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What are silk lashes?

Silk lashes are a good choice for medium-weight eyelashes. Often suitable for a variety of different customers. Compared with synthetic eyelashes, their softness and porosity are better. So the use of time will be longer. If the customer’s eyelashes are thin, it is a better choice. –Lashes Amor

Like other types of eyelashes, they vary in degree of curl and length. Look as vivid or natural as the customer wants. And usually do not look as “plastic” as acrylic eyelashes. They are also some of the darkest eyelash extenders you can get, with the appearance of “off the shelf mascara”. Glamorous false eyelashes are a popular choice for brides who are looking for full, long, and natural eyelashes.


Silk eyelashes are great because their fibers are similar to actual mink fur. In fact, some silks have so close feel and appearance to mink that it is difficult to distinguish them.

Lashes Amor silk is made of superfine fibers, making it the closest relative to actual mink fur. This means you can get a set of exquisite, fringed looks that resemble mink eyelashes, without price tags or cruel animal behavior.

You can put on your eyelashes in a conscientious way because you know that the fibers have not yet taken off from innocent animals.

Silk Lashes

Silk eyelashes are also very comfortable. A good pair of false eyelashes will always be wrapped with a cotton thread, making your lash line completely weightless, so you will basically forget that they are there.

No need to use heavy eye makeup, you can make the eyes have dramatic and natural elegance. In fact, once you start wearing false eyelashes, you can basically remove that thick mascara. You don’t need it at all.

model is weaaring silk lashes

If you are worried that silk eyelashes will not blend with natural eyelashes and mink eyelashes, there is no need to worry. Korean silk eyelashes can easily blend with your natural eyelashes. To ensure that they blend as much as possible, we always recommend that you curl natural eyelashes before applying false eyelashes. Curling natural eyelashes can blend them with the natural curvature of silk eyelashes, making them look natural.

There are also many styles of eyelashes to choose from. Since silk is a synthetic fiber, it can be shaped before being placed on the lash band. This means you can expect to see different styles of Lashes silk eyelashes for different eye shapes, which look more vivid on special occasions.

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