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What Do You Know Siberia Mink Eyelashes?

There was a time when only A-class stars had the privilege to wear real mink eyelashes. Nowadays, because Lashes Amor exclusively provides the most exquisite and luxurious false eyelashes made of 100% real, cruelty-free Siberian mink, you can feel like a Hollywood star without paying high-end prices. Here are 8 facts you should know before buying Siberia mink eyelashes!

Siberia mink eyelashes with eyetweezer and lash glue in a eyelashes book
eyelash book

1.There Are No Worthy Duplicates

There is no false eyelash material on the market that can perfectly replicate the real Siberian mink. You may have heard false claims because the artificial mink or silk eyelashes also have tapered tips and different lengths, so they look as good as real eyelashes. No chance, my royal self-helper! Siberian mink eyelashes have 2 unique features listed in #2, while conventional artificial false eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, artificial mink or silk eyelashes, mascara created by the latest eyelash length and volume, or other cheaper real mink types. It can’t be achieved at all!

2.Splendid Luxury Sheen& Bushy Curl

No picture can do justice to the luster, delicate and fluttering edges of the truly enviable Siberian mink eyelashes! As the mink naturally adapts to the cold climate of Siberia, the fur grows longer, stronger, fluffy, and thicker. Therefore, the Siberian mink eyelashes provide the highest smoothness, softness, fluffy curls, and rich black. Siberian mink is the best luxury mink eyelashes in the world!

3.Durable & Long-Lasting

Real Siberian mink fur is very delicate, but it is known for its durability. In fact, under the premise of proper care and individual animal quality, mink can be used for 30 years. No wonder Minki false eyelashes can be worn 25 times! Please note that artificial eyelashes should be discarded after 1-3 times of use, as they may begin to release harmful and potentially carcinogenic chemicals, while real mink eyelashes will not.

4.Volume without additional weight

Although mink fur is one of the softest furs in the world, it can be very dense. Since a single mink has almost no weight and is 3 times lighter than synthetic similar products, Minki Lashes can provide a more natural appearance without adding extra weight. The real Siberian mink eyelashes are thick but light. They are soft and light when worn. The diameter of the eyelashes is about 0.10 to 0.15 mm, which is thinner than the traditional synthetic eyelashes and makes the eye easier. The Large size and lightweight? That’s not a Lashes Amor!

5. No Chemicals

Lashes Amor mink lashes are made of mink skins of black live mink that have fallen off. The fur of these minks is naturally rich, dark in color, and smooth on surface, which can be eye-catching without manual treatment. Moreover, since the same pair of Siberian mink eyelashes are not suitable for long-term wear, there is no need for long-lasting fur preservation treatment. You will get naturally sterilized black thick eyelashes, even suitable for sensitive eyes!

6. 100% Handmade&Perfect Imperfections

Since there is no machine that can properly attach each real fur to the eyelash band while retaining the fluffy texture, Lashes Amor mink lashes are 100% handmade. This is why each pair of Lashes Amor lashes is unique, with slight differences in Siberia mink eyelashes length, spacing, and curl. Each pair of eyelashes is hand-curled to perfection by professionals and fixed to the very soft cotton lash band on the base.

7. Cruelty-Free

In the mink shedding season, by gently brushing the mink on a free-range farm in Siberia, Russia, you can obtain real mink for making luxurious eyelashes. During this process, no animals were harmed. Siberian minks are carefully cared for and well-fed by farmers in their free-range environment. Since the highest quality fur comes from the highest quality care, farmers must comply with the nutritional requirements of mink during growth and reproduction, as well as strict government and agricultural regulations to ensure the highest humane care standards. All fur raw materials are imported from Siberia, and Siberia is the highest quality mink on the global market. Then, the Siberia mink eyelashes were assembled by hand at the Lashes Amor manufacturing plant in China.


Unlike its man-made alternatives, authentic mink skins are renewable and biodegradable resources. Without proper care, they will eventually decompose. The man-made materials used to make man-made, man-made mink, or silk eyelashes are all based on petroleum. And, once disposed of, will block landfills for centuries. After all, eyes made of plastic are not so wonderful! In addition, since the diet of mink skins is rich in protein, fat, and fat content are carefully measured, based on expired agricultural products and other inedible animal by-products (such as chicken and eggs), they help maintain the beneficial green in the ecosystem cycle. This helps keep the prices of human consumer products low! It sounds very environmentally friendly to me now!

Yes, Siberia mink eyelashes are the future, I hope this article can help you understand mink lashes products better. And make money with us together!

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