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Want To Know More About Lashes Factory?-LASHES AMOR

Want To Know More About Lashes Factory?

Professional mink lashes vendor. When I entered the eyelash industry, I didn’t understand anything. Dealing with every day’s customer inquiries, all about” how to order the lashes sample”, “how to make the packaging box”, “how much lashes cost”. I don’t have a deep understanding of the eyelash industry and my clients.

Since I started doing eyelashes website, Lashes Amor. I have a lot of different opinions about our eyelash business and my customers who start lashes line.

Every day I think about what kind of service my client needs.

Miss Andrew, one of my customers, a college student who has just started a lashes business. She has little money to start with. But her goal is very clear. She wants good quality mink eyelashes and to do her own lashes brand. This is very common among my clients. So I recommended her a hot style 25mm mink lashes in the US market. Also, advise her on our sample box with logo stickers to save money. Later she chose a rectangular lashes packaging. Sounds very easy, isn’t it? Wrong. The box she chose is not suitable for use her sticker, what’s more, the box carries our company’s LOGO.

I didn’t make it clear in the last email and this cause a problem for both of us. And at the first second, I apologized to her and willing to send her a sample lashes box for free.

Lashes Pro? Come to Lashes Amor

Professional mink lashes vendor.

This incident has brought me a lot of consideration. Why can’t I do something really to let my customers know more about our lashes sample boxes easily? Then I wrote a blog about all the lashes sample boxes thing. And I send it to all my customers who want to order lashes sample boxes. And it works out which makes me really feel profound.

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My boss, who has engaged in the lashes industry for more than 10 years, told me that American customers are easy to get along with. Because they are very open and like effective communication. I gradually realize this. We are all sincere in doing business. This makes me think that my website should also provide real things related to mink eyelashes vendor. Everything in detail about the mink lashes factory, lashes manufacturer, lashes packaging, and services is what our customers looking for.

Now, I update my lashes websites: LASHESAMOR.COM every day. Not only share the knowledge of eyelashes but also share the information of the mink lashes factory and how to start lashes business. Many customers in the US market are beginners in the lashes industry. They really need some guidance with their own lash line. I want to help them more than we did. I want to do what we haven’t done. I would like to share the experience of ordering lashes samples, customizing brand packaging, constructing the website. We should work together to make this lashes industry better and better.

lashes amor-Professional mink lashes vendor
Know More About Lashes Factory?Follow LASHES AMOR

I have a great time every day with my website. Because of my article, my customers are more aware of the lashes business and get their career and life better. It is significant for me and LASHES AMOR.

Want to know more about lashes factory? Follow us and keep attention to updating.

Better lashes, better life. LASHES AMOR will be your best wholesale lashes vendor.

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