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Does DIY Mink Lash Kits Fit for College Girls?

Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor has been researching for many years, and has never launched an eyelash suitable for college students till this DIY Mink Lash Kits appears! Why is this Kits suitable for college students? Why is this suitable for college students to start a business?

DIY Mink Lash Kits
  1. DIY Mink Lash Kits are complete and cheaper
    This product is composed of 8 components, all the tools necessary for the self-makeup process are complete, and the price is only 36 US dollars, which is very competitive! If several girls use it together, the average cost will be much lower, and this self-makeup primary eyelash kit can be used by several girls! This is more competitive than other products!

2.DIY Mink Lash Kits is Changeable makeup styles
Young people like to try, and they like a variety of makeup styles before forming their own complete makeup style. This DIY Mink Lash Kits provides them with the greatest possibility of DIY eyelash makeup! There are natural and fluffy eyelash clusters. They are not like strip eyelashes that completely replace their own eyelashes. They are just a supplement to their own eyelashes. Just apply a few clusters of eyelashes to make changes to your own eyelashes and form a new style. This is really fantastic!

  1. DIY Mink Lash Kits need very short Makeup time
    The main task of students is to study. In college, there is very little time that can be controlled outside of study! This set just meets their requirements, with a little practice, it can be pasted in a few minutes!
    amor eyelash wholesaler provides dozens of eyelash paste tutorials, use weekends to learn, smart college students will learn quickly, and you can make yourself a unique style of eyelash paste in a few minutes, isn’t it cool?
Eyelash Glue
  1. Makeup removal should be simple
    Makeup removal is also very simple. When your eyelashes have been grafted for 15 days, or when you want to change to a new eyelash grafting style, use a cotton swab to pick a small amount of makeup remover and apply it to the root of the eyelashes. Wait for the eyelash glue to dissolve after three minutes , you can remove the eyelash grafting. Super simple and easy to operate!
Fluffy Mink Lash Cluster

  1. Fit for starting a game of make up competation
    Well-educated students are the most creative group, if you can start a competition, select the outstanding eyelash makeup start-up competition, select 5 beautiful self-grafting eyelash looks, post their looks on social media, and give With a free eyelash set, then I believe that your low-cost eyelash business promotion will definitely bring you a great sensation and bring you a lot of high-quality traffic on social media!

Is this a very successful business case? Are you interested in this business? Then don’t hesitate, contact us, customize your brand, and start promoting immediately!

  1. Students are future loyal customers
    You will never think that 60% of these students will become your long-term loyal customers! This is an unimaginable wealth! Telecom companies, credit card banks are all in the business of college students, because they all want to turn these students into their loyal users, why don’t you?

Introduction of each component of Diy Mink Lash Kits:

DIY Mink Lash Kits
  1. natural Mink Lashes cluster
  2. fluffy Mink Lashes cluster
  3. One day lasting Lash Glue
  4. 15 days lasting Lash Glue
  5. lash extension remover
  6. Lash Glue Ring bow
  7. lash brush
  8. lash tweezers

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6 Tips for Caring for False Eyelashes

The Amor Eyelash Vendors warns our customers that external force will deform the false eyelashes, excessive pulling will cause the false eyelashes to fall, and the accumulation of glue will make the false eyelashes too heavy. Amor Wholesale Lash Vendors shares 6 eyelash usage and storage Tps for Caring for False Eyelashes. When you are doing eyelash business, please inform your customers in the precautions so as to prolong the service life of eyelashes!

Why care for false eyelashes?
Our false eyelashes are handcrafted with care, precision and high-quality materials, which means they can be used up to 25 times, or even longer if you are lucky! However, as with any strip lashes, proper care is the only way to ensure you get the most out of them.

Tip 1 How to Remove Glue from Eyelashes
You can use your regular eye makeup remover to remove glue from natural and false eyelashes. Dip it into a cotton pad and swipe it over the lash line. Let it sit for three minutes to work its magic, then gently peel off the false lashes from the outer corners.

Caring For False Eyelashes 1

To remove glue left on false eyelashes, soak a cotton swab in the solution of your choice and use it to gently wipe off the glue, being careful not to pull the hairs (or you’ll pull them off!).

Tip 2 How to Remove False Eyelashes
When removing eyelashes, please be gentle. As far as false lashes go, they’re pretty durable, but they’re still just individual hairs held together with cotton threads. They can only take so much force!

Starting from the outer corner of the eye, carefully peel off the false lashes. If you feel resistance, loosen the glue, then dip a cotton swab in a non-oil-based makeup remover and dab it along the strips you’re having trouble peeling off.

Caring For False Eyelashes 2

Tip 3 How to Clean False Eyelashes
It is recommended to remove glue buildup on the lash groups every 6 wears (or earlier if you find that there is a lot of glue stuck there). Use a cotton swab dampened with makeup remover to remove any residue left on it. Then use tweezers or your fingertips to gently pull the glue apart. Be sure to clamp the root hair and eyelashes with your fingertips to prevent individual eyelashes from being pulled off.

Caring For False Eyelashes 3

Most importantly, remember not to wet your lashes! They can drink a little water, but don’t drown them. If your lashes are too wet, they may start to lose shape.

Tip 4 Preservation method of false eyelashes
Avoid anything that crushes your false lashes, this can also cause them to become misshapen. Your best bet is to keep the original trays they came in, and put the lash strips back in between wears. This also allows you to easily slip them into your handbag for those days when you go straight from the office to the party and want to change up your look.

Caring For False Eyelashes 4

Tip 5 Don’t sleep with false eyelashes
We know how it feels to plop straight into bed after a night out, but try not to sleep on your lashes. Kneading them against a pillow for eight hours will permanently wrinkle them, destroying their precisely molded shape and making them look less natural and beautiful.

Tip 6 Let the mascara dry first
Applying mascara to your natural lashes before using false lashes is a very good habit – in fact, we recommend it! This creates a stiffer shelf for the false lashes to rest on. If you want to keep your mascara away from false lashes, remember to let the mascara dry before proceeding.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Whether or not you add mascara to the false lashes yourself is your preference, but we recommend against it. This shortens their lifespan. If you want more definition or drama why not try a thicker false lash style such as our DM06?

We hope these lash care tips have explained how to effectively care for false lashes (not too difficult, right?) but feel free to email us if you have any questions!

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Selecting The Right Mink Lashes For Your Customers

Why choose right mink lashes?
According to Amor Eyelash Vendors‘ data, 3D Mink Lashes sales increased 7% in United States on the year 2022! This sales means Strip Mink Lashes but not including lash extensions, due to the Covid-19, lash extensions did not recovered till now. There are so many styles Mink Lashes, selecting the right mink lashes, will short your turning out time, so selecting the right mink lashes for your customers will make your business growing faster!

Why choose Mink Lashes instead of silk lashes?
For most situations, I’ll recommend you choose real mink lashes instead of silk lashes. Mink eyelashes have more lifespan and the shape are more beautiful and stereoscopic because it’s real mink hair. The good quality, beautiful shape and natural feel will bring you to another level. Try the quality and right mink lashes!

Amor Lash Vendors has hundreds Lash styles for yr choice
Mink eyelash is a big category, we have designed hundreds of styles for different eye shapes and for different living occasions and even different race color.,you can easily find your favour and popular styles for your customers. Growing business will become easy a lot.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendors list some popular mink lash styles on the following, is there any style right for your customers? leave your comments if you super like!

If you want know more about our popular mink eyelashes. Please directly contact our WhatsApp/Email. We will offer you best service and products.

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Why Not Build A Vegan Lash Brand?

What are vegan eyelashes
Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers divide eyelashes into Mink Lashes and Vegen Lashes, the Vegen Eyelashes include inorganic material synthetic eyelashes and plant fiber synthetic eyelashes, Amor Eyelash Vendors have launched three product catalogs, including synthetic material imitation mink eyelashes, synthetic material cashmere eyelashes and Plant cellulose eyelashes, these eyelashes have their own characteristics, but their effect has approached the feeling of mink eyelashes, and has been well received by customers!

Vegan Cashmere Lashes

Are vegan lashes as comfortable as mink lashes?
The hair of Mink Eyelashes is the most similar to the hair of human natural eyelashes in nature, and it is also curved. It is the best raw material for making 3D mink eyelashes. Vegetarian eyelashes are naturally less wearable than mink eyelashes, but according to the statistics of Amor eyelash wholesalers, vegetarian eyelashes have shown a very steep upward trend in recent years, and this increase in sales has nothing to do with price, so what is the reason?

hemp plant fiber vegan lashes

The concept of environmental protection has spawned a group of high-net-worth eyelash users
Environmental protection, friendly coexistence between human beings and nature, protection of endangered animals, and refusal to kill are the most talking topics in the world in recent years! Especially in the fashion industry, “no business, no harm”, this sentence is often said by environmentalists, and refusing to wear mink coats and mink eyelashes can prevent the extinction of mink due to human preferences . And these girls with advanced concept of environmental protection are all well-educated, their income level is higher than the social average level, they are not very sensitive to the price of eyelashes to the value of their own maintenance and value. So why not create a vegan eyelash brand that caters to these customer segments?

Hemp Fiber Vegam Lashes

Amor Lash Vendor’s Plant Fiber Eyelashes
The hemp vegetarian eyelashes of Amor Eyelash Wholesaler are the most trendy vegetarian eyelashes. They are produced from hemp fiber. The hemp fiber is processed through complex processes such as cleaning, fermentation, crushing, extraction, and shaping to produce high-quality plant fibers. The eyelashes are processed in a factory. Through a lot of wearing tests, it is close to the wearing experience of mink eyelashes. It is a very good variety of vegan eyelashes. The key point is that this kind of eyelashes is degradable for a short time, and the amor eyelash wholesaler also matched the degradable eyelash packaging box, so that this kind of eyelashes look high quality and satisfied People’s demand for quality products.

Vegan Lash Vendor

Can an eyelash brand in a niche market make money?
In the era of mobile Internet, social traffic is the prerequisite to continue to expand business! In the case of mink eyelash sellers, is it more eye-catching for you to create a vegetarian eyelash brand? Will it bring you more traffic? As we said in the previous paragraph, the buyers of vegetarian eyelashes are mainly high-income and highly educated women, who are not sensitive to prices. So as long as you do a good job in social brand promotion, you can easily get responses from customers and gather in a short period of time. More objective customer groups, earn your rewards!

Wholesale Vegan Lash Vendor

Don’t hesitate, act now, as long as you start your business, I’m here to prepare ample stock of hemp eyelashes for you, let’s add some green, some eco-friendly, some cute little ones to this not so clean world Animals have a chance to survive!

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Do You know How to Start Your Lash Business?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor advised that when you start your lash business, Customer group, social media traffic is the first consideration for you. Following is a new customer who want to start lash business, she knew very clear how to start, i excerpt our WhatsApp dialogue for your reference!

Circled 3D Mink Lashes

In order for good view, i marked pink color dialogues are from From Nancy Customer, Black sentences are From Eric, Eyelash Vendor

Hello Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor! I am Nancy, i am looking to start my business is selling lashes and would like some info on how to get started! I looked at your catalogue and wanted to know what would be the best approach

Hello dear,
I am Eric from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.
First , I send you 2023 popular lash catalogs
Pls pick out your love ❤️ lash styles from the catalogs.
Second. Let’s talk on how start Lash Business.Start lash business, first, take sample lash styles, you need to promote high quality eyelashes to get your customers, these lashes in catalogs are high-end false eyelashes, including 3D Mink Lashes, Silk Lashes and Vegan Cashmere Lashes, they can last over 20 times resuable.
What’s your opinion on how to do lash business? You can tell me, then we can do something help you,to get yr lash business grow up.
Hi dear,got your response, you have circled 7 styles Silk Lashes, 7 styles Cashmere Lashes and 11 styles 3D Mink Lashes, total 30 different lash styles.
What’s your budget to start your lash business?

Nancy Circled 3D Mink Lashes

For my budget, is hopefully around a thousand, two thousand at the most
Hello 🙂 I circled the lashes that interested me from your catalogue. I will be starting my business online with IG, Facebook, TikTok, and my own website. I am originally from Hawaii and have many friends and family who already purchase lashes and who love it so I already know my target market. I am thinking to also have those who I know review my lashes to promote my business to have more customers 🙂

This is great, you have a clear understanding of your business prospects, your customer groups are also very clear, including the means of obtaining customer traffic are also considered very clearly!

Our shipping speed is very fast, and it can be delivered to your home within one week after payment.
So for the first eyelash business, you don’t need such a high budget, just 500 US dollars for each purchase. Just replenish your inventory a week in advance.

You have chosen 30 different types of eyelashes, you can purchase 5 pairs of each type, a total of 150 pairs of eyelashes to test customers, I am sure some of them are not suitable for your customer group, filter the best-selling styles to make a brand.
What do you think?

Nancy Circled Cashmere Lashes

I am super excited and optimistic to start my business and being from a small island, my friends love to support local business ❤️

That is perfect! I did have a question, is there a possibility to sample the 30 pairs and filter it from there? I can pay for the samples

Yes dear, we support samples , i make a mistake, you choose 32 different styles instead of 30 pairs.

Dear, where do you live? is there Dhl or fedex or UPS shipping system?

Nancy Circled Silk Lashes

I live in Washington state, US so we have all Dhl, FedEx, and UPS as a shipping system.

Where would I go about purchasing the samples?

Pls send me your email , i create paypal invoice can done payment via paypal link.Same time pls lmk your mailing address for shipping matter.

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Is the eyelash industry in decline?

Is the eyelash industry in decline?

Amor Mink Eyelash Vendor found that since November 2021, the sales of 3D Mink Eyelash have begun to decline significantly, and the sales curve of strip eyelashes has changed from a decline to an increase, especially the sales of 3D mink eyelashes have increased significantly! We know that Americans are being tormented by the excessive currency issued during the epidemic, and all kinds of daily necessities and mortgages are operating in a super high price range. More than 80% of the common people live on wage income, but the wage level of the common people has not increased much, the consumption expenditure outside of life has begun to decrease, the consumption of eyelash grafting has decreased, and the strip eyelashes have increased because of the cheap price. This is the current status of eyelash extension industry.

Super Cool Baby Girl With Her Mothers Business Eyelashes

Have you heard of the lipstick effect?
Have you heard of the “lipstick effect”? This is the theory based on a psychology study that found that women tend to spend their limited resources on things that make them look and feel attractive. It’s not about vanity either. The study shows that when the economy changes, women are “naturally made” to seek out or keep a partner to help them secure financial support. It is based on our evolutionary purpose to reproduce and survive.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

But what does lipstick effect have to do with your 3D Mink Lash business?

During the financial crisis, women were more interested in buying luxury “attraction-enhancing” products such as designer jeans, cosmetics and eyelash extension serum, research has found.
As a result, they forego other indulgences, such as coffee or expensive vacations. The results showed that women sought out products that more effectively enhanced their attractiveness, regardless of cost. I’m not saying this is true of all your clients or all women! This is just an interesting study that sheds positive light on the impact of the recession on our lash industry.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

So how does the lipstick effect manifest itself in the eyelash industry?

However, that’s not to say your clients won’t forego lash extensions during tough economic times. Wealthier women may not forego a luxury lash service just because they can afford it.
Not so affluent female clients are highly price sensitive now, then they are less likely to afford your services in a recession, then strip mink eyelashes with good quality become the best product to replace eyelash extensions, which is also The reason why the price curve of mink eyelashes rises. If you are an eyelash extension artist, then mink eyelashes are the best tool for you to contact your old customers, let customers get beautiful dresses at a lower price, and it is a means of maintaining customers during the economic recession, when the economy picks up , it is natural to spend a high price on eyelash grafting.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

What are the long-term benefits of a recession for the eyelash industry?
The economic recession is a filter. During the economic recession, those businessmen who don’t pay attention to customer experience and only want to make quick money and provide customers with inferior eyelashes will be abandoned by the market, and those who do well will be praised and supported by customers, which is very good continue down.
So the economic recession is a purification process for the eyelash industry. If you are a make up artist, if you are lucky enough to read this blog, you will make better plans for your future, order eyelashes from AMOR eyelash wholesalers, and start to be your own boss The eyelash business guarantees a relatively good income during the economic recession. The key is that you still have a stable customer base during the economic recession! Once the economy recovers, we will have a purer community of eyelash enthusiasts, so whether you do eyelashes or eyelash grafting, it is a good thing!

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Will Russian Volume Lashes Be Cancelled?

Russia Volume Lashes Name is Disliked

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers has renamed their popular 3D Mink Lashes Russian Volume style to Volume Styles – as the war
Russia-Ukraine conflict in Ukraine intensifies.
As Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine intensifies, the Ukrainian people suffer more and more, lack of water, electricity, everything, daily security is not guaranteed, Russia is increasingly condemned, Lashes named of Russian Volume have faced boycotts simply because of the name, now the entire lash industry changing the name of a popular Russian Volume Lash Extension.

3D08 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lash Extension still an high end lash extension

The Russian Volume lash extension, the most popular of high-end lash extensions — which can cost as much as $200 per extension — was created by Russian lash artist Olga Dobronravora, who pioneered the lash extension method more than a decade ago. This is achieved when the technician glues three to six strands of synthetic hair to the natural lashes to make them appear thicker. It is still popular in the whole high-end eyelash grafting industry.

3D12 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lashes Will Rename Full Lashes

Few beauty cares about politics, but Russia’s harm to Ukrainian civilians really made the beauties in the beauty industry unhappy. More beauty salons began to resist Russia, starting from their side, theychange the name of the Russian Volume to the Volume Fluffy lashes!

Most Information was quoted from Daily Mail News.

Purity Salon in Plymouth, Devon made an announcement via their Facebook page.Manager Lucy Phillips said loyal customers voted it “full lashes”Aesthetics and Beauty salon in Colchester, Essex has also been renamed Therapy Synthetic Lash Design by Russian Lash Artist Olga Dobronravora. As more businesses come forward in support of Ukraine.

3D03A Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Public Vote Rename the Russia Volume Lashes

Purity Salon in Plymouth, Devon, is one of many salons in the UK to change the name of a popular Russian beauty service. They held a contest on March 2 for customers to rename traditional remedies themselves.

In a post on their Facebook, the salon wrote: “We stand with Ukraine. We have decided to ditch the traditional Russian curling lash extensions and we now need your help to rename the service.

Manager Lucy Phillips has offered Russian lash designs since opening the salon eight years ago.

But in support of Ukraine, her loyal customers voted the treatment “volumizing lashes.”

Ms Phillips said: “We’re putting it to a public vote. We think it’s appropriate for customers to choose after they’ve made their proposals.

“I think most of us don’t want to see Russia in any positive light at the moment, including the popular eyelash treatment.”

a pair, forerunner and the side of 3d 18mm mink lashes
3D39 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Russia Volume Lashes Rename was highly praised

Aesthetics and Beauty Salon in Colchester, Essex, has also pulled the “Russian lashes” from its products.

Manager Evie Davie, who opened the salon in 2017, decided to rebrand the treatment as Lash Volume after seeing the escalating disruptions caused by Putin in the news.

“As a beautician, a lot of our techniques also come from Russia and are named after this country. Russian lashes have always been popular all over the world.

“I thought if I changed my name to ‘thick eyelashes’ it would show that I was thinking about what Ukrainians are going through right now.”

a pair, forerunner and the side of 3d 18mm mink lashes

3D08 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Ms Davy was shocked by the popularity of the idea with her customers. Many have since reached out to congratulate her on the initiative and support the name change.

She added: “At first, I didn’t know the name change would be so popular.

“But not only have I had support and comments with positive feedback from customers, but also from people who follow me on social media.

“I feel that if everyone can do something to show their support for Ukraine, then hopefully the world can end these sad times.”

3D05 Russian Volume Minks Lashes

Amor Eyelash Vendor Prays For Peace

Amor Eyelash Vendor also changed the name of Russian volume to Fluffy Volume Lashes, these 3D Mink Lashes not cancelled, only renamed. Lets supporting peace, let us pray that the war will end soon, and peace belongs to the whole world!

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What 3D Mink Lash Styles Fit Downturned Eyes?

Downturned eyes are that captivating, vintage-esque shape you see on all of the movie starlets from the 1920s. False eyelashes that are too dense and heavy will only highlight the downturn, so for a more modern look, stick with lashes that are wispy and natural-looking. To give your outer corners a helpful lift, try our 3D Mink Lashes from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, these are both low-volume, criss-cross lash designs that are best described as ‘spiky’. With the longest lashes at the center of the eye, they provide a subtle all-over lift to your entire eye. Even more options are available in our curated collection specifically made for downturn eye shapes.

Katy Perry’s down-turned Eye on 3D Mink Lashes
  • 3D13A The first choice of 3D Mink Lashes for down-turned eyes
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Marilyn Monroe, Anne Hathaway and Katy Perry are all famous faces who sport down-turned eyes.

This shape is slightly slanted at the corner and can appear naturally sad or a little sleepy.

According to Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor designer Mr.Erric, the key to down-turned eyes is all about liquid eyeliner.

‘When you start make up, focus on top lash liquid liner – play with a solid line on top and flick it up at the edge of the outer corner,’ he said.Again, focus on lashes and leave the under area completely bare as heavy colours will drag the eye down.

‘Concentrate on a really beautiful highlight around the inner corner of the eye as well as on the top of the cheek to divert attention on to the cheekbone.’Winged and cat-eye styles work wonders for this shape to lift the eye, while curling your lashes and applying generous amounts of mascara will inject added drama.

  • 3D25 Mink Lashes fit for down-turned eyes
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Down-turned Eyes Applying Wet Style Mink Lashes
  • 3T44 Mink Lashes fit for down-turned eyes
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Down-turned Eyes Applying Wispy Mink Lashes

Amor Lashes Vendor designers always pays attention to the make-up trends of any female on social media, pays attention to the eyelashes of female celebrities, absorbs popular elements at any time, updates their own eyelash list. Amor Lash Vendor distributes fashionable high-quality eyelashes in the United Statess, providing OEM eyelashes and exquisite packaging, and making Eyelash distributors make money is the basis for the development of our Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
  • Vegan Lashes CM17 fit for down-turned eyes
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Down-turned Eyes Applying Wing Mink Lashes

3T24 Mink Lashes fit for down-turned eyes

3T24 3D Mink Lashes
  • 3D66 Mink Lashes fit for down-turned eyes

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Are Your 3D Mink Lashes Waterproof?

I’m going to swim, I’m going to swim with beautiful mink eyelashes, is that ok? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor tells you, no problem, our waterproof “Wet Lashes” are made for you, but the price is a little higher. I don’t think you will mind paying a few dollars more for a pair of waterproof deluxe mink lashes , right? When you’re in the limelight, when you’re getting a lot of compliments, all the extra payment worth!

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

Amor Mink Eyelash Vendor specially designed several styles of Wet Eyelashes, selected high-quality mink hair, and through a special physical process, the oil protection layer of the mink fur hairs will not be damaged during the shaping process. When you get wet, these mink hair will not be soaked by water, it dries quickly after leaving the water, and does not change its own shape! Isn’t it amazing?

Create Kim K’s Wet Eyelashes

First of all. How to test that the mink eyelashes are waterproof?
Well, we did a test to see if our Luxury Lashes hold their best curl when wet. Finally, we found out, our luxurious 3D mink lashes can swim!
We first rub our eyelashes destructively, then put them in water, then we stir it, and when the eyelashes are completely soaked, we remove them and put them on dry our surprise, the lashes returned to their original shape after drying!
But our regular lashes for other Mink Lashes Manufacturers fail the experiment.

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

Second, how does the Amor 3D Mink Lashes maintain the waterproof effect of the mink eyelashes?
If you have ever seen a mink, you will know that after a healthy mink leaves the water, shake its body, the water drops will leave its body naturally, and its fur will become fluffy after a while.
The mink eyelashes of most eyelash wholesalers are not waterproof. First of all, the quality of their mink hair is poor. Secondly, in order to speed up the production of mink eyelashes, chemical raw materials are used to shape the mink eyelashes. Although these chemical raw materials are harmless to the body , but it destroys the surface protective layer of mink eyelashes, so naturally it is not waterproof.

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

Three, not all Mink Eyelashes are waterproof
Amor Mink Eyelash Vendor don’t want to deceive you, our mink eyelashes are not all waterproof, but we have specially made some waterproof mink eyelashes to meet the special needs of beach beauties in the summer travel season, because waterproof eyelashes are purely artificial, you know The most expensive thing now is the labor cost, especially the salary of senior technicians is even more expensive! Knowledge and skills are money, and it is the same anywhere in the world, because these handmade products are used by the rich, and they just want high-quality expensive products, otherwise what are they doing to make money?

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

Forth. These illustrations are high-quality Waterproof Mink Eyelashes, and the design of these eyelashes can also offset part of the surface tension of the water, so that the water droplets can leave the eyelashes quickly! This is all specially researched by our designers, with a lot of mechanical knowledge in the design, don’t be surprised, any high-end product is the accumulation of high-quality raw materials and advanced knowledge, but we usually don’t realize it!

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

The high-quality eyelashes offered by Amor Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor are all created with soul and energy, while designers spend too much time and energy on styles and 3D Mink Lashes market.
Don’t say you bought Luxury Mink Lashes until you bought Amor Lashes.

Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor

From now on, you should change your mind about buying mink eyelashes, you should know that quality is the cornerstone of your business, only if your eyelashes are of good quality, your customers will follow you, and your customers will be happy to spend a few more pennies to buy To pure 3D mink eyelashes!

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How To Create Eyelash Website Traffic With Mircosoft 365 Copilot?

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendors is very happy to know that Microsoft has released a new artificial intelligence-assisted plug-in system, “Microsoft 365 copilot”, immediately ordered a 99.99$ family annual plan, which can be used by 6 employees. Because Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor can Use this new generation of artificial intelligence tool plug-ins to create high-quality blogs for the Mink Eyelash Wholesale independent website, increase high-quality traffic to the eyelash website, and make our business more prosperous.

Maintaining an independent Mink Eyelashes website is a very cumbersome thing, and a blog that frequently updates eyelashes content is the best way to increase website traffic. But updating the blog is also a very frustrating thing, because high-quality blog arguments need a lot of detailed data support, which is very distressing! Everyone knows that in the 3D Mink Lashes industry, there is no authoritative official website to publish industry data, and relying solely on the mink eyelash wholesaler’s own database is often not enough to support the argument of a blog!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

The copilot in power point of the artificial intelligence-based microsoft 365 copilot enables the creation process by turning ideas into a designed presentation through natural language commands. Then our staff who maintain the website can put forward the concerns of 3D Mink Eyelashes customers in the weekly thinking meeting, summarize the blog topics to be created, and leave the rest to microsoft 365 copilot to complete, which is really great up! This is a whole new way of working, saves labor, of course saves money, and improves the quality of the eyelash website blog, I have no doubts about it!

Amor Wholesale Mink Eyelash Vendor also operate youtube accounts and Instagram accounts, which are social media that drive traffic to the website. Providing high-quality matching text descriptions for videos and pictures is also the focus of our next development. I hope to use the AI system of microsoft 365 copilot to provide us with more useful manuscripts on the basis of big data!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Wholesale Mink Eyelashes is a very fashionable industry. Using the most fashionable AI system to promote the beauty industry is itself a very fashionable thing. Do you agree?

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Are Natural Eyelashes Trend in 2023?

The fashion of eyelashes has entered a new cycle. During the epidemic, when people stay at home, who should they wear makeup for? After the epidemic is over, natural eyelashes and simple makeup effects have become new beauty habits. Therefore, the popular eyelash styles in 2023 will return to the natural style 5 years ago, replacing the super dramatic eyelash style. Amor Wholsesale Eyelash vendor has selected 5 different materials and different lengths of natural eyelashes according to the latest sales records of eyelashes, each with 10 styles, and shared them with the audience in this blog. Choose eyelashes from these 50 eyelashes and place an order to ensure that your eyelash business sells faster, the investment turnover is faster, and you earn more money.

Classic 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Classic False lashes are the shorter lashes which looks much natural, just little longer than your baby eyelashes, most white color skin ladies like these lashes, and also the ladies who wear glasses like them very much.

Almost every lady wears the short eyelashes every day. Once tried the eyelashes, they could not go out without them. Eyelashes make people more beautiful, these classic short mink lashes are for the daily use, and the longer, fluffy and dramatic lashes are for the certain occassion use, such as weekend, night out and party time.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Short 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

3D Mink Lashes are the basis of all styles of eyelashes, according to the classification of beauty salons, more extra styles of natural style, volume style and wispy style and Hybrid style are developed from these basic styles , according to Amor wholesaleLash Vendor data, these lashes are the best sellers, 3D Mink Lashes have the highest average annual sales of all eyelashes.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

M-size 3D Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

The length of these eyelashes are not more than 16 mm, which is slightly longer than the human eyelashes, just to highlight the advantages of their own eyelashes, pull the eyelid, make your eyes look bigger and more charming, this length does not affect daily life,so we call these lashes Daily Makeup Essentials.

Wholesale 3D Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Cashmere False Eyelashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Breakthroughs in material technology have led to the upgrade of eyelash varieties, such as Cashmere Eyelashes. Cashmere lashes made by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers are lighter, thinner and stronger than other materials, and are adopted by more famous eyelash brands, such as Kiss, they began to sell cashmere lashes as well, their slogan is “Bring The Salon Home”!

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor
Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Slide show pictures for Smartphone Audience

Classic 3D Faux Mink Lashes 2023 Trendy Lash Styles

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Faux Mink Lash are luxuriously lightweight lashes. Ultra-soft fabulously full lashes create an effortlessly glamorous look.
These lashes are very natural looking on they are , they are very soft and great for any type of look really. They even look good without any eye makeup at all . Super comfortable & flirty !

Wholesale 3D Faux Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Slide show pictures for Smartphone Audience

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What Is Your Best Eyelash Glue?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor knows that using the best Eyelash Extension Glue and remover will make your makeup job as a lash artist or beautician so much easier! Our chief design director Jack Ma (not Ali Jack) has been improving the glue formula for decades, providing customers with special glue with various effects, and has achieved great success

Order Eyelash Glue and remover online from Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor. We offer the best selection online at the best prices.

Magnatic Eyelash Glue

What is Eyelash Extension Glue?

Lash extension adhesive is the glue that you dip fan lashes or faux mink lashes in before applying them to your client’s natural lashes. We’ll show how to use it later.

Lash Extension Adhesive

Chief design director Jack Ma observed that different people have different speed when they apply 3D Mink Lashes. If you are slower one, but you use a fast drying lash adhesive, then you will find that the glue are dry before applying lashes on. But if you are very fast, and you get a slow dry lash glue, you will find the Mink Lashes can not stick on your eyes!
Therefore, Jack Ma created quick dry lash glue which will be dry on 5 seconds and slow dry lash glue will be dry on 20 seconds, there is a very fomiliar scene we offen watch on make up tutorials, girls offen shake and blow on the lash glue before applying on the lashes.
The Best Lash Glue is the lash glue dry time suitable for your make up speed!

Best False Eyelash Glue

How to Use Eyelash Extension Glue?

Whether you’re handcrafting your fan or using a ProMade fan, you can use the adhesive by dipping the fan in the adhesive, then attaching it to your natural lashes to cure.
Remember to shake your glue bottle by hand for at least two minutes before you start any appointment. This allows the separated ingredients to mix thoroughly.
Then, put a small dot of glue on the surface without the nozzle touching the surface. We recommend using glue dot holders or glue sheets to submerge the fan.During your lash appointment, you’ll continue to dip all the fans into your adhesive dots. If your adhesive starts to get sticky between appointments, simply place
Another point on your surface. Depending on your humidity, you should be dripping a new spot every 15 to 20 minutes.
Don’t forget to properly store your eyelash glue between appointments. Your adhesive will last 6 months if unopened and three to four weeks if stored open correct. You can store it in the sticky holder to keep it airtight and out of the sun.

Diy Pro Lash Lash Extension Glue

You need Eyelash Extension Glue in different colors

We offer the adhesive in two different colors: black and clear.
Our clear adhesive is perfect for those who use a lot of colored lashes so it fits seamlessly.

Don’t forget the Eyelash Remover!

Pro Lash Starters Kits

In some cases, your lash clients will want to have their lashes removed. When this happens, you can safely remove their grafts to keep your natural lashes healthy.
We love our stick removers. Our makeup remover allows you to safely remove grafted lashes without damaging natural lashes.

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Get The Merriest Look With Pro-Lash Extensions!

What Is Pro Lash Extension?

Pro-Lash Extensions is a fan-shaped diy eyelashes, promoted by Pro Lash. Now everyone get used to this name to say this type of eyelashes. The Pre Lash by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor are made from mink lash fur,acts like a Eyelash fans, only a few pairs can make your eyes look bigger and lengthen your natural lashes. The advantage of Pre Lash is very obvious. In the process of doing eyelash make up by yourself, you can change it to make an appearance that suits your own eye shape and preferences.

Pro Lash Luxury Kits

The Lash Fans sold by Pre Lash are very high-end in design, and are used by high-end women with mature skills, while Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor has developed a very low-priced novice suit, which is equipped with all the accessories for practice. One set is enough to Make you an expert! The mink eyelash fan inside is mainly natural, and it is easier when you paste it! These novice groups have more consumers and a bigger market!

Pro Lash Affordable Starter Kits

Diy Simple Lash Extensions At Home

Who doesn’t want to look their best during the holidays? To impress everyone with the most dazzling look you can muster, turn to Pro Lash extensions provided by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor this spring season. This is sure to make you feel like you can accomplish any feat and make you shine through all the whole spring ahead.

So whether you’re aiming for glitz and glam, or want a subtle and sophisticated look, Diy Mink Lash Extensions from Pro Lash a critical part of your spring season plan.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Eyes Speak The Beauty Without Language

Beauty begins at the eye, as they have the power to draw all the attention. Bright and beautiful eyes, perfectly-managed brows, and accentuated eyelashes are a surefire way to make you look younger, and stand out from the crowd.

Perfectly curled eyelash extensions will enhance the brightness of your eyes without having to use any mascara or a curler. Your dazzling eyelashes will give you the dramatic and show-stopping look that you deserve, giving you a renewed sense of confidence that will add to your personality.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Completely Convenient

What better way than eyelash extensions to simplify your make-up routine? The best part about the beauty treatment is that you will be photo-ready at all times!

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

No one will would like to posing in front of a mirror for hours doing your make-up. Spring is the season of simplicity, the season of youth, so simple self-makeup is the best way. This Pro Eyelash Extension Kits is absolutely what you want!

Eyelash extensions are the way to go for beauty aficionados as it cuts down on your total beauty regime by doing away with the need for extra eye-elevating items like mascara, falsies, curlers, and eyeliner.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Less Luggage

When you are donning celebrity-worthy, picture-perfect eyelashes, your daily makeup routine might be as effortless as a quick concealer touch-up and a dash of your favorite lip color. This Pro Eyelash Kits have all lash acceessory together, and they will be throw away when the lash fans using up. So simple way, love this way.

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

Endless Diy Lash Extension Option

Our designer Vicky has practised many lash extension styles, we have posted it on our official instagram ID, you can try any styles as you like from hundreds of styles.When you are an experts, you can do any thing to make money depends upon this skill.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home Instagram Video Tutorial

Controled 7 Days Lasting

This kind of eyelashes is not the same as salon eyelash grafting, it is not directly grafted to the root of the eyelashes, so we designed the use period for him to be 7 days, and after 7 days, you need to remove these eyelash fans with hair remover, so that your natural Rest the eyelashes for a few days, and then you can graft a new eyelash style on your own, as you like, 7 days a cycle, is it more flexible than one eyelash style a month?

Pro Lash Starter Kits Line

Customized For Personal Brand Available

When you are a real pro and try to make money upon this way, no problem, Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor support any girl doing this business! We can help you Custom your own brand Kits.You can contact our sales girls via WhatApp Buttom discuss the details!
Usa is a great eyelash market, and this Pro Lash Extension Kits belongs to FMCG(fast moving consumer goods),it has so many opptunity to make money! lets create this market into a larger scale.

Custom Pro Lash Starter Kits

Additional Tips From Our Lash Experts

1 day lash glue are used for pratice applying lash extensions before you are a real professional Diy Lash artist. 7 day lash glue are used for lash extensions.
The back of your hand, your fingers are the best places to practice applying eyelashes.
Remove the lash extensions before the end of the 7th day,to avoid the lashes fall off at public ocassions.

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home
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How Much Lashes Packs 50 Pairs To USA?

If you order in bulk, you can spread out the packaging, handling and shipping costs of each pair of lashes, and you can also take advantage of discounts and freebies from wholesale lash suppliers.
Amor Wholeslae Eyelash Suppliers produce 50 pair lash packs at very competitive prices, see below, including botanical packs, packs with private label lash boxes, and packs with Custom Lash Boxes.

Vegan Lashes 50 Packs

Vegan Lashes 50 pairs Mix 125$ Free shipping

Lashes Packs 50 Pairs To USA
Drugstore Lashes Collection

Drugstore Lashes Collection

3D Mink Lashes 50 Packs

Mink Lashes 50 pairs mix below cagalogs 215$ free shipping

Lashes Packs 50 Pairs To USA
3D Mink Lashes
3D Mink Lashes

3D Mink Lashes

Eyelash Packaging offer, if you need.

50 Pieces Eyelash Packaging Box with private Lebel 75$ Extra

50 pieces Custom Lash Packaging Boxes with Logo Printed, 100$ Extra

Following are the Lash Box Model without logo on it.

Eyelash Packaging Box/Case
Eyelash Packaging Box/Case
Eyelash Packaging Box/Case

Spring Promote Packs Last Till Apr.14th

Following 3 packs offers better price for mink lashes, these offer not always works, it belongs to spring promote price, if you can place order before 14th Apr, you can get them in a super lower price.

Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor Promote Packs
Lashes Packs 50 Pairs To USA
Amor Wholesale Lash Vendor Promote Packs
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How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home?

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Whether you prefer a subtle to full glam look, our pure Pro Eyelashes and provide the finishing touch to your look, each lash style is hand make with delicate 3D Mink Lashes to help enhance the volume length and curl of your natural lashes. the thin band makes it easy to apply and comfortable to wear next to your natural lash line

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor newly Launched Pro Eyelashes Kits for you to enjoy doing lash extension at home. This is an amazing thing, only few dollar, you can get enough Lash Accessaries, if you are a pro, you can Diy your eyelashes outstanding overalll; if you are a new starter, no matter, we have enough videos show you how to apply the lashes yourself, then you will be a professional one.

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

Our Pro Eyelashes have enougth lash accessaries for you to apply lashes or pratice to apply lashes, including 3 month use lash fans, lash glue, lash tweezers, and lash remover. Our Pro Eyelashes super easy to apply and last up to 10 days.

Pro Lash Starter Kit

The starter kit contains all the essentials you need to apply and remove your lashes in minutes.

We love lashes! But we wanted something that seemed impossible. Professional quality lashes without the hassle. These beautiful lashes can be applied in minutes & last for up to 10 days! Now your professional looks are in your own hands!

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

How do I apply the lashes?
Cleanse your lashes, apply the adhesive like mascara, place the lashes, then crimp. We have a whole How-to section on our website and some amazing videos on social media. Take a look around at what others recommend as well! Our community is always happy to help out and show you how its done! Pretty soon you will be the Pro and showing others

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

How does Pro Lash work?
Pro Lash uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home.One part comes pre-applied to your lashes, and you apply the other just like you would a mascara.

How long do they last?
Your lashes will last up to 10 days. The first set you do may not quite last 10 days depending on your skill level, but most people are seeing 7-14 days routinely. That’s enought long time, right?

What if a section falls out early?
No worries! Just re-apply adhesive to the extensions and your own natural lashes. Place them back on and move on with your day!

Are they difficult to apply?
Most people find them easy to apply, even for the first time! This completely depends on you. The first set is a learning set. The second set you will know how to apply better and make them look even more amazing. By the third set, most people are Pro! If you have any questions or need extra help, please book a private session with one of our Professionals to help you!

How many sets come in a box?
There are 3 sets of lashes in each box. This is about a month’s supply.

Do they harm your natural lashes?
No. Our adhesive technology allows your natural lashes to move and grow at their own pace. This is the amazing technology that allows us to hold on for 10 days while maintaining healthy lashes!

Do you have to wear mascara with them?
No,on the other hand, Most mascaras would hinder the adhesive and make your lashes fall off early. You’d better don’t use mascara when you wear these luscious lashes!

Does it hurt to take them off?
Not at all! Our Remover is amazing at its job. It melts away the adhesive and the lashes will stuff off. If you experience any pain or discomfort, add more remover and give it a few seconds to work its magic!

How To Remove Pro Lash Extension At Home

Are they customizable?
Yes! if you want to promote this Pro Lash to make money, we can custom this kits to your own brand, this is a great and profitable eyelash business, because it has many many girls want to Diy Lash Extensions at home without to the school, there is a huge lash markets. Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor always support the ladies in USA start their lash business!!

Are they high quality?
Yes. As the leaders in professional eyelashes, we know what makes quality lashes. We made sure to bring the same quality and level of performance to you with Pro Lash.

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8 Drugstore Trendy False Lashes | Amor Wholesale Lashes Vendor Releases Spring 2023

According to the traffic statistics of several independent eyelash websites under the Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Group, the trend of eyelashes in drugstores in 2023 has two characteristics. First, the demand for dramatic and fluffy long eyelashes is decreasing; The natural style is growing, and the popularity of the eyelash market has gone through a 7-year cycle, and the natural style of eyelashes has regained the top spot in sales.
Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor has released 8 drugstor 3D Mink Lashes that occupy the top of the popular list, and predicts that these 8 eyelashes will become popular in 2023. This blog analyzes them one by one as follows

Best Overall 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes
This super-soft option is made of mink furs, ensuring they feel completely light as you wear them so that blinking is never a chore. The style is totally versatile—wearable yet dramatic enough to make it worth your while. Plus, they’re just the right size for most eye shapes, saving you the time and hassle of having to trim them down.

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Runner-up, Best Wispy 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Of all of the makeup looks we’re obsessed with, the latest lash trend may just be our favorite—Wispy Lahses, who wouldn’t want to give their eye makeup look a boost with a bold, envy-worthy fringe? Wispy eyelashes seem to be taking over the beauty world. You’ve likely seen your favorite celebrities and Instagram influencers sporting wispy lashes without even realizing that’s what they’re called!

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best Classic 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Not quite sure if falsies will work for you? Still haven’t mastered the application technique? Need a pair for one night only? For all of the above scenarios, these wallet-friendly lashes come up huge. They deliver plenty of volume and length and work on pretty much any and every eye shape.

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best For Short 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes
Arguably the most beloved drugstore lash brand, ever, we have yet to meet a makeup artist who doesn’t carry some type of Amorlash with them at all times. There’s no shortage of styles to choose from, but this timeless option is one of the best-sellers. The 120 lashes blend in with your existing fringe, rather than covering it up, making for a natural yet beautiful end result.

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best Natural-Looking 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

While it may seem counterintuitive, if your natural lashes are on the shorter side, you actually don’t want to go with extra-long falsies; they can just end up weighing down your lid and, TBH, looking strange. Enter this alternative, which lengthens your natural lashes and adds a pop thanks to their subtly flared shape. The tips are also tapered, ensuring that they blend in seamlessly.

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best Dramatic2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

 These lashes are perfect if you’re going for a more dramatic look, they are super fluffy and soft and can enhance any makeup look. Super full and dramatic 😍they have a beautiful curve up. Definitely recommend if you love full and long lashes 😍😍

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best Cat Eye 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

Best Light Volume 2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes

2023 Trendy Drugstore Lashes
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Do These Eyelash Packaging Box Idea Top Trending 2023?

“Love at first sight is a female’s instinct,Buying beloved products home is the favorite thing for girls to do. that is the reason why we focus on Custom Eyelash Packaging Boxes. For example, a pair of lashes in a beautiful custom lash box can sell for $5 more than the same unwrapped lashes,” _said by marketing specialist from Amor Whloesale Eyelash Vendor.

The Eyelashes Packaging On Your Customers’ Impressions

Eyelash consumers like brands with impressive eyelash packaging ideas and tend to purchase more from those brands. In fact, 80% of customers look not at the brand but the product packaging design at first sight. More than 50% of new lashes consumers intend to buy a product just because of the good-looking packaging.

Therefore, For an Eyelash Vendor, eyelash packaging box ideas 2023 will be a significant advantage in attracting customers. Create a perfect Eyelash Packaging Box to make your store’s products more outstanding is the most import.

Eyelash Packaging

Two Main Things To Know About The Eyelash Packaging

The first is art,or, more precisely, it attracts the eye with the knowledge abilities of colour selections and drawings. If your eyelash packaging ideas cannot seize all eyes, they will go unnoticed and quickly be forgotten.

The other is the content of the Custom Eyelash Packaging. Does the information print on each false eyelash packaging convey all the valued things that the false eyelashes inside it possess? The content is necessary, but it must be concise. It is enough to use keywords to determine the nature of the false eyelashes inside. Don’t try to make the eyelash packaging box into a product manual.

Eyelash Packaging

Choosing Colors And Font Of Text

Determining color and content are two critical points of perfect lash packaging. Let’s start researching it, selecting the color of the packaging and font of the slogan, and the information to match your logo is advisable.

Update Novelty Eyelash Packaging

Fashion and popularity are the process of appreciating, accepting and promoting new concept elements. The same is true for Eyelash Packaging Boxes. Every few months, new box shapes and popular element concepts will become popular in the market.According to one research, by changing the shape of the product packaging, sales of these long-established 3D eyelashes skyrocketed in just a few months. This is the most evident proof of the advantages of the unique eyelash packaging shape.

Eyelash Packaging Box

Top Open & Slide Drawer Eyelash Box

Forget the boring and simple rectangular Eyelash Boxes. Try getting a drawer Lash Box. You can pull out the eyelash box like it is a drawer.
Here are the most tendency eyelash packaging box Ideas 2023. You can order any other eyelash packaging for your business by contacting us now .

Eyelash Packaging Box

Your Eyelash Packaging Box, Our professional!

Get eyelash packaging box ideas 2023 from Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor. We are the top printing and packaging company online that offers you the best custom packaging boxes with logos to help you take your brand to new heights of success. In addition, we promise to deliver exceptional packaging services and the best turnaround time.

We would be happy to serve you!

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How Eyelash Vendor Create Perfect Blogs For Independent Eyelash Website?

Top Reasons Why Wholesale Eyelash Vendor Needs a Blog

A blog regarding 3D Mink Lashes is a powerful promotional tool. It works well on keeping loyal customers, finding new ones, and keeping profits growing is a no-brainer marketing for every Wholesale Eyelash Vendor.

Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

A make up Eyelash blog can help people find Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers websites on Google. A blog created by 3D Mink Eyelash Vendor‘s website with well-written tips and useful information drives more traffic. When it comes to ranking eyelash-related websites, Google places a lot of emphasis on regular, high-quality content.
It sonsiders you and your business as an expert in beauty. Blogging allows you to add a personal touch to your marketing and reduce barriers.

3D Mink Lashes

Mink Lashes users are well educated and they love a good blog. It builds trust and is great for acquiring new customers and increasing rebookings. In the world of beauty and eyelashes, trust is a valuable asset. Your expert blog posts, filled with lash and beauty tips, tricks and trends, will establish your lash wholesaler experience and expertise in front of your readers.

Before you start creat Eyelash Contents blog, create a plan of action for yourself. It will simplify the whole process and give you clarity.
What is Eyelash Customer type your your blog will face to?
Who kind of matter will this blog settle ?
How does it benefit you?
When blogging, the most important things to keep in mind: be consistent and patient. It paid off handsomely! You can post three times a week or once a month, it’s up to you. However, we recommend somewhere in between. But be consistent.

Google is a very fair platform, when you provide useful blogs to the audience, it will show to the eyelash lovers without hesitation. This need time to reflect, so you’ll start seeing the first results of your work within six months to a year, and then you’ll be seen as a leader and expert in your field, what more could you ask for? As a bonus, you’ll get tons of free traffic to your website from Google.

Faux Mink Lashes

Eyelashes Blog Brings Unexpected effects To Wholesale Lash Vendors

We browsed hundreds indepentent eyelash websites managed by Mink Lash Vendors from all over the world and looked for terrific bloggers to see what different cultures have to offer.The sad truth is blogs are rare, and good blogs are even fewer. Here’s the good news for you: You’ll be able to quickly differentiate yourself, both to your customers and to Google.

Imagine if people were looking for a solution to their eyelash problems and they found you.
Not only did they find your website, but they also read inspiring blog posts that inspired and helped them.

They know you now, they like you because your blog posts are useful, and they now trust you enough to place an order on your website, order lashes and start their lash business.
That’s the pure magic of blogging.

Wholesale Lash Vendor USA

What Blog Will Get Customers Trust Eyelash Vendors?

Amor 3D Mink Lash Vendor believe that what eyelash customers care about is what your blog should share. After your blog solves the problems that customers care about, it will naturally gain the trust of customers and regard you as an expert in their minds.
So what do customers care about?
Eyelashes customers focus on the following aspects:
Material of eyelashes
Matching eyelash style and eye shape
This year’s 3D Mink Lashes trends
What kind of Eyelash Packaging Box is more popular
Online payment tools, delivery speed, etc.
The text of such posts is clear, easy to read, and informative.

25mm Lashes

What blog Will Be Easy To Read & Pushed By Google For 3D Mink Lash Vendor?

  1. Text length
    The body length of the blog should be more than 300 words, and a blog with 600-800 words is the most suitable.
  2. Several pictures should be arranged in the middle of the blog
    A series of questions makes readers drowsy and cannot arouse reading interest. Beautiful pictures match keywords and alt attributes that reflect the theme of the text. It can not only be recommended by Google, but also increase the interest of customers in browsing.
  3. Clarify the keywords in the blog
    Keywords are the most frequently used words in Google search by potential eyelash customers. These words vary according to different cultural habits. The keywords commonly used by eyelash customers are 3D mink lash, 25mm lashes, Eyelash Packaging, Custom Eyelash Packaging, Lash Box, Eyelash Vendor USA, Wholesale Eyelash Vendor, Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers, etc. If it does not affect reading, evenly distributing eyelash keywords in your eyelash blog will make Google clearly understand the content of your blog, and Push it to customers who want to find this kind of blog, prompting your website views.
  4. The position and density of mink eyelash keywords
    Keywords need to appear in the SEO title of your blog!
    Use more key phrases or synonyms in H2 and H3 subheadings!
    Eyelash keywords must appear in the slug of the background of the web page!
    Include key phrases in meta descriptions!
    It is very important to increase the density of eyelash keywords in the paragraph description, but it is not possible to write a blog as a pile of keywords, which will affect the customer’s reading experience.
  5. Sufficient internal links, try to link the pages of the website to the keywords of the blog content.
  6. To establish outbound links, this is the practice of citing websites in papers, which can increase the credibility of website data. This is a relatively contradictory problem. Adding outbound links to blogs will increase Google’s score and bring you More push, but outbound links will divert your website browsing time. To solve this problem, you need to write your blog better.
  7. The SEO title of the blog should not be too long, and it must conform to Google’s search habits.

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor update many blogs on its website by well educated experts, you can learn from it, and write better blogs to help your lash business!

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Why Are Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Eyelash Customer Visits So Important?

Subtitle: Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.3 | Monthly Do Customers Visits

Every Wholesale Eyelash Vendors should know that customers will buy 3D Mink Lashes onlywhen they feel loyalty and consideration. In order to built consumer’s loyalty and consideration,nothing beats a face to face meeting. Take the time to communicate with customers are very important on enlarge your lash business. For this Aim, Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor suggest you:

  1. Make a visit scedule according to your customers name list. Try to meet your important or influence customers every month.
  1. Listen to your customer’s achievements in using 3D Mink Lashes, including how many compliments she has received, the time she saved in applying eyelashes, and her good experience. If possible, ask her for the video material of the beauty makeup and ask her for permission. Post on social media. Customers like to share these behaviors that make her proud. As long as you listen to her, she will be very satisfied. This is the most important way for ordinary customers to become loyal customers. Amor Eyelash Vendor has verified that this method is the most effective.
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Usa Mink Lash Vendor Eyelash Vendor
  1. Introduce the progress of your eyelash business, such as how many new customers have been added this month, and these new customers bought because they admired those eyelash styles; for example, you ordered those new eyelash styles and new fashion Eyelash Packaging Box from Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers this month, etc. In this way, you will inadvertently show customers new eyelash styles and let customers know the latest fashion elements. These will become the content of her chats with others, thus indirectly developing new customers for you.
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Usa Mink Lash Vendor Eyelash Vendor
  1. Introduce the progress of your social media, including your newly released eyelash ideas, show off your latest beauty video, attract customers to provide her advice on beauty video, her participation will increase her interest in your eyelash business A sense of identity and increase customer loyalty to your business.
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Usa Mink Lash Vendor Eyelash Vendor
  1. By the way, make an appointment for the next date when you will finish the visit. All you should do is make customers pay attention to you when buying eyelashes, and have no interest in facing your competitors, and you will be successful. Turn each of your customers into your loyal fans, and you will be successful if you accumulate them!
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors Usa Mink Lash Vendor Eyelash Vendor
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How To Get Enough Trffic For Your Lash Business?

Subtitle: Eyelash Marketing Strategy No.2 | Expand Eyelash Traffic

In the same 3D Mink Lashes business, when others can make money, but you can’t, probably because of marketing problems, and sufficient traffic is the first key point in eyelash marketing. So how can we get more traffic and more customers to buy? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor shares how to get traffic, browse carefully, you will gain a lot.

Shopping Mall Eyelash Store To Get More Natural Traffic

Where there are the most beautiful female gathering or passby, there has the largest Eyelash Consumer traffic. This is our first choice for selling eyelashes. Supermarkets and shopping centers are naturally the places with the largest flow of people. Naturally, the sales volume of eyelashes here is very large. If your eyelash store open here and have a relaxed experience environment, then it is easier to get the many many orders.

Residential Community Eyelash Store To Get Stable community traffic

It is also a good choice to open a store in a relatively large community. Although the customer traffic here is not as large as that of a shopping center, they are easy to communicate with because customers here will come to visit when they are walking and leisure, so it is easy to communicate and make a deal. Because of the short distance, you can provide technical guidance and other after-sales services to customers at any time, and these customers can easily become your loyal users.

Amazon Online Eyelash Store To Get Enough Amazon Traffic

The well-developed network and the popularity of smartphones make opening an online eyelash shop an important way to quickly gain traffic and expand business. Amor Lash Vendor suggested opening a store on Amazon, because in the United States, Amazon is the largest consumer entrance, with unlimited traffic, and the cost of opening a store is not high at all. You need to do two things well. First, instruct your eyelash supplier how to ship to Amazon warehouse, including packaging, printing barcodes, shipping to Amazon’s warehouse and other details; second, update the beautiful mink in the Amazon online store Eyelash pictures, provide information about the manufacture and use of mink eyelashes, set the search keywords. I believe this is a small matter for you, do these things well, and the rest is Amazon to make money for you!

Home Eyelash Store If You Have Got Enough Socia Media Traffic

Of course, if possible, you can create a considerable amount of online traffic yourself. For example, if you create an Instagram account or YouTube account with a lot of beauty fans, then congratulations, it is very likely that 30% of the fans will be converted into yours potential customers, your mink eyelashes business will be better, and you don’t need advertisements, and you don’t need email visits. You only need to shout in a video, and customers will come to consult. Then you can start eyelash business at home, your home is eyelash store, what you need to do is ship your orders in time! Such low-cost customer traffic and free lash store costs will create better for you profits!

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