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How To Apply Pre-cut Lashes?

Amor Lash Vendor start to supply Pre-cut Lashes for the lash fans 4 years ago, now Amor Lashes is Major Pre-cut Lash Vendor for Eyelash Salon and Diy Lash Fans. This blog instroduce how to apply Pre-cut Lashes in a simple way, to help the lash fans do it herself, only 3 times practise, you can well done!

Pre-cut Lash Vendor
  1. Order Pre-cut Lashes from Amor Lash Vendor, get this cute Pre-cut Lashes, Lashes, Lash Glue and Tweezers ready!
Vegan Lash Vendor

2.Apply lash glue on lash band and small lash glue on the lash hairs near the band, wait few second till the lash glue nearly dry.

Lash Vendors

3. Apply the wing section of Pre-cut Lashes to the root of your natural lashes on the Out Corner of your eye,lift the eyelash up, hold a little while, let the Pre-cut Lash section get good touch of your natural lashes, close and tacky together, then release it to normal states.

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4.Apply second section near the first one, from out corner step to the inner corner of your eyes, only when the prior lash section dried and get firmed, then start the next applying.

Apply The 3 Section Pre-cut Lashes

5. Step by step, apply the left sections of Pre-cut Lashes, Remember: no need to apply all the lash section on, you can apply few part depends upon yourself.

Pre-cut Lash Vendor

6.When you lift the lashes, lift it very near the up eyelid, so the lash band can get well sticky to your eyelid and lift the natural lashes. This need practises, few times later you can know how to do next time.

Mink Lash Vendor

7.Go in and pinch the lash with our natural lashes using a set of long tweezers, this is going to secure the lash band to your natural lashes, purse the glue in between and it also means the seam is almost impossible to see, Done!