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What’s the difference between Silk lashes, faux mink lashes, and mink lashes?

Not all false eyelashes are the same. There are many types of fiber to choose from, silk lashes, faux mink lashes, mink lashes. But how do you know which one is the best? –Lashes Amor

Silk Lashes-Let’s start with this, shall we?

First of all, although some brands sell their false eyelashes with 100% silk lashes. They are made of synthetic fiber, not real silk. Because real silk is a soft material that cannot maintain its shape and curl. Depending on whether this is important to you. You need to do some research. To find out the types of synthetic fibers actually used by your eyelash brand.

woman wearing silk lashes

“Silk” lashes are a new type of eyelashes that have emerged in recent years. Which are more refined and more natural than traditional artificial mink eyelashes. Although sometimes it seems. That these terms are used interchangeably and seem sensible, they may be very similar.

Are they reusable?

Yup! Silk lashes can be reused after multiple treatments. Although we cannot guarantee a number, the general rule of thumb (with any mistakes). Is to always dab some makeup remover and apply it along with the lash band until the glue dissolves. And then continue to remove the residue on the glue to keep them changing Be strong.

What’s the difference between silk lashes vs faux mink lashes?

It depends on the eyelash brand. The main difference depends on the brand and its construction process. You will notice some eyelashes. They may have a higher gloss. In addition, they are quite comparable in appearance and feel, depending on personal preference.

More importantly, if you want to increase the volume of your eyelashes while being natural. We recommend that you find the correct style, length, and style for your unique eye shape. Because the difference between silk and artificial mink eyelashes may be small.


In short, artificial mink is a high-end false eyelash. Designed to imitate the quality and fineness of real mink eyelashes. This is a vegan-friendly option, it is made of plastic fibers. Although technology has improved over the years to make them look more natural than before.

How does it compare to real Mink eyelashes?

Depending on the brand of artificial mink eyelashes you are trying to use. Each eyelash has its own construction method. Some of them may not use soft straps. And the entire eyelashes are made of plastic, so they are more than made eyelashes. Hard, more difficult to apply softer materials, such as cotton. This is a trial and error case.

Synthetic eyelashes also tend to be slightly thicker than real mink hair. So they are slightly eye-catching, but no one would be wiser. Unless walking on the red carpet during the Oscars to catch strobe lights.

Do they last as long?

This also really depends on the brand. But from our experience, faux mink lashes are definitely reusable. You should find out if they are using a plastic band or cotton band. Or simply try out their lashes and see how the construction quality is.

Mink lashes

Lastly, a lash comparison wouldn’t be complete without the lashes that started it all: good old Mink Lashes. Chances are, you may have heard of eyelash extensions at some point. You must make an appointment. Lie down for two hours. And then chat with (hopefully) a certified eyelash technician. To (hopefully) the accuracy of the surgery. will The eyelashes are put on you one by one.

We took this concept of eyelash extensions. And turned it into a strip based lash anyone could apply anywhere, easily. Needless to say, the length of our pursuit of beauty is admirable. But let’s face it, we don’t always have time to sit there for two hours. And we don’t want to spend 100 to 200 dollars on some eyelashes anywhere. A few weeks, then go back and repeat the cycle again.

The reason why our Lashes Amor Mink eyelashes are so popular. That is we have adapted this concept and the quality of eyelash extenders. And created strip-based eyelashes that anyone can comfortably in their own home or car Apply on the ground. (just kidding, please don’t have eyelashes and drive).

Cotton Band

Mink eyelashes (at least our eyelashes) are different from synthetic eyelashes in drugstores. They are made of a soft cotton strap, making them lightweight, comfortable, and easy to use. Our mink hair also provides a tapered effect for each eyelash bundle, just like natural hair, because they are always shaped by hand and never cut.

The reason why many beginners cannot use eyelashes is that they usually start with a cheap pair of synthetic eyelashes, which are mechanically molded and uncomfortably designed. The band is very hard and the eyelashes are cut into a certain shape, which usually results in an unnatural appearance.

Not only are the typical lash bands stiff and stubborn, but they also don’t shape your eyes very, meaning the ends can easily come off. With a cotton band, you don’t have this issue.

Hairs as natural as your own (even better actually.)

Of course, lashes bands aren’t the main reason you buy lashes (I mean unless you’re a lash band connoisseur. In which case, rejoice!) You want to add some volume and length to your natural lashes, keyword being natural, and mink lashes are famous for that. 

Because of their fineness and similar properties to human lashes, mink hairs are an ideal material to use for making natural looking lashes that add beautiful looking volume, with strands that taper off at the ends. 

Do they last as long as extensions? Hint: Yes!

One of the main draws of mink lashes (again, at least the ones we’ve created), are actually their durability. They are not one-time use and disposable lashes (reuse reduce right?). With proper care, mink lashes could last multiple wears, we’ve even had customers wear ours over 30+ times until it finally said “No more! I’m done being applied on your eyes!”. We’re paraphrasing. But the point is, they are resilient!

Each type of eyelashes, whether it is silk eyelashes, artificial mink eyelashes or real mink eyelashes, has its own advantages and trade-offs.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will always be your devoted mink lashes supplier!

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