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Sample Lashes Box For Your Lashes Business-Lashes Amor

Sample Lashes Box For Your Lashes Business

Sample lashes box packages.

Many people are interested in our sample eyelash box. There are a lot of beginners asking me. I just started my eyelash business and wanted to create my own lashes brand. If I want to save my cost, is there any good way?

The solution is to use our sample eyelash box. General customized boxes, the unit price of boxes is between 2-3 dollars for MDQ 100, For some packaging type, LOGO printing needs hot stamping process,which is extra cost. For the newcomers who start lashes career, this is a burden somehow.

Lashes Amor has provided several sample eyelash packaging to solve the urgent needs. Our sample eyelash box has a minimum order quantity of only 20. It does not take up shipment space in your sample lashes order.

The Most Cost-effective Way – For Newcomers Who Want To Have A New Lashes Brand

The best way to save money, but with the brand LOGO, is to choose these boxes and add stickers. The price of the lashes logo sticker is very cheap. No better way than for your lashes business.

1.Round Box 

This round box matches a round mink lashes tray, one of the classic lashes tray, especially suitable for using logo sticker. It’s small enough for natural-length eyelashes, and our 3D mink lashes and 3D silk lashes, and natural mink lashes are perfect for this type. The background inside has a variety of colors. Ideal type for summer and easy to carry.

Sample lashes box packages

2.Lizard Paper Square Box 

Inside this square, the box is a volume lashes tray. Also very suitable for stickers. This box is suitable for volume lashes and Russian volume lashes. Ideal for 25mm mink lashes, double layer mink lashes, and 6D mink lashes.

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For Those Who Don’t Want Make Lashes Brand Logo.

We also have two types of rectangular sample eyelash boxes, one is plastic and the other is lizard paper.

This lizard one is printed with our company LOGO. So it may not be suitable for customers who want their own brand. But for those who haven’t thought about starting their own LOGO, and who is buying it for a gift, is also very suitable if you don’t want a round box or a square box. The price is also very favorable.

If you want your own LOGO rectangular box. Then you need to customize.

Sample lashes box packages

Get The Most Luxury Box Cheaper

Sample lashes box packages

The last one is the diamond box. This glitter lashes box is recognized by everyone for its unique design. This is the best lashes boxes for high-end customers, for it’s very good-looking to take out and take pictures on the INS.

Our sample eyelash boxes are set up for the customer’s urgent purpose. Suitable for customers who have a small demand and a small budget. We encourage customers to build up their own lashes brand and enlarge their lashes career. Also want to give support to those who just start their lashes business, maybe undergraduate from university, mothers with two lovely kids. We are willing to work with you to make the eyelash business better and better.

Better lashes, better life. Lashes Amor will be your best mink lashes vendor.

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