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Are Mink Eyelashes Profitable?

Are mink eyelashes profitable? The answer is yes, but why are so many well-known brands no longer selling mink lashes? Is this an opportunity for small and medium eyelash brands? Please browse this blog carefully to discover business opportunities and expand eyelash profits.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes
Drama Lash For Deep-Set Eye

We have noticed that many well-known eyelash brand companies, such as KISS, DUO, etc., no longer sell mink eyelashes. Is it because the market no longer favors mink eyelashes? Not at all, Amor Lash Vendor believes that mink eyelashes are the most comfortable eyelashes, and fluffy mink eyelashes are the favorite of dark-skinned girls. The number of this consumer group is very large, and this is the opportunity for small eyelash brand companies to expand. Foresighted owners should cherish this opportunity to occupy this market and retain these mink eyelash consumers before big brands sell mink eyelashes again.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes

If you have a community store, you can sell our onlycanas brand mink eyelashes, 6 styles for you to choose, minimum order quantity of 30 pairs, the price will be delivered to your home for $4, you can sell it for $6, 50% profit, as long as If you can contact enough community stores, you can make a lot of money as a brand agent.

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes

If you have a budget of 10,000 US dollars and make your own brand, we can also design brand packaging for you, and give you a better discount, so that you have better profit margins.

Big eyelash brands do not sell mink eyelashes because of the pressure of animal protection. This creates a gap in the market and is the best opportunity for small brands to develop! 80% of consumers of mink eyelashes don’t care whether it is cruelty-free at all, they only care about whether the eyelashes are comfortable? Is the price cheap? If you can provide cheap, good quality mink eyelashes, then you are a winner!

Amor Lashes has been producing high-quality mink eyelashes, we have taken a lot of measures to reduce production costs, and finally reduced the cost of mink eyelashes to the point where everyone can afford, $6 high-quality mink eyelashes, isn’t it great ?

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Who Is Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier ?

Every eyelash retailer wants to find a reliable eyelash supplier, who can place orders with confidence and continue to repurchase, so what kind of eyelash supplier is trustworthy? There are 5 relatively intuitive conditions for measuring Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier. Let us explain them separately to see how reliable eyelash suppliers do.

Lash Customer Map Of United State

Many lash styles of eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier can provide enough eyelash styles, and their eyelash catalogs always have eyelash styles you like, made of eyelash materials you approve, such as biodegradable plant fiber eyelashes!
If the eyelash supplier has an independent eyelash website, and there are enough pictures of eyelashes on the website, then you can choose the style that suits your customers from these intuitive pictures, isn’t it very convenient?
Secondly, it depends on whether the variety of eyelash materials is complete? Are there mink eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, and plant fiber eyelashes?
In addition to strip eyelashes and segmented eyelashes for personal use, can we also provide grafted eyelashes for makeup artists?

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier

Good quality eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier to provide high quality eyelashes. We all know that high-quality eyelashes are the basis of market competition. Only high-quality false eyelashes can win the recognition and continuous purchase of customers. Amor eyelash wholesalers remind you that when your order quantity does not exceed 100 pairs of eyelashes, do not put too much price pressure on the wholesaler, otherwise the wholesaler will provide you with low-quality eyelashes for profit, which will make you lose customers, The loss is greater than the profit brought by the price.

Fashion eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier have their own designers, always keep an eye on the trend of the eyelash market, design and produce updated and fashionable eyelash styles in time. Especially the eyelash styles of female Internet celebrities are the most intuitive eyelash popular phenomenon. And can customize popular fashion eyelashes according to customer requirements.

Quick response

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier are very service-oriented, and the information feedback is very fast. For example, amor lashes, WhatsApp information feedback speed does not exceed 8 hours, and the 8-hour delayed feedback is caused by time difference. Your inquiry will be answered promptly and accurately, and we will provide you with a very economical packaging and transportation plan according to your budget.

Fast save shipping

Amor’s Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier will ship your order to your door within 4 days. Let you start eyelash business in time. If you are an old customer who repurchases, they will arrange for you a more economical transportation plan that is slower but saves freight according to your replenishment time requirements. Because Amor wholesalers have long-term agreements with many international logistics companies and have rich experience. For example, if you purchase a sample order of 6 pairs, Fedex will be arranged. If your order has a custom-made packing box, and the order is heavy, DHL will be arranged to transport it for you, saving shipping costs!

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Most Affordable Lash Packaging

As a Mink Lash Wholesaler, I like Ardell’s lash packaging the most. Ardell’s eyelash packaging box is simple, strong, lightweight, and cost-effective. Amor eyelash wholesaler uses several pictures to show Ardell’s eyelash packaging box, if you want to establish your own eyelash company and do a big eyelash business, you can find Amor Eyelash Wholesaler to customize this kind of packaging.

Affordable Lash Packaging

Lash Packaging suitable for supermarket display

The perforated design on the top can be placed on the supermarket hook very well. If your eyelash brand can enter Wal-Mart and CVS physical stores, this designer is very necessary. This is where this package has more advantages than other packages.

Opening on the right for easy access to eyelashes

This package is only open on the right side, not on the left side. This kind of card box packaging is stronger than the box with bilateral openings. The eyelash holder is covered with a protective cover. This plastic cover can bear the pressure and support the box without deformation, which is enough to bear the pressure of other packages during transportation.

Affordable Lash Packaging

Lash Packaging lightweight

The entire packaging is made of thin but tough cardboard, which is light in weight, can save international and domestic shipping costs, and deliver benefits to consumers.

Lash Packaging cost-effective

When you order eyelashes in bulk from Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor, you can ask for this packaging for free, as long as you only pay $30 for the custom logo layout fee, you can get free packaging, so this box is cost-effective, you could even say get this pack for free! Remember, bulk order is for more than 300 pairs at a time! Amor Eyelash Vendor even offers you free shipping if you can order more than 500 pairs!

How to customize such packaging?

Affordable Lash Packaging

To customize such a packaging box, we need to remove all traces of Ardell and replace it with our own content so that customers can understand the eyelash merchant’s brand, website, social media account, after-sales service phone number through the packaging; eyelash quality and material information, this information It’s what customers care about, and we break it down and list it.

Brand name

The brand name is placed in place of number 1, and the brand name of the seller is printed to strengthen consumers’ awareness of the eyelash brand. Of course, customers still have to wear eyelashes in the end. Only high-quality eyelashes can give customers a pleasant experience, and a pleasant experience can Let customers really recognize the brand and continue to buy.

Lash style description

The position of the number 2 is used to describe the eyelash style. The eyelash style can be divided into natural style, volume style, and mega volume style according to the thickness of the eyelashes. It can also be divided into cat eyelashes and wet eyelashes according to the eye shape. Of course, you can put aside these categories and name your own style, such as Miami Lashes, Night Out, etc., it’s up to you.

Lash Thinning Description

Make full use of the space in the packaging box to show the advantages of eyelashes through words. A text can be added at the position of number 3, such as seamless eyelashes, flawless eyelashes, 100% handmade mink lashes, or Cruelty-free Mink Lashes, etc., to strengthen consumers’ confidence in eyelashes.

Eyelash experience

There are many descriptions for the experience of eyelashes, such as lightweight, soft and smooth eyelashes, easy to wear, and can be reused more than 20 times, etc., and can be placed in two places of number 4 and number 5 to let customers know more about eyelashes.

A real person wearing renderings

It is very necessary for real people to wear renderings. Select the best picture from your makeup renderings and display them in the position of guarantee and number 8, which will serve as a good selection guide for consumers.

The seller’s contact information

Print your company name, website address, and influential social media accounts in the position of number 6, so that consumers have more channels to understand your company, channels to understand eyelash products and obtain knowledge consultation, and also give Consumers provide an entrance for repeat purchases.

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How To Sell Mink Lashes For A Monthly Profit Of 10K?

In the era of mobile Internet, it is very easy to create wealth in a short period of time by choosing high-quality mink eyelashes, opening online stores, and adopting extensive and exquisite advertising methods! Amor Eyelash Wholesaler shares this blog to teach you how to sell false eyelashes for a monthly income of 10K! Please read and subscribe.

Selected Top Wholesale Eyelash Supplier

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier is an excellent Top Eyelash Supplier, the pure handmade mink eyelashes they produce are small in weight, good in quality, and stylish in design, and are a creative and responsible eyelash supplier. If you want to expand your eyelash business with high-quality eyelashes, it is a wise choice to choose Amor false eyelash wholesaler as your supplier.

Lock in Lash Styles And Prices

According to the popular fashion in the market and the recommendation of Amor Eyelash Wholesaler, choose 6 eyelash styles. Eric, the designer of Amor eyelash wholesaler, said that 6 classic eyelashes are enough to create an eyelash brand. It is recommended to buy a minimum order of 500 pairs, when you order 500 pairs of eyelashes, you can get the best price, free box, and free shipping, the result is that the cost of the eyelashes is $3 to your door.

Mink Lash Packaging Model
Plant Fiber Lashes Packaging Model

Open An Eyelash Online Store Sell Mink Lashes

It is recommended that you open an online sales store in Shopify or Big Cartel to display products and checkout. Designer Eric recommends that you use the Shopify platform. This platform has a lot of website templates, is easy to operate, and you can also post videos to introduce the status of the product and instructions for use. Shopify has strong settlement capabilities, and the customer’s payment is directly connected to your own account, which is very timely.

Faux Mink Lash Packaging Model

Invest in Ads To Attract Buying Traffic Sell Mink Lashes

Create high-quality advertisements based on the characteristics of different popular elements of 6 eyelashes. Each eyelash has its own characteristics. Only by showing their advantages to the audience in the form of advertisements can they attract consumers who like these mink eyelash styles. This is very critical. A good advertisement can attract highly targeted customer segments. These customer segments have the ability to make repeated purchases and are not sensitive to prices. They are loyal users.

Adopt The Right Price Strategy Sell Mink Lashes

The quality of these eyelashes is better than the eyelashes sold by Lilly Lashes. It can be priced at more than $15. After excluding the shipping fee in the United States, it can also have 3 times the profit. It is a very profitable business. Of course, you can price a little lower and speed up your business turnover, depending on your own pricing strategy. The designer Eric suggested that you set the price a little higher, so as to filter out those consumers who are sensitive to price and do not pursue quality, and the rest are high-end customers who pursue high quality, and these customers are the core customers! Only high pricing can lead to high profits, and high profits can bring out more budgets for advertising!

When you do the above well and advertise on an influence media account, it will be very simple to earn 10k dollars per month, and create your own lash brand!

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How Do Makeup Artists Sell False Eyelashes?

The Makeup Artist (MUA) is the person most likely to create a successful False Eyelash brand and become the lash line boss! They have professional knowledge of eyelashes and basic service experience for eyelash customers. If they have worked in this industry for more than 3 years, they will have a source of customers! That’s all the advantages of being the owner of a branded eyelash business. Amor Eyelash Vendor shares why MUA should start a false eyelashes business.

False eyelashes are a supplement to eyelash extensions
Eyelash extensions are the main form of eyelash makeup. More women like to do traditional grafted eyelashes, because each perfect grafted eyelashes can last for about 6 weeks, and during these six weeks, there is no need to apply eye makeup every day to beautify themselves, which is simple and worry-free. While strip false eyelashes are a supplement to grafted eyelashes, strip false eyelashes are temporary and can be easily installed and removed. It is glued to the eyelids to allow your own eyelashes to adjust and rest, unlike grafted eyelashes that require professional application and maintenance, so false eyelashes are now widely used and now form a very large industry market!

MUA can make more money selling false eyelashes than doing eyelash extensions
The sale of eyelash extensions is a service, which is limited by time and ability. For example, if you do eyelash extensions every 2 hours, then you can do up to 6 perfect extensions a day; but the sales of false eyelashes are unlimited, especially online sales, which sell 1,000 yuan a day. It is possible to do eyelashes alone, and you can make more money by selling eyelashes well.

MUA can keep up with the fashion of eyelashes
Eyelash extension is the basis of Strip Lashes. Most fashion eyelash styles come from Lash extension and then appear in the Strip Lashes list. MUA knows exactly what eyelash styles are popular now, so when she purchases false eyelashes, Will purchase fashionable and popular styles, eyelashes inventory will not be backlogged, sales will be fast, and it is easy to get positive feedback from customers and increase the traffic of your website.

MUA has the ability to provide technical guidance to customers
MUAs are experts in eyelashes makeup field, they have a wealth of experience to guide the customers, these are basic activities that must be do to get loyal customers!

A guide to eyelash selection
According to the different eye shapes of customers, assist customers to choose suitable eyelashes; according to the makeup effect that customers want to achieve, recommend suitable false eyelashes to customers
Guidelines for Wearing Eyelashes
MUA can give customers the correct technical guidance when sticking eyelashes, allowing customers to stick eyelashes in the shortest time, and instruct customers how to remove eyelashes without harming the skin.
Instructions for keeping and cleaning eyelashes
MUA can give the most scientific guidance on how to clean the eyelashes and how to place the eyelashes in order to make the eyelashes last the longest

MUA can maintain effective communication with customers
Answers to after-sales customer questions
MUA usually communicates frequently with eyelash grafting customers, so he knows what customers want to know, or has any questions, and can communicate with customers in the most effective way, share experience, and put forward the most perfect suggestions and positive praise for customers’ makeup videos. Is the best way to increase customer trust.
Release of the latest fashion styles
For the change of the current fashion direction, MUA can be aware of it at the first time, and update her eyelash styles. This information is instructive to her customers and can continue to obtain customer orders.

If you are a Mua, get start sell false lashes right now, to make more money. Contact with Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, place order!

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Why Custom Eyelash Packaging?

Every boss of an eyelash business has a dream of an eyelash brand, that is to create his own exclusive eyelash brand and provide more beauties with high-quality eyelashes. And Custom Eyelash Packaging is indeed the best way to expand brand influence, which is why you want to customize eyelash packaging.

Luxury Custom Eyelash Packaging Box

But if you don’t have a sufficient budget and your eyelash business model is a rolling development model from small to large, then Amor wholesalers suggest that you don’t consider custom-made eyelash packaging when you place an order for the first time, because the eyelash packaging will be temporary Compress your budget and cash flow.

Low Cost Non Custom Lash Box

Small-volume eyelash orders, using high-quality eyelashes and good service to expand the eyelash customer base, this is the most stable and sustainable method, when your user base has a certain size, and your eyelash business can generate stable profits At that time, prove that the quality of your eyelashes has been experienced and recognized by customers, and you can expand them to more regions and more customers, then you can customize eyelash packaging and start your brand building journey.

Custom Eyelash Packaging

Customized eyelash packaging boxes can be found at Amor eyelash wholesalers, amor lashes has an eyelash packaging production line and a graphic designer, will turn your logo idea into a beautiful pattern printed on the eyelash packaging box, this design process is free of charge, they The packaging factory has a variety of templates for eyelash packaging boxes. You just need to choose the template and color you like, and send your logo file to them as a png file, and they will quickly make a rendering for you. When you After confirmation and payment, production will be arranged. This process takes about two days, because the graphic designers are busy and the waiting time in line is longer.

Eyelash Packaging Box

Amor Eyelash Wholesalers suggest that you don’t need to give each pair of eyelashes a custom packaging box, because the packaging box is very strong and the service life far exceeds the service life of the eyelashes. 3 pairs of eyelashes with one eyelash packaging box is the best match. That way you don’t waste your money. The more you think about your customers, the higher your customers’ trust in you!

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Eyelash Extensions Vs Eyelash Strips

Eyelash Extensions and Eyelash Strips are both popular options for enhancing the look of your eyelashes, when girls have enough time and budget, she would like to do lash extension, and when she need change her eyelashes styles frequently, she would prefer eyelash strips and applying lashes herself!

Applying Eyelash Strips Self

Eyelash Extensions is a high-end consumption. When you enter the beauty salon to do eyelash extensions, you are a noble queen. You just need to lie on the bed, close your eyes, and let the eyelash extensions technician doing eyelash extensions as you have fixed styles. Although it takes a little longer time, But one time sleep and then everything down, if you like to talk on anything, the make up artiest willing to accompany with you.

Lash Extension

All you have to pay is a little money to buy a beautiful service, the price ranges from $100 to $300.The eyelash extension can last for a few weeks, compare to the eyelash strips, it no need to put it on in the morning and take it off before going to bed, It’s easy, and it’s worth the money!

Eyelash Extension

And some eyelash lovers like strip eyelashes, which are directly pasted on the eyelids. They can try many styles of eyelash styles in short time. They can try to wear natural styles this week, and wispy styles next week. If they go to nightclubs, they can wear super fluffy eyelashes.They can wear different styles of eyelashes according to different environments, instead of maintaining the same style for several weeks! Wearing and removing strip eyelashes is also very simple, and most people can do it within 10 minutes. Many people enjoy this changeable eyelash style, the process of applying eyelashes by themselves is a very focused and enjoyable moment.

Apllying Eyelash Strips

Eyelashes Strips cost from $5 to $20 depending on the materials. If you buy them from Amor Eyelash Vendor, the price is not more than $4, which is really cheap! These eyelashes can be used for more than 20 times without deformation or hair loss, as long as they are maintained for 3 times during use and properly kept! Many girls have 3 different styles of eyelashes at the same time, so that they can be replaced to meet different life scenarios!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
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How MUA Lash Boss Create Online Lash Store?

To set up an online store for eyelashes, expand the eyelash business from the community to the whole country, and serve all American women. This is the great dream of the MUA Lash Boss. Eric, the designer of AMOR Eyelash Wholesaler, predicted that such bosses will eventually appear in the group of Makeup Artists, especially makeup artists with more than 3 years of experience in eyelash extension. When they start eyelash business, they will develop very quickly Fast, and if they can manage the lash business carefully, they can definitely create a well-known eyelash brand in the United States!

Eyelash Map Shows Eyelash Styles Location

Let’s analyze what are the elements of a successful online eyelash store, Eric Designer Said:

MUA Lash Boss Can Pick The Right Lash Styles Fashion And Easy Sell!

Correct False Eyelashes are first of all high-quality eyelashes, which is fundamental, and inferior eyelashes will defeat all customers! To define high-quality eyelashes, consider several aspects. The weight of the eyelashes is small, and the eyelashes do not feel burdensome when glued on. The eyelashes are well shaped, the eyelash bands are soft, and the eyelashes can be used more than 20 times. , which is suitable for the current fashion direction, popular eyelashes are naturally easy to sell! And fast sales will naturally increase turnover efficiency, and the speed of making money will naturally be faster!

Makeup artists have been doing eyelash extension for community customers for a long time, so what style of eyelashes do local community customers need? From which eyelash supplier can I buy high quality eyelashes? These data, which require full market research for ordinary people, are not a problem for makeup artists. In this key link, makeup artists have stronger competitiveness than ordinary eyelash lovers.

High Quality Eyelashes Easy Sell Out

MUA Lash Boss Social Media Will Take Much Traffic For The Online Store

Customers from other places are definitely not so familiar with local beauty artists, so how to attract customers from other places to buy in the store? Social media drainage is the way with the lowest cost and the best effect! Many beauty artists are used to sharing the daily life of eyelash Extension on social media, and have accumulated a lot of high-quality fans who love eyelashes. These eyelash fans are the traffic foundation of eyelash online stores. When you keep posting eyelashes on your social media When you receive business information, you have successfully attracted traffic to the online store! With the increase of orders from the eyelash online store and the increase of customer praise, your eyelash online store will be recommended to eyelash customers by the Google search engine, entering a good spiral channel!

Makeup Artist Easy Get Fans On Instagram

MUA Lash Boss Are Good At Communication And this is the most effective way to expand the customer base!

Designer Eric said that in the eyes of consumers, makeup artists are experts. What experts say is very reasonable and must be listened to carefully. They like to communicate with experts and listen to makeup artists on eyelash wear, eyelash maintenance, and eyelash storage. And other suggestions! And the beauty artist also knows how to communicate effectively with customers and give them guidance! This kind of communication is very effective. It can turn customers into loyal fans. Wouldn’t it be great to do business with fans! Eric shared a trick, that is, when there are too many customers, it is impossible to provide one-on-one guidance. At this time, you can set up an Instagram group to explain and demonstrate the problems raised by customers, so that customers will not feel affected Wait, there must be more professional customers who like to help the makeup artist answer questions. This is a good Internet virtual community. The more the makeup artist will work hard in the future, it is the foundation of career success!

High Quality Eyelashes For Online Lash Store

Choose Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor As Your Lash Vendor

Amor Eyelash Wholesaler has supported many beauty artists to carry out eyelash business, especially during the epidemic, customers who could not enter the store for eyelash grafting bought strip eyelashes from the beauty artist, and they all made money, but It’s a pity that many beauty artists can’t overcome the difficulties to expand their eyelash business. After the epidemic, they continue to work for others to earn a small amount of money! Compared with being a beauty artist, being an eyelash owner in an online shop can indeed earn a lot of money, but the work is very tiring, and many beauty artists give up. Eric said that when you are young, you have to suffer a little bit, suffer a little tiredness, and spend 5 years to earn more money, then your life will become smoother and smoother in the future!

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How To Get Traffic To Shopify False Eyelash Store?

The last blog Amor Eyelash Vendor introduced the necessity of setting up an online store on shopify. This blog will share how to get more traffic to the shopify online store and turn these traffic into profitable orders. Shopify itself does not bring traffic. You have to guide the flow of false eyelashes yourself. After you set up your own eyelashes online store, you need to prepare various measures to call people to visit the store. Here Amor Lash Vendor share you how to Get Traffic to Shopify False Eyelash Store.

Beautiful Lash Catalog Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Get free social traffic with the lowest threshold and the least money

Social networking is traffic from social platforms. Amor Eyelash Wholesaler believes that for eyelash sellers, the easiest and quickest way is to attract traffic from social media accounts such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube.

Beautiful Lash Catalog Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Put Your Shopify 0nline Eyelash Store link into your social account

We know that these social media can implant your shopify shopping links, so what comes in from the links is social traffic! The most common way for Shopify sellers to attract traffic is to post information about your eyelash business on your Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, TikTok and Youtube accounts, and attract customers to buy with exquisite pictures and vivid eyelash videos.

Beautiful Lash Eyeelash Pictures Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Creat High-end Eyelash Makeup Videos

We all know that when you wear false eyelashes, you will be twice as beautiful as when you don’t wear eyelashes, so the video of eyelashes will bring a very shocking feeling to the audience, stimulate customers’ desire to buy, and give you a shopify store Bring a lot of traffic and convert it into eyelash orders. Therefore, creating high-quality social media videos is the key to success. Manage your social accounts carefully, and it will bring you unexpected returns!

Beautiful Lash Scene Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Tik Tok Help to Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Amor false eyelashes wholesalers especially recommend Tik Tok, which is a paradise for young people to show their talents, encourages innovation and is particularly inclusive, no matter what kind of innovative eyelash makeup video display method will be liked and supported by young consumers, and Tik Tok The platform also encourages innovative videos! Then you can use your brains to express your beautiful eyelashes with the latest ideas and brand-new video methods, which will bring you more traffic and make the eyelash business a very profitable business!

Beautiful Lash Photo Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

Instagram and Facebook Help to Get Traffic for Eyelash Store

I believe that your Instagram account and Facebook account must have a fixed group of viewers who support you. These are your potential customers, and these viewers have a higher degree of trust in you. You just need to show your eyelash style through the video. Come out, there is definitely no shortage of buyers, and through the sharing of their relatives and friends, it will bring you more orders, and in the process of sharing and forwarding, it will also bring traffic to your online store! The most important thing here is that the quality of your eyelash products is the best, for example, the eyelashes you buy from AMOR lASHES can guarantee the quality!

Real Lash Sample Pack Help Get Traffic for Eyelash Store
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How To Start Your Own Lash Business 2023?

2023 is the year of making money. People all over the world want to earn more money and live a better life after the epidemic in 2023. New entrepreneurs who want to make money through eyelash business should carefully read the blog shared by Amor wholesalers, step by step, smoothly start your eyelash business!

1.Start Lash Business 2023, First Find a reliable Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Amor Lash Vendor recommend you search Eyelash Vendors on Google search, Select one Eyelash Vendors on the top 3 search result pages, and visit their Instagram Ig and Youtube Channel, view their eyelash pictures and videos, to make sure you find the realy reliable eyelash vendor!

2.Download WhatsApp and communicate with Lash Vendors
WhatsApp is the main communication channel, which can send voice massages, letter massages, lash pictures and lash videos, even video chat in a cheap and efficient way, thats great help for you!
3.Choose eyelash styles for your business
Ask for an eyelash catalogs, go throgh the catalog and pick out the lash styles that you want! If you are not so sure of lash styles, you can ask for individual video of certain lash styles, your Eyelash Vendor would like to do this with patient, they wish to hold you via their carefully service!

4.Start Lash Business 2023,Sample order to check the lash quality
If you know what are you doing, you can place bulk order , if not, you’d better ask for sample on your first drop.Shipping is a kind of pricey,so make sure what you’re ordering make sense with shipping, you don’t like to order 2 pairs of lashes or three pairs of lashes and then shipping is 30 or 40 dollars, order a good amount that you feel like okey you can work with the shipping.

5.Start Lash Business 2023,Create an online store on your website
Most lash business online store are created on BigCartel , Shopify, Wix only because of low costs. Now Shopify is more recommended, they have much customized theme, and it is simple and easy to manage.

6.Display your eyelashes pictures
Prepare a ring lihgt, help you take good eyelash picture, upload your pictures to your website, learn more from the graphic designers and take more professional pictures and display your eyelashes pictures in a more pro way, same time price your lashes in a reasonable rate!

7.Start Lash Business 2023,Advertising for your eyelash business
Self advertising, start posting on your Instagram feed, graphic designer help you create contents and create posts, if you advertising in a right way, you can get the result that you want.
Advertising by Instagram offical or pay to the instagram influencer for a shout out are two ways, this depends on yourself, but less costs and get more traffic is the first important!

8.Start Your Own Lash Business,Create your own unique brand
Make sure your brand is unique, do not copy off somebody else’s brand, there are millions of bread brand like you go to bread aisle,
how are you to make yourself stand out amongst the competitions, this is what you should think more and promote!

9.Items necessary for your business
Prepare a laptop and scale to weigh your products , business card, thank you card, these are for the daily work, for website maintain, shipping packaging etc.

10.Fix one reliable Eyelash Vendor
When you find a reliable eyelash vendor, don’t try to change the reputable Eyelash Vendor to another strange one!
Try to ask for good deal or discount if your budgets not enough, ask for cheaper packaging from lash vendors, packaging are extra quotation besides eyelashes costs, when you submit your requirement, they can give you cheap price solutions, believe them!

11.Promoting my lash business every single day
Now tiktok is most creative social media platform, It is also the most inclusive, young audiences can accept any new ideas, and the platform will also promote your new ideas, which will bring you huge traffic, one of our customer, she promote on Tiktok and instagram, and what she did to get sales was post consistantly like mutiple times per day, final she got 6 figure profits the first year.she was making for every restock , and average was making 20 thousands dollars each restock!