quality and allow you to use them again and again. After removing your lashes, place them on a paper towel or clean surface. Using a cotton tip or tissue, use an oil-free eye makeup remover to gently clean the lash band of any excess or dried glue. Let your lashes air dry and once they have dried put them back in their original packaging or an air-tight container to keep them nice and protected.

If you are still finding falsies hard to get the hang of, why not try our Magnetic Lash options? One of our fave styles is the DFC01. Its fabulous eye-opening flutter is perfect for a subtle, yet gorgeous look and ensures simple and easy application!

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Super Cute Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

Are you used to carrying several pairs of 3D Mink Lashes with you so that you can change your outfit at any time? If you have this requirement, Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor recommends several super cute Eyelash Cases and Lash Boxes for you, which meet the following conditions, small in size, easy to put in a cosmetic bag; strong enough not to be crushed; yes The eyelash box even comes with a mirror for on-the-go makeup use.

Acrylic octagon transparent Lash Packaging Box, small size, strong, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, super cute rope

Transparent acrylic rectangular Eyelash Packaging Cox, side pull, easy to carry eyelashes, drawer-shaped card making is convenient for printing brand name, small size, easy to carry.

Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

Three pairs of classic-style Eyelash Box, flat structure, with a mirror inside for makeup use, small size, easy to carry, this style is very popular.

Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

2 pairs of double-layered round golden Lash Case, with a flip cover with a small mirror, smooth to the touch, beautiful in appearance, super cute, and very popular.

Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

Cylindrical plastic medicine box Eyelash Packaging Box, I don’t know why, it is a best seller, easy to carry

Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

Transparent tote bag style five-pointed star Eyelash Packaging Bag, tote bag style design, with instruction manual style, super cute!

Pocket Lash Case Box Packaging

These different styles of eyelash packaging boxes bring super cute visual impact to customers and increase their desire to buy by 30%. If customers like to carry eyelashes with them, then these cute and practical packages will increase their purchase ideas Bring more orders to your eyelash business! ! Contact Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, order now!

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How Quickly Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Amor Wholesale Eyelashes Vendor well understand that lash extension are the basis of Strip Lashes, most fashion lash styles are come out from Lash extension, and then appears on strip lashes list. Strip Lashes make it convinent, cheaper and various. Order 3D Mink Lashes and start your lash business right now, it can help you make lots of money!!

When you can simply remove the long eyelashes, then refill the eyelashes is not a very troublesome thing. refill the eyelashes is troublesome only because it is more laborious to remove the long eyelashes. So is there any better and easier way? ? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will share with you a simple technique today to help you get rid of long and tall eyelashes faster.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Please prepare the required tools:
Anti-allergic tape, tweezers, mousse stick, eyelash remover

Take a piece of breathable anti-allergic adhesive tape, cut it in half from the middle, and then put one half on top of the other half, and stick the adhesive side on the eyelid near the root of the eyelashes.

Find out the eyelashes that grow longer, find out all the lash extensions you want to remove, press the tip of the eyelashes with tweezers and stick them on the tape, and use the stickiness of the tape to fix the eyelashes easily.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

I usually use single-strand remover gel to remove eyelashes. The removal speed is fast, easy to clean, and it will not turn white , take a small amount of gel and apply evenly on the grafted part of the false eyelashes, wait 20 seconds for the eyelashes to remove the gel to decompose the eyelash glue, and then after ten seconds, gently tear off the tape from the outer corner of the eye, and the false eyelashes are glued together It was taken.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Use a dry mousse stick to clean the eyelashes where the eyelashes were removed, so that the residual gel can be cleared more cleanly, and then the repair and grafting can be carried out.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions

Note: Do not use tweezers to remove the eyelashes directly. It is easy to damage the eyelashes. Even if the eyelashes are removed, there will be glue residue. Use the same method to pinch a little glue in, it will be dissolved quickly, and it can be removed in a few seconds. Like this A kind of stubborn glue drop remover gel can also be easily removed. After finishing, remember to clean it with a dry cotton swab. This is a must-have remover gel for eyelash artists. Get started quickly, not for eyelashes.

Remove Lashes When Refill Lash Extensions
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How To Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor In the Promotiona Activities ?

Now 80% of the 3D Mink Lashes in the United States are produced in China. If you want to get a lower quotation, you must know when the Chinese Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will release promotional activities. Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor as the Chinese Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers, share a few key dates. If you remember these key dates, and communicate with your Eyelash Vendor in time, you can get the orders you need at unimaginable prices, and then you can get higher industry profits.

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The first time point is early February, when Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers will carry out spring promotions, because at the end of February, American families will receive a tax refund for the previous year, and housewives will have sufficient cash in their hands, with sufficient purchasing power and desire to purchase . Launch discount promotions this time , it is the easiest to get orders. The spring discount activity is a discount offered by Chinese suppliers to compete for orders. The discount price will not be too big, 15% lower than the daily quotation!

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The second time point is mid-June. There is a half-year shopping season in China online business. If customers pay the shopping cart on June 18, they will get a good price discount. Chinese Eyelash Vendor like to enlarge this purchase season to the world. A discount package will also be released in the middle of the month, all eyelash varieties will enjoy this discount, including Mink Eyelashes and vegan Lashes, and Custom Lash Boxes are also included, but the cost of international shipping is not within the scope of the discount. This discount price is about 10% lower than the daily quotation. If the order is large, you can also enjoy a large order discount, up to 25%.

Get The Lowest Price From Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

The third time point is Black Friday in the United States. In late November, this time is the discount sales season in the United States. Chinese Eyelash Vendor will launch the same discount package. The discount ratio is relatively large, usually 30% of the daily quotation, that’s a very competitive price, suppose other resellers are stocking up on black friday and you’re buying lashes at regular prices, how are you going to compete?

Please note that if you want to enjoy these discounted orders, please contact your Eyelash Vendor 10 days in advance, because at this time the orders are relatively concentrated, the supplier may not be able to deliver in time, priority orders will be arranged in advance, and you may submit in advance 30% prepayment to get the discounted price, full payment when the promotion starts, provided you keep in good touch with your service provider to get the specific details of the promotion.

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When And Why Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lashes Vendor well understand that lash extension are the basis of Strip Lashes, most fashion lash styles are come out from Lash extension, and then appears on strip lashes list. Strip Lashes are another kind of eyelash extension that can be mass-produced, convenient, low-cost,can be replaced at any time.

When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lashes Vendor designers always pays attention to the make-up trends of any female on social media, pays attention to the eyelashes of female celebrities, absorbs popular elements at any time, updates their own eyelash list. Amor Lash Vendor distributes fashionable high-quality eyelashes in the United Statess, providing OEM eyelashes and exquisite packaging, and making Eyelash distributors make money is the basis for the development of our Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor here share the feedbacks from America customer, these feedbacks clearly expressed when people would like to try Strip Lashes instead of Lash Extensions, this would be great help for the Lash Distributors USA when they focus on the growing lash business.

  • Strip Lashes offer a variety of options,they come in numerous styles and colors, from natural every day to night time glam, you can even get glitter lashes for a great festival look.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Much Cheap Price,they can be reused multiple times if properly looked after. This reduces waste and saves you cash.They are much cheaper than eyelash extensions, so if the treatment is out of your budget, you can still look great.
  • Convenient is a great advantage. It can be applied at home, meaning you don’t have to make a trip to the salon for a lengthy appointment.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Strip Eyelashes can create exaggerated shapes and bring enough traffic to social media.They are more noticeable in photos, when i create social media post, i usually use super dramatic or super long lashes to make exaggerated effects, it brings me much comments and finally brings me enough traffic.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • Frequent change scenes, young girls will work day time, then dating time or even night out, this need natural lashes, dramatic lashes to match the scenes.
  • Prepare some different eyelashes for special occasion, such as a wedding, you’ll look great for the camera.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
  • I don’t like to go to public, i like to apply strip lashes at home.
  • I like DIY Eyelashes, i order as much as possible different lash styles, i like cluster strip lashes too, this give me many many changes when i Diy my eyelashes.
When Do You Prefer Strip Lashes?
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How To Remove Lash Extension Quick and Clean?

When many make up artists remove eyelashes by traditional removal way , improper operation will burn the eyes of customers.Today, Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor shared a simple way of removing the eyes without burning eyes.

Before starting to remove eyelashes, please prepare a few commonly used tools:
A piece of soft plastic wrap, a pair of small scissors, lash extension romover, round cotton swabs, cut corner cotton swabs, two tweezers.

Put the wet wrap on the eyelids

Cut a section of plastic wrap, wet one side of the plastic wrap with water and paste it on the eyelids. When sticking it, it must be close to the root of the eyelashes, turn the eyelashes up, and let the eyelashes fall on the plastic wrap.

Apply lash extension romover on wrap

First take a little lash extension remover, apply it evenly on the plastic wrap as a primer, apply a little more to the place with many eyelashes, press all the eyelashes onto the eyelid covered with plastic wrap, continue to apply the lash extension remover on the eyelashes, after spreading evenly, put fold the plastic wrap from top to bottom, wrap the lashes in plastic wrap like a sandwich, and flatten to allow the lash remover to reach around the root of the lashes.

Apply lash extension romover on eyelashes

Wait for two minutes, use tweezers to pick along the root of the eyelashes, check the root of the eyelashes, and confirm whether the eyelash glue is completely dissolved.

Well, now it’s time to take the lashes off. Use two tweezers to hold both sides of the sandwich, and pull up gently in the vertical direction to easily remove all of them.

Use a dry cotton swab, starting from the inner side of the eye, and turn it from bottom to top to wipe off the lash extension remover remains on the surface of the eyelashes, then replace two new cotton swabs, align the oblique sections, and wipe off all the eyelashes remover.

Dry Cotton Swap Clean Removers
Dry Cotton Swap Clean Removers

A special reminder, the cotton swabs are used dry all the time, because the hair removal cream will turn white when exposed to water, and it is difficult to clean, remember?OKOK, open your eyes and take a look, this is a simple and clean removal method, don’t praise me, get it up quickly.

Amor Lash Vendor is a professional wholesale eyelash supplier, which can provide you with all styles of strip eyelashes and grafted eyelashes, as well as various professional tools. If you need related products, please remember to contact us and buy from us first.

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Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

Giving Mink Lashes consumers palatable service is an important component of generating great word of mouth – what we call “Wow” moments. More than eight out of 10 Wow encounters are sparked by a customer’s perception that someone has truly gained ownership of a memorable experience.

Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

When your actions make customers feel more than expected, then customers will be super satisfied, thus establishing a long-term business relationship. This is how loyal clients are generated. So what marketing activities will achieve this effect in the eyelash business? Amor Lashes Vendor shares some tips for you.

Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

When you start eyelash business, a small but amazing gifts will leave deep impression to you customers, you will be her first thinks of when she would like to order lashes again!!

Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

This lash helper is best choice, especially the beginers of eyelash apllying, she will never afraid sticky lash glue left on fingers or on eyelid when she applying lashes. On the other side, regular customer also can give this Lash help to her daughter or other young girl relations, this can bring very pleasant feeling, because they get it free charge!

Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

This is a perfect gift idea for your new customers, am i right? Of course this lash helper costs will included in the offer, this is not free charge, though you will say to your customers this is free!!!

This is also free gifts from Wholesale Eyelash Vendor — Amor Lashes,but there is a limitation, you can only get 3 pieces every 100$ order, when your order over 100$, gifts amount will increase same rate.

Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.1 Free Gifts

Don’t forget to order lashes now, Only a small amount in stock, about 1000 pcs left which will used out within 2 months.

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What Are Vegan False Eyelashes?

First of all, what are vegan false eyelashes?
Amor Lashes Vendor according to the source of hair for making eyelashes, Amor Lashes Vendor eyelashes made without animal hair and human hair are called Vegan False Lashes. These materials include silk, synthetic plastic threads, and plant fiber threads.

Vegan False Eyelashes

Who Prefers Vegan False Eyelashes?
There are three categories of people who prefer vegan lashes. Green environmentalists agree that people and animals live in harmony and oppose innocent killing. They refuse to use mink eyelashes because of their political opinions. They like to use vegetarian eyelashes to show their claims. The number of such people is growing, and vegetarian eyelashes are the best. Customers, who are willing to pay for their opinions, would rather pay a high price for high-quality vegan eyelashes; the hairs of vegan eyelashes are harder and straighter than mink eyelashes, and some people who don’t like soft eyelashes prefer to use vegan eyelashes. Buddhists naturally don’t like killing creatures, they don’t eat animal meat, so they only like vegetarian eyelashes;

Vegan Lashes Cluster Lashes

Do Vegan Lashes Same Quality With Mink Lashes?
Amor Lashes Vendor offer 3 kind of Vegan Lashes, Silk Lashes, Faux Mink Lashes made of Synthetic plastic fiber, Plant Fiber Lashes made of hemp fiber. They are well disinfected, soft , light weight, same test feeling with mink lashes, and they are 20 more times reusable when they are proper cared.

Hemp Fiber Vegan Lashes

What The Different Compare To Mink Lashes?
Vegan Lashes not as fluffy as mink lashes, they looks little hard and straight, suitable to make to Wing Lashes and Wet Lashes styles, looks more natural. Vegan Lashes don’t look like the luster of animal hair like mink eyelashes, which is determined by the nature of the material itself. But it seems nobody care about this when the clents ready to order Vegan Lashes.

Vegan Lashes Half Lashes

Does Vegan Lashes Profitable?
This can make sure, Amor Lash Vendor sold out many vegan lashes every year, and the customers growing up now, more ladies become enviromentist, these rich ladies are the main consumers for high quality Vegan lashes. When you do a good aftersale service, they will make good rewards to you.

Click following links for different Vegan Lashes.

Premium Cashmere Eyelashes

Hemp Fibre Lashes

Short Natural SilK Lashes

Simple Applying Magnetic Lashes

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What Are Wet Look Lashes?

Wet look lashes are the lash style utilizing narrow, nearly closed volume lash fans that gives the appearance of wet lashes. Picture its appearance resembles how your eyelash extensions will seem after they are wet, like you just got out from the ocean or your shower. This look wonderfully complements the dewy skin appearance and is fantastic for adding texture.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

Wet look classic lashes became a phenomenon in 2021 when they created a radiant look for anyone wearing them. It is another fashion trending after Fluffy Lashes.Until now, it still keeps its heat. The article is for you if you are looking for a lash style that can jazz up your lash menu.

Besides, you will recognise it resembles original classic lashes in appearance. However, the larger presence of the lash bundles makes them look thicker and bolder.

We are confident that many of your customers will adore the lash trend, which combines classic eyelashes’ airy, fluttery sensation with a textured and spikey volume effect. For clientele that adores the “Kim K” style, wide-eyes, it’s the best match.

Principle To Create Wet Look Lashes
The fan may be kept (nearly) closed to produce spikes. Although many types of lash curl can be used, L+ lashes, which are
quite close to M curl lashes, are a wonderful option for this style. It is an expert lash artist’s secret to creating a lightweight but fluffy volume lash set. You may protect your customers’ natural lashes by utilizing a closed fan and lesser weights.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

Who Are Wet Look Lashes For?
You should be aware that the lash style is appropriate for all clients, particularly those born with medium to full thickness natural lashes. So, it is for:
Healthy natural lashes.
●Medium to full lashes.
Strong facial features and close-set eyes better.

Who Are Wet Look Lashes Not For?
●Their lashes are naturally curly.
●Their eyelashes grow downward or straight.
●They have very thin or irregularly growing eyelashes.
●Wide open eyes.

Amor Lash Vendor produce Cluster Lashes help you Diy Wet Lashes instead of doing lash extension, this will save time and save money for you, and increased enjoyment of doing Eyelashes apply by yourself.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

You only need a few Cluster Lashes to achieve the wet lash look, and you can make them as light or thick as you like. Also you may make them seem more spikey or somewhat the same as the classic style base.

Well, until the moment, we bet you get everything about the wet look classic lashes, currently popular on Instagram. Don’t let it sleep on words, turn the knowledge into a beautiful real lash set. The more your invests in diverse lash styles, the more clients you can attract. Never stop at one style. Make it various and trendy. Classic is the best.

What Are Wet Look Lashes?

However, everyone loves to have more options. We wish you nothing but the best.
Don’t forget to navigate to check our shopping site for premium handmade lashes which support thousands of lash distributors who keep their success in the field over the last few years. We’d love to have you on board.

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A Replicable Success Way To Create Eyelash Brand

Avia likes makeup very much. Since she was very beautiful since she was a child, she always likes to take her mother’s makeup palette and do her own makeup to make herself more beautiful. She is always praised by others for her beauty and makeup skills.

In 2022, Avia became obsessed with False Eyelashes. She viewed a lot of European and American makeup videos, and felt that foreigner makeup is so beautiful. The long eyelashes make the eyes big. When blinking, the eyelashes flutter like the wings of a butterfly, so charming .

Success Way To Create Eyelash Brand

So she began to try all kinds of eyelashes, but the long eyelashes were not suitable for her oriental face shape. Until she saw Kim K’s Wet Lashes . She know this is the eyelashes that oriental women should use.

In the end, Avia decided to use Cluster Eyelashes to make wet eyelashes, and began to share her beauty experience on the domestic version of Tik Tok, and taught her fans how to make wet eyelashes. She has achieved great success and has More than 200,000 die-hard fans, these fans not only learn makeup skills from her, but also let her choose eyelash products with reliable quality and low price.

Success Way To Create Eyelash Brand

Avia began to go deep into the eyelash production base, inspected the eyelash factory, and determined its own Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor as its own supplier. With the support of fans’ orders, Avia began to purchase in bulk and get better discounts from the eyelash factory. Avia established her own company ,Employ legal personnel to ensure the stability of purchased products, and hire operational personnel to assist in their daily affairs and social media operations.

Now Avia has a net profit of more than 10,000 US dollars per month. She uses her own makeup technology as a basis to get preliminary orders by sharing her eyelash makeup experience and helping fans gain the trust of potential customers; by assisting fans to order eyelash products, she can get discounts Profits, she ended up being successful.

Avia’s way to success is very simple, only four steps, Professional, Sharing, Help, Bulk Order Discounts, and this route is easy to copy!!!

Are you also willing to be a successful eyelash makeup leader? Then please contact Amor lash Vendor, we will provide you with eyelash support and order discount, We work with each other, just like Avia, for easy success!

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How To Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes?

Kim Kardashian’s daily Wet Lashes bring a new dynamic to the trend of lashes, a new trend in the lash industry. This kind of eyelashes can only get the best effect by doing eyelash extensions. Can we find other methods that are both budget-friendly and time-saving?

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

The latest research from Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor shows that we can use Cluster Lashes instead of eyelash extension to achieve the effect of making wet eyelashes, that is, by applying the sharp eyelash peaks of the clustered eyelashes by yourself, as long as you use a mascara brush for a few swipes of mascara. Creates the effect of wet lashes! ! ! ! Is it very profitable to use a few dollars of Cluster Eyelashes in a few minutes instead of hundreds of dollars in two hours?

Do you know the business opportunity here? Why don’t you quickly place an order for such eyelashes and sell them to make money? Contact us to place your order today!

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

Alright, now we need a display board of Cluster Eyelashes, which are available purchase at very low wholesale prices from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, a tweezer and glue, and we start applying the lashes.

To apply a Cluster Eyelashes from the middle of the eye, the peaks of the eyelashes are spaced, not densely packed together. After measuring the distance in the middle, you can place the second eyelashes in the direction of the out corner of the eye, and then the third eyelash in the inner corner of the eye. Note that there is some space left at the inner corners of the eyes, and the peaks of the lashes at the inner corners of the eyes are shorter.

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes

Okay, that’s it, it’s easy, isn’t it? Is it low budget? Will such a product be popular and profitable?
Start your eyelash business here. Wet eyelashes are in fashion. Discover new ways to save customers time and money. This business is sure to be hot! ! Contact our sales via the WhatApp button to place your order now! !

Diy Wet Looking Lashes By Cluster Lashes
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Where Is Global False Eyelash Base?

Eyelash entrepreneurs in the United States know that China, Brazil and Indonesia are the main production areas for eyelashes, but do you know where the variety of eyelashes is the most abundant and where the production of eyelashes is the largest? Amor Lash Vendors is here to share with you, if you want to expand your own eyelash business, you need to come here for inspection as soon as possible, and choose your business partners, Wholewsale Eyelash Suppliers.

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

In the post-epidemic era, masks have become standard equipment for going out. The focus of beauty-loving ladies on the face falls on the eyes, and false eyelashes can make the “mask makeup” more refined and energetic.
There is a town in Qingdao that produces 70% of the world’s false eyelashes.
In 2019 and 2020, the annual output value of false eyelashes in Dazeshan Town will reach 4 billion yuan. Pingdu has more than 900 companies engaged in the false eyelash industry for a long time. According to the locals, if you count processing workshops and husband-and-wife shops, there are estimated to be 2,000.

The new material developed into a patent

Starting from the urban area of Qingdao, it takes 2.5 hours to drive to the Changle area of Daze Mountain, the place where the Pingdu eyelash industry originated. On the two main roads, one horizontal and one vertical, there is a store with the word “eyelashes” in a few steps. The store displays a wide range of false eyelashes, including natural single-cluster models, thick and full-row models; artificial hair, mink hair ; Black, brown, colored… If you are not an expert, it is difficult to quickly find your favorite style.

Going west along the main road of Changle area, you will arrive at Boxiu Eyelashes Company. The founder of the company, Wang Haibo, is from Weifang. At the age of 39, he used to be engaged in the chemical industry in Shouguang, but now he talks endlessly about eyelashes: the diameter of a false eyelash is about 0.07 mm, and the weight is negligible. The production of false eyelashes requires nearly ten processes, from lathering, threading, cutting, tube rolling, to drying and heating, shaping and brushing, and finally to packaging. Only one false eyelash can be inspected for quality before leaving the factory. Taking the density of false eyelashes as an example, the error must be controlled within 0.1mm during operation, otherwise it will affect the product quality. There are thousands of varieties of false eyelashes due to different conditions such as the material of the raw material, the number of superimposed layers, the length, and the color.
In 2019, Wang Haibo came into contact with the false eyelashes industry by chance, and quickly entered the game after some understanding. From 0 to 1, Wang Haibo worked a lot. In 2020, the market demand will continue to grow, Boxiu will continue to receive orders, and its sales will reach 10 million yuan that year. At this time, Wang Haibo had more ideas. Facing the false eyelash factories and sales companies all over the street, he was thinking about a problem: how to carry out technological innovation on the basis of the previous false eyelash manufacturing to make his products more competitive.
Most of the traditional products remained unchanged before: these materials mainly include acrylic, 3D chemical fiber, human hair and other types, and these types of false eyelashes have been popular and used in domestic and international markets for decades. Mink hair false eyelashes are made of natural materials. In order to cope with the shortage of raw materials such as mink hair, Wang Haibo is thinking about whether to use a new type of material to replace mink hair. In order to make the idea a reality, Wang Haibo began to study the materials for making false eyelashes.

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

After more than a year of trial and error, the “artificial mink hair false eyelashes” he developed took shape and was promoted to domestic and foreign markets, and at the same time became a “utility model patent” approved by the State Intellectual Property Office. In Wang Haibo’s product exhibition hall, compared with “artificial mink hair false eyelashes” and “mink hair false eyelashes”, there is basically no abnormality visually. “The creation behind these new patents will become the magic weapon for false eyelashes to enter the international market in the future.” Today, Wang Haibo has obtained 4 national invention patents, online and offline customers all over the world, and annual sales of more than 20 million yuan.
In addition to doing product OEM, Wang Haibo is also committed to making his own eyelash brand. He hopes that one day, false eyelashes with the brand “Boxiu” will be sold all over the world and be known by more people.

Teng Shuntao, the owner of Bairun Easy Eyelash Technology Co., Ltd., has been thinking about breakthroughs in this industry. He and his wife have been engaged in this industry for more than 5 years, but now, whether it is offline or online, there are still many ceilings that need to be broken through in marketing channels. .
In Pingdu, there are many eyelash practitioners like Wang Haibo and Teng Shuntao, who are revolutionizing this beauty-related industry with their unique business ideas. At the same time, they also change their lives through diligence and innovation.
The germination of the false eyelash industry in Daze Mountain in Pingdu can be traced back to the 1970s. At that time, many Korean companies producing false eyelashes opened factories in Qingdao. The “eyelash generation” with a keen sense of smell brought this fashionable business back to the town.
Over the past 40 years, there are currently more than 860 companies engaged in the eyelash industry in Dazeshan Town, with an annual output value of more than 4 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the national output and 70% of the global market share. As false eyelash processing has become a pillar industry in Dazeshan Town, it has gradually developed into the largest eyelash production base in China.
In 2019, Qingdao Pingdu received a “bronzing” business card from Alibaba – the origin of false eyelashes. It took decades for Pingdu to go from an unknown eyelash production and processing village to a world-renowned false eyelash production base.
Although the production process of false eyelashes is cumbersome, its processing technology is no secret in the local area. With the increase of market demand, it is conservatively estimated that there are as many as 2,000 large and small teams producing false eyelashes in Pingdu. The entry threshold is not high, and there are more and more practitioners, and the competition among flat holiday eyelash manufacturers is becoming more and more fierce.
Wang Qingxiang, Secretary of the Party Committee of Dazeshan Town, Pingdu City, introduced that today’s Dazeshan Town has formed a complete false eyelash industrial belt covering design, customization, processing, packaging, sales, logistics, and foreign trade. In a town with a population of less than 60,000, this industry alone has created employment for more than 6,000 laborers. The average monthly salary of workers on the false eyelash factory production line can reach 5,000 yuan.

In recent years, operators in this industry have begun to use Internet technology more, and have begun to spend more time on researching consumer psychology and market trends. For example, in the past two years, Japanese and Korean makeup has been popular in China, and short and sparse eyelashes look natural; European and American women prefer thick, long, and dense paired hair, and have greater demand for yellow, green, purple and other colored eyelashes; With the continuous popularity of Taobao live streaming, Douyin, and Kuaishou, more beauty shop owners and young women turn to online shopping, and customize exquisite high-end false eyelashes according to their own needs… All these market vanes are taken by them Accurate capture and feedback to the production and sales of false eyelashes.

The industry chain is also gradually saying goodbye to the family workshop-style “going it alone”, implementing the “brand strategy”, and cultivating independent brands to go international, which will be the top priority for the transformation and upgrading of Qingdao’s false eyelash industry. The annual sales of Dazeshan false eyelashes reach 4 billion yuan, but Jinjiang, the largest shoe city in China, is also a county seat. In 2020, the shoes are exported to more than 80 countries, with a total output value of more than 20 billion yuan. A beauty brand, sales in the first quarter of 2021 will reach 1.5 billion yuan.
It can be seen that there is a lack of enterprises above designated size, and Dazeshan Eyelash, which is mainly composed of small and medium-sized teams, still has a long distance and a lot of space from the industrial ceiling. The current Daping vacation eyelashes market size and current data reflect a status quo: in the tens of billions of market, the main consumers are mainly at low prices, and there is no real head yet. This is where the opportunity lies.
In addition, the production process and management also need to be upgraded. For example, in the production process, except for a very small number of processes that are replaced by machines, most of them need to rely on manpower, which leads to low production efficiency. In addition, in terms of management, since many factories are in the form of workshops, the management has not formed a unified and effective management.

In China’s hair industry where there are many strong players, Dazeshan can seize the C position with false eyelashes. The essence behind the phenomenon is: cultural self-confidence brings unprecedented dividends to the fashion industry, and the false eyelash industry will inevitably move towards scale, refinement and The direction of fashion

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How To Use Strip Lashes To Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes ?

Amor Lashes Vendor pays special attention to browsing the blogs of female stars, especially the blogs of super internet celebrities with positive energy, to study the 3D Mink Lashes they wear, because they represent fashion and affect the consumption habits of countless people.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

Let’s explore Kim Kardashian’s eyelash style, Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, and businesswoman who has 3.4 billion fans on instagram. The following is a close-up screenshot from her Instagram, in order to show her eyelashes more clearly , only a part of her photo was taken, which is the part that can show the eyelashes more clearly.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

Kim Kardashian’s eye shape is round eyes, most of the time she wears the style of not very thick Wet Eyelashes, Wet look lashes are created essentially from using lighter lashes to create narrow, pretty much closed fans, which should be applied to individual lashes to achieve the desired effect.

The light, fluttery feel of classic lashes with a spikey, textured volume look, this is a lash trend we’re sure lots of your clients will love. It’s great for a wide eye, exaggerated look.

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

The research direction of Amor Lash Vendor is to use strip eyelashes instead of eyelash grafting to achieve the effect of making wet eyelashes, that is, to form sharp eyelash peaks by applying mascara. We have given several eyelashes, as long as you use an eyelash brush and Just a few swipes of mascara to create the effect of wet eyelashes!!!! Is it very profitable to replace eyelash grafting with a few dollars of strip eyelashes for a few dollars?

Do you know the business opportunities here? Then why don’t you hurry up to order and sell such eyelashes to make money? Contact us now to place an order!


Another kind of eyelashes that Kim Kardashian likes is suitable for round eyes. It is a relatively thick style. It gradually lengthens from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, from sparse to thick. It is very beautiful. It is similar to the style of Amor Lash Vendor internal number 20mm Mink Lashes , which belongs to the material of 3D Mink Eyelashes , many American customers ordered this eyelashes, do you like it?

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes
Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes
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Why Pink Eyelash Packaging More Popular 2023?

Amor Lash Vendor judges that in 2023, Pink Eyelash Packaging will still be the mainstream.
Pink is the color women like, and women like to pay for things they like, unlike men who pay for “usefulness” most of the time.
What style of pink eyelash packaging is more popular? Let’s predict the 7 more popular ones.

Pink Ribbon Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

The pink silk ribbon is like a girl’s skin, giving people a silky touch, and like a silk belt on a skirt, full of girlish memories, who wouldn’t like it?

Pink Ribbon Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box

The butterfly-shaped window vaguely shows the shape of the Mink Lashes inside the box. The pink butterfly wings on the box are like the eyelashes of the eyes, trembling and ready to fly, which is particularly eye-catching.

Pink Butterfly Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink SlideDraw Eyelash Packaging Box

The all-pink slidedraw fully displays the state of the eyelashes while protecting the eyelashes. This is the biggest reason for the popularity of this Eyelash Packaging Box. The side-drawing design makes users feel more convenient and superimposes the pink visual effect , ranked third is not wronged at all

Pink SlideDraw Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink Dollar Version Eyelash Packaging Box

Beauty and wealth are the dreams of every American woman. This pink dollar-patterned eyelash packaging box meets the inner dreams of many women. Many people like the packaging box with this pattern, especially the glitter background color of the inner box. Give this Bonus points for the box.

Pink Dollar Version Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink Nostalgic Version Mp Eyelash Packaging Box

This nostalgic version of the pink packaging box changes the pattern of Nokia’s digital phone into a pink color, giving the lady who has seen this mobile phone full of happy memories. Print specific text on the digital screen, there is soul! !

Pink Nostalgic Version Mp Eyelash Packaging Box

Pink Cardboard Eyelash Packaging Box

This Lash Packaging Box is the most cost-effective papercard box, the minimum order quantity is 500, but the single price is very low, and the low price does not delay its beauty. The pink background color, the shiny border, the large window, and the eyelashes in the package are completely Shows are also very popular. The only downside is the low reusability, but it’s cheap and does the job as a single-use pack!

Pink Cardboard Eyelash Packaging Box

The Psychology of Pink Colors

Pink is a reddish hue often associated with love and romance. It is often described as a feminine color, possibly due to associations people form in early childhood. “Girls toys” are usually pink and purple, while “boys toys” are usually red, yellow, green or blue. People associate this color with qualities that are often considered feminine, such as softness, kindness, nurturing, and compassion.

What Does Pink Mean?

It’s important to remember that color associations are heavily influenced by personal experience and cultural influences. Color preferences are often related to past experiences.

People who are attracted to pink tend to have pleasant memories of the color, while those who dislike it may have negative or unpleasant associations with it.

Pink symbolizes:


How Does Pink Make You Feel?

Do you associate pink with certain qualities or situations? You can discover how others have reacted to pink in some of the responses below that readers have shared over the years.

Some readers have described pink as a color that evokes feelings of joy and well-being. “While green used to be my favorite color, pink has the strongest and deepest emotional impact on me,”

Another said: “Pink has a deep joy to me. It’s like ‘home’, deep within everyone there is a familiar and friendly place where there are no worries and you’ll never Alone, you have everything you ever wanted in life. You are loved and accepted by everyone.”

For other readers, pink exudes a creative and artistic vibe. “I don’t wear pink but I’m drawn to it for my studies and I don’t have to compromise with my husband,” said another reader. “It’s a joyful color and makes me feel creative. It was the first time in my life that I decorated in pink, fiery pink.”

Feminine and Vibrant
Many readers have written in that pink is both feminine and lively. Readers describe the color as feminine, attractive and vibrant.
Bright pink or pastel pink makes me feel flirty, alert, like I can get what I need to do that day. I associate it with “sugar and spice and all good things”. Flowers, romantic gestures and kindness. “

Some people have less positive perceptions of color. “It really seems to represent every little girl on the planet (according to TV) and it has a very profound effect on kids. It would also explain why every single toy, doll or dress of my sister’s is…you Guess what? Pink! It’s almost like “If you don’t like pink, you’re not a real girl” for little girls. “Instead, little boys hate pink,” wrote one reader.

“Pink reminds me of spring flowers and all things new. It seems like a very inspiring color. If I could I would paint my room pink so I can always feel inspired and refreshed Feel.”

A common reaction from readers is that different shades of pink can evoke different emotions.
“Pink is lively and joyful. I think pink embodies who I want to be: full of energy and personality.”
She continued, “I wasn’t really attracted to the color until I was a teenager; because I was originally a lover of red. However, red feels harsh and too bold, whereas pink It feels soft and feminine.”

“Another reason I love pink is that it’s so versatile. Softer pinks represent youth and innocence, while brighter pinks evade sexiness and boldness. Every time I come across any of my favorite shades of pink, I Can’t help but stop and admire its innate beauty. Pink is my happiness.”

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Eyelash County 50,000 Women Handmade Eyelashes Making Billions of High Quality Eyelashes One Year

Lucy from Shanghai went to a beauty shop to get her eyelashes grafted, and her flickering eyes became more dynamic. She felt that the cost of nearly 1,000 yuan was worth it; Susan from Beijing spends half an hour a day on makeup, and putting on false Mink Lashes is the most important thing. The old goddess Madonna once even spent 10,000 US dollars to customize a pair of false eyelashes made of mink hair and studded with diamonds…

To some extent, false eyelashes have become a life ritual for beauty-loving women. What few people know is that behind this small sense of ritual, there is a name – Pingdu County on the same latitude as Los Angeles, facing the Pacific Ocean to the east, Top Eyelash Vendor, Amor Lashes eyelash factory is located here.

Eyelash County 50,000 Women Handmade Eyelashes

In this magical town in northern China, the output value of false eyelashes has reached several billion yuan. Different materials, styles, lengths, curls, and colors are creating superimposed value for the eyelash industry. At present, Pingdu supplies 70% of false eyelashes in the national market, and exports them to Europe, America, Southeast Asia and other markets.

If you go from Shanghai to Pingdu, you have to take the high-speed train for at least 7 hours to Qingdao, and then drive more than 100 kilometers northwest along the expressway.

The distance between this industrial town and the international city is not beautiful, but in the past one or two years, the expressway of the Internet has reduced this distance to zero, coupled with the sinking of traffic, the development of the small town has long escaped the shackles of space, and the world became flat.

In Pingdu, Qingdao, about 50,000 female workers are engaged in false eyelash-related work. Tweezers, scissors, and glue are almost all of their tools. They use their hands to curl and shape the semi-finished false eyelashes, brush the glue and lift them up. They repeat this action more than 1,000 times a day.

Subsequently, these false eyelashes flowed to eyelash stores, stores, online shopping carts and other nerve endings through platforms such as 1688 and Taobao. In the process, the value of this “small manual work” is multiplied.

“In Pingdu, especially in Changle Town, almost every household is in the false eyelash business.” Cui Defei, director of Mengxueli Eyelash Factory, told E-Commerce Online. Under the strong consumer demand, the starry productivity gathers together on the soil with a flatness of more than 3,000 square kilometers.

Under the false eyelashes industry, this northern county seems to have become an arena, where different stakeholders are cutting the same cake; but at the same time, they are also working together to make the cake bigger. Whether it is through 1688 to capture more customers, or to supply Taobao merchants, or to cooperate with foreign trade companies, false eyelashes are a living water in Pingdu.

Middle Size Eyelash Factory Factory Daily Scene And Trading Company Scene

Fiery Lash Economy

Chen Lin painted the exterior wall of his Hongbaili eyelash factory in deep pink, and this bright color can be seen from a distance on the Red Flag Road.

Three years ago, this factory building was still a pig farm. Because of the revocation of environmental protection qualifications, Chen Lin settled down and built her own false eyelash processing factory.

“Recruit false eyelash workers, the number is not limited, and there are goods all year round.” The “recruitment” notice posted on the factory gate for a long time shows the confidence of the local eyelash economy.
It took Chen Lin three or four years from recruiting troops to having stable customers, and now she can receive at least 10 to 20 million pairs of false eyelashes every year.

Processing workshops, raw material warehouses, finished product warehouses, offices, simple regional divisions circulate the business of Hongbaili Eyelash Factory.

At the same time, the invisible “circulation” is also going on on 1688. “When a factory opens a store on 1688, it doesn’t need to go to customers by itself.” Since 2017, more than 50% of Chen Lin’s orders have come from online.

But the main customer group is still offline, and many foreign trade companies are still used to going to Pingdu for a tour, to Chen Lin’s factory compound, and carefully comparing the production lines of the local false eyelash factory and the strength of orders.

“There are thousands of eyelash ‘processing factories’ in Pingdu, but there are only a few hundred large-scale and organized factories, and most of them are still in the mode of family workshops.” Chen Lin told me that Hongbaili is located in Zhongbai Among the upstream, the scale of its orders constitutes the confidence of “unlimited number of workers to be recruited, and goods are available all year round”.

Through foreign trade customers, the false eyelashes processed by Hongbaili have crossed the ocean and entered Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries. And on Taobao, China’s false eyelashes brands have also begun to take shape, and the monthly sales of some popular items can exceed 30,000 to 40,000 orders. Taking “Princess Moon” as an example, a “Princess Moon Flagship Store” was opened on Tmall before Double 11. One of the eyelashes sold in a single month has exceeded 20,000 boxes.

Meijiaoyuan Eyelash Factory, the processing factory of Princess Yueer, is only a 10-minute drive from Hongbaili Eyelash Factory. In addition to processing for its own brand, Meijiaoyuan Eyelash Factory also processes false eyelashes for Menglu, Ocona and other brands.

With the arrival of Tmall Double 11, many local eyelash factories have already entered the “combat state”.

“Since July this year, our semi-finished product factory has begun to prepare the goods for Tmall’s Double 11. According to our production capacity, we can produce about 3 million pairs in one month, but there is still a gap in the three months of this year.” Pu Alu, who is in charge of the operation of Er Princess, told “Electronic Commerce Online”.
“This is something that hasn’t happened in previous years,” Puaru added.

At present, more than 120 workers in Meijiaoyuan Eyelash Factory are working overtime for the order of Tmall Double 11. “Last year, the order can be completed with a little overtime. This year, there are more people, more efficient, and overtime has started earlier. There are still many brands that are not able to deliver goods in a timely manner. Some brands are in such a hurry that they can cry on the phone.” Puaru said, “This is really not a joke.”

Take Meijiaoyuan Eyelash Factory as an example. This year’s Tmall Double 11 has brought a 30-40% order increase for it. Even if it ships 20,000 boxes of false eyelashes every day, it still cannot keep up with the market demand. This is also the reason why more and more Pingdu people join the false eyelashes battlefield, but few people are out.

In addition to the hustle and bustle of Double 11, eyelash beauty shops all over the country are also major customers of the Pingdu Industrial Belt. According to incomplete statistics from “E-commerce Online”, there are more than 30,000 eyelash-related stores in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou alone, and almost all of their upstreams are in Pingdu. Through eyelash stores, the false eyelashes of the female workers are implanted one by one on the eyelids of women who love beauty.

False eyelashes business in Magic Town

Strictly speaking, Pingdu is not the main raw material base for false eyelashes. The rich local mineral resources have created a number of stone factories. The trend in the past two years is that compared with the two industries of one light and one heavy, more entrepreneurs choose the former.

In fact, since around 1930, false eyelashes have been popular in the United States, and even “eyelash grafting” can be realized with a kind of super glue, and the consumer group has gradually moved from movie stars to ordinary people. By the 1960s, sales of false eyelashes had reached 20 million pairs.

Until 1976, this “craft” began to germinate in the depths of Daze Mountain in Pingdu. “I heard that at that time, our boss still twisted the fibers one by one onto the fish silk thread by hand, and only later did we have a machine to do it.” Pu Alu introduced.
But it was the end of the 20th century when the first wave of Pingdu people entered the false eyelash industry. Chen Lin told me that the “career” of the local people has a popular trend. They have gone through the stages of making leather bags, planting trees, raising chickens, and opening restaurants. False eyelashes are more and more people who have entered the game in the past 20 years. A long-standing industry, and this business is being passed on to the next generation.

Most eyelash factories in Pingdu don’t need to start with raw materials themselves. They purchase false eyelash raw materials and semi-finished products from North Korea, which not only saves money but also saves labor. Large-scale factories directly set up raw material processing plants in North Korea.

After Pingdu female workers get the semi-finished false eyelashes, they will do further cutting, gluing, lifting, and packaging. Some eyelashes with uncurled degrees need an additional step of curling and shaping.

With a stable upstream supply of raw materials, customers and markets accumulated by the previous generation, plus online markets such as 1688 and Taobao, Pingdu’s false eyelashes business is not difficult to do today.

In a conventional sense, false eyelashes pay attention to material and shape, and can be roughly divided into types such as paired hairs, dense rows, and multi-haired hairs. According to functions, they are suitable for daily makeup and grafting. Chen Lin repeatedly mentioned that this is an industry with low barriers to entry, and it is also the reason why local households start doing it.

“False eyelashes have not changed much in the past few decades, such as the popular 3D and messy effects. In fact, such products already existed four or five years ago. We all regarded them as discarded products at the time. It became popular in Europe and the United States,” Chen Lin said.

On the one hand, eyelashes start a business, and on the other hand, eyelashes employment solves the livelihood of many local women. Among the several false eyelash factories I visited, all of them were female workers.

People’s Daily Online reported in 2016 that in Daze Mountain in Pingdu alone, the false eyelash processing base has radiated 26 surrounding villages, developed more than 150 small and micro enterprises and self-employed, and driven more than 500 family processing points. Today, the eyelash industry has driven the employment of 50,000 local people.

Under normal circumstances, female workers in an eyelash factory can get a monthly salary of 4,000-5,000 yuan. “Some people who are willing to endure hardship can earn more than 10,000 yuan a month after working for more than ten hours a day,” Puaru said.

In Pingdu, women aged 20-40 mostly choose to work as supermarket salespersons, farmers, etc., and their income is lower than that of false eyelash processing. Wang Fang has been making false eyelashes for 20 years. She is close to home, the work is light, and her income is good. These are the reasons why she has persisted for more than 20 years.

At the same time, more and more post-80s and post-90s, the “second generation of eyelashes” have entered the industry. They are using Internet tools to pry open fields that their parents dared not try.

Chen Lin is born in 1985. In his impression, many relatives were already in the eyelash business in high school, and the topics of conversation at the dinner table were all related industries. “Every village is in the false eyelash business, but there are only decent factories. Hundreds.”

After graduating from university, Chen Lin worked in sales in downtown Qingdao for several years, but the idea of “going home to do eyelash business” has always appeared in his mind. My parents didn’t support me. Now that I’ve gone to Qingdao, I don’t want to go back to the county to work. It’s better to go out and go to big cities.

What they didn’t say was a deeper reason. The eyelash business of the father’s generation still has the shadow of the traditional business. “At that time, credit and credit were very serious in the industry. During the holidays, these credits were urged like engineering payments.”

Chen Lin chose another path, never accepting credit for doing business online, and the “second generation of eyelashes” has a healthier cash flow.

Pu Alu, born in the 90s, has worked in many jobs since he entered the society, but in the end false eyelashes became his favorite job and the one he worked hardest on.

Boxes and boxes of false eyelashes are shipped from the warehouse to all parts of the country every day, and Puaru enjoys such a scene.

Uncover That Secret

Once upon a time, false eyelashes were Pingdu’s secret. The earliest core technology was only mastered by a few people, and only told to the closest people.

After “quietly” making the product, they went to the market with boxes and boxes of false eyelashes on their backs. The stalls in Yiwu and Guangzhou were touched by the previous generation of Pingdu people one by one. At that time, they had to use the most primitive way to win more customers for their business.
According to previous media reports, even a female worker in an eyelash factory can earn 6,000 yuan for a trip with a pack of false eyelashes on her back.

As the eyelash industry is gradually expanded, the secrets are beginning to be lost; at the same time, when eyelashes gradually become the “elixir” of women’s makeup, the eyelash market has more and more room.

Different from the previous generation, the “second generation of eyelashes” began to pursue better quality.

It took Cui Defei 6 years from opening an eyelash shop on Taobao to building his own factory to run through the entire industrial chain upstream and downstream. This kind of experience also allowed him to explore the new lifeblood of this business – quality.

“We started from Taobao stores from the very beginning, which means we have higher requirements for products.” Cui Defei gave an example. In the past, in the wholesale of false eyelashes, product A replaced product B from time to time. However, for emerging brands that open stores and face consumers, every product sold must be able to pass the inspection and feedback of consumers.

At present, 60% of the transactions of Cui Defei’s Meng Xueli eyelash factory are online. The same is true for Meijiaoyuan eyelash factory, online consumers are becoming its continuous source of hematopoiesis.

But objectively speaking, from the perspective of the entire beauty industry, China’s eyelash industry is not well developed. The false eyelashes industry chain of international beauty brands such as L’Oreal, Shu Uemura, MAC, and Make Up For Ever is more concentrated in Java Province, Indonesia. In Indonesia, women workers are engaged in similar jobs to women workers in Pingdu. They can only earn 8 pence (about 0.8 yuan) for each pair of false eyelashes, but the brand can finally sell them for 5.95 pounds (about 50 yuan) in the market. Yuan Renminbi).

In addition to layers of production costs and distribution costs, more value of false eyelashes is reflected in the brand premium. However, in the development of China’s false eyelashes market for more than 20 years, there are not many brands that are widely known by the public. Apart from the familiar Moon Princess and Menglu, there are few Chinese false eyelashes brands.

During the interview, Cui Defei recommended to me a “flat-haired” false eyelashes. This is a false eyelashes that Mengshili Factory has invested heavily since July this year. The eyelashes are printed with the name “MONSHEERY Meng Xueli”, and it has also become a product that Meng Xueli will launch under its own brand.

The second generation of eyelashes in Qingdao Pingdu has entered the Internet era of eyelash business from making eyelashes and selling eyelashes, and then entered the 3.0 era of eyelash branding.

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How Much to Invest Starting an Eyelash Business ?

Make Your Clients Feel Beautiful and Stand Out With Professional Eyelashes!

So you’ve decided to join the eyelash business as a permanent makeup artist or looking to sell false lashes for beauty and glam? Congratulations on the next step of your career! The eyelash industry is becoming increasingly popular as many women are looking to quickly enhance their look with long lasting results. But how much does it cost to start a eyelash business? Amor Lash Vendor will break it down into an easy and brief guide to get you started.

Five Important Investments For An Eyelash Business

1. Publicity is free through social media and word of mouth; however, you may need to set up a professional website and pay for promotion if you want more. Web domains generally range from $5 – $20 per year. Of course, you need to maintain the independent eyelash website yourself, if you are not professional, you can ask for help from Amor Lashes Vendor, the sales girls will help you on how to fulfill eyelash knowleges for you. This can pay off over time if you entice your customers with a professional looking page.

2. Keep in mind when you’re first starting off that sometimes you need to spend money to make money. Whether you’re marketing eyelash extension treatment or wholesale mink lashes, you could look into a sponsorship with a influencer and offer your product/service as exchange for publicity. Do your research and make sure you don’t fall for a scam!

3.Look to renting a seat in a salon as an eyelash extension technician. This ranges from $400 – $1.200 a month depending on the establishment and your region. Try to make a deal with the salon owners to own all commission money in exchange for rental fees or a lower rent to split sales.

4.Not a lash tech and simply want to get into the business as an eyelash vendor? You can choose the e-commerce route and dish out 20% to 30% of your profit, along with shipping fees if those are not included. Another option would be renting a booth at a trade show or beauty conventions for $400 upwards of thousands, depending on how big the show and how big your booth is.

Remember that promotion is always key so if you draw a crowd then your fees may be paid off. Always make the quality of your product and branding your focal point. You can customize eyelash packaging wholesale from Amor Lashes Vendor, because they has great price advangtage than doing in Usa, Lash Packaging Box is a profitable project together with eyelashes.

5. Considering spending more to work independently rather than a salon and upsale your services by offering extra treatments as a package deal. Lash extension requires professional training and FDA certification so this can be a setback for working from home as a technician but not for selling wholesale mink lashes. Maybe you can offer a complete beauty package of homemade cosmetics, such as lip balms moisturizer for $50 – $100,they are belongs to make up industry and face the same customers group, this depending on the cost of product and success of your brand.

If you want to go the full route of being a salon owner after your experience in the industry, you will need to have the credentials of shopping for the right space within your budget.However, as an owner, you can rent out salon space and make your own prices. Eyelash extensions can be $100 – $200 for your clients and you can also offer them a discounted fill for $50 – $75 yo keep them showing up at your door.

Prepare To Budget In The Eyelash Business
It is vital to not bat an eye at your expenses and investments when it comes to eyelashes. You really need to come up with a business plan and set aside money as an investment so you make it, rather than break it. Though a lot of this list may seem costly, by knowing your worth and pricing accordingly your dream can pay off!