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What Mink Lashes Does Tati Daily Wear?

Amor Lashes is one of the top Wholesale Lash Vendor, we always focus on the trending of eyelash fashion, of course, the media celebrities are always on the range of our eyesight, today we talk on the famous Youtube blogger, Ms Tati, to see what kind of Mink Lashes does she wearing daily, and how the lashes works?

Tati’s Eyelash looks very natural and cute from the front, but when she look down, we can see her lashes clearly, she did wear a pair of Mink Lashes, and it looks very short, the Fuller Outer Half Lash that will ready lift the eye!

Mink Lashes

She said on her Youtube video: “I do want to share with you all, remember how it was keeping it a little bit of a secret, the lashes that i was gonna use on Erica for her wedding day ”

“My gosh,these are the best lashes of all time, love them!
They are perfect,they make the look she looked old hollywood glam and it was just beautiful!”

False Lashes

“Well i happen to be wearing them for this video as well
i bought like like 10 packs of these, i’am obsessed with this lash, it is absolutely so good,
For some reasons this is kind of a fuller outer half lash that will ready lift the eye!”

Below picture are catlog of half lashes which designed and produced by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier, these lashes from shortest 10mm, longest 14mm length, 9 styles total, more choice for the people who love half lashes.

That is easy to apply, you can use these over and over and over again,
they are built sturdy !
and you know sometimes lash companies will say use these 25 times you’re like,
Okay how they’re gonna fall apart,But these really hold up, you get a lot of mileage out of them,

Mink Lashes DQ09

They are amazing whether you are doing full glam big day makeup or you just want a little something extra on a date night or a casual afternoon of filming,
i have no reason to be in lashes other than this video

Eyelash Vendor

But you know what?
i’m keeping them on, i think they’re cute!

Mink Lash Vendor

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Fox Eye Makeup Tips

One of the recent makeup trends in the beauty world has been fox eye makeup. Though similar to cat eyes and other winged eye looks, fox eyes have become a trend of its own. Fox eye makeup consists of emphasizing the inner corners with eyeliner and eyeshadow, creating a sleek and straight wing on the end and blurring it all to remove any harsh lines.Amor Eyelash Vendor share the Fox Eye Make up Tips and also recommend you the best eyelashes for you in this blog.

💙The look is also versatile depending on the way you want it to look — whether that means a longer wing, more blurred lines or experimenting with different colours, it can be altered slightly for anyone who learns how to do fox eye makeup. As you hop on the fox eye trend, here are makeup tips for fox eye makeup for you to learn from.

💘【Makeup tips】💕

❶ Do not use too heavy eye shadow! Give the eyelids a proper color, and the upper eyelids are all matte.

❷ The blush is also painted with eye shadow, so that the overall makeup will be harmonious.

❸ The eyeliner direction plays an important role with the fox eye look.

💕【Makeup procedure】💘

  1. Use a light orange for the bottom of the eye.
  2. Darken the head and tail of the eyes, and then use a brush to smudge both ends
  3. Use a darker color to draw the eyeliner.
  4. Use the darkest shade to draw an eyeliner guideline to help you draw eyeliner for later.
  5. The eyeliner is applied on both ends of the eye.
  6. Curl the eyelashes and then use a pearly eyeliner shade to have a realistic look

💕【Eyelashes Recomendation】💘

Short, light and winged eyelashes are the best choice for fox eyes make up. Here we recommend the light mink lashes made by Amor Eyelash Vendor, who has decades of eyelash experiences and provide cheaper but beautiful eyelashes all over the world.

Mink lashes for fox eye make up

Cashmere lashes for Fox Eyes make up

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Which Brand Cat Eye Lash Style is More Popular in 2022?

When you read this blog, I know you love cat eye lashes! So do you know what cat eye lashes are more popular in 2022? Do you know how many cat eyelashes there are? Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor will systematically show you cat eyelashes of different materials, different styles of cat eyelashes, and of course cat eyelashes of different brands. I am sure that when you read this blog for the third time, you will understand what kind of cat eye lashes you want, you will easily choose your favorite style from these popular cat eye lashes to use by yourself, of course you also It will be easy to choose the cat eyelash style you need for your eyelash business!

  • Adell ultra-thin vegan cat eye lashes |ARDELL 853

The classic ARDELL 853 eyelashes are very influential. These eyelashes can last for several years and top the sales list. These eyelashes are fatally attractive to customers with beauty experience because they are thin and light, and they can DIY their own eyelashes. style, so its repurchase ratio is also very high.

Velour lashes is committed to the development and promotion of vegan lashes, especially the promotion of plant fiber eyelashes, it is ahead of other brands, and even developed a full degradable combination from eyelashes, eyelash trays and eyelash packaging boxes, which are popular among vegetarian eyelashes users. Admired, is also the first vegetarian eyelashes brand, her sales have nothing to do with price, but feelings and environmental protection concepts.

The founder of Huda beauty has a deep understanding of beauty and has a strong ability to promote social media, so the huda beauty collection has always been at the forefront of fashion, this eyelash is also very beautiful, and the customer feedback is also very good, if you can find more A good model will perform better.

Lily lashes has been constantly launching her new styles and collecting customer feedback through Internet stars, so it is efficient from the company’s high-level procurement to the company’s promotion implementation. Amor lashes has close cooperation with them , so I appreciate their approach very much, and I also appreciate the eyelashes they launch.

  • Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor

Different from the above Lash Brand Company, Amor Lash Vendor are wholesale lash vendors, what we do is to supply custom eyelashes to them, therefore Amor Lashes design more cat eye eyelash styles, and is much more comprehensive, from vegan lashes, to mink lashes, from short eyelashes to long eyelashes , all have, because we are also constantly designing new styles to provide eyelashes for the above brands.

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Wedding Makeup | The Best False Eyelashes for Wedding Day

No one can deny that a wedding is the most important day in a woman’s life.The biggest task of the bride on this day is to dress herself up most beautifully and accept blessings and compliments from relatives and friends!
Aamor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor have prepared 5 beautiful eyelashes for brides, and they are matched with real-life dress up renderings. Choose the style that suits your preferences, and you will definitely get praise from everyone!

The following is the display of these eyelashes, amor lash vendor’s classic wedding eyelashes styles, these styles of eyelashes have a lot of orders, and some customers request to make some changes according to these eyelashes styles, they are even willing to spend hundreds of dollars to customize their own exclusive eyelashes styles, They are used for everyday occasions other than weddings because they love it so much, they are amazing!

  • Classic False Eyelashes

Eyelashes are cult following for their stunning full style, exceptional quality and ease of use. It usually warrants a lot of effort and research into the product from a professional standpoint to ensure the product is amazing. They also have very durable straps, so the lashes actually take a minute to apply after you fit them to your eye shape.

  • Natural Wispy Thin Lash Style

These are staples in my kit because they’re long and gorgeous, but look so natural. this is the most loved makeup artist’s brand, and these lashes are the most popular style for customers who want natural lashes. We love the flared shape of this style, which is angled to add drama to the outer corners of the lashes!

  • Wing Cat Eyelash Style

I love these because they offer a great cat eye look.
They can also be made more dramatic by the thicker wing lash hairs on the out corner of the eyes. They’re a very flexible option that can be placed to fit any eye shape. Plus, they’re really high quality, so they don’t feel cheap, itchy, or irritating.

I love great parties and alternative weddings and know many great wedding vendors that do too!

Making you look and feel great on your big day is at the heart of what I do, and I go out of my way to help you with ideas, beauty prep advice, and ways to stay zen on your big day.

How to choose right lashes to fit your eyeshape?

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How to Start a False Eyelash Business?|Choose lash style idea

It seems very simple to start your eyelash business, order lashes from Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers and sell them out. But do you know what eyelash popular and easy sell out? Amor Eyelash Vendor give you some suggestions help you choose the right lash styles, help you make money in a easy way.

  • Cat Eye Lashes 40% In Your Lash Order

According to the Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers date analysis, 80% of people (both men and women) believe that the cat-eye effect is the sexiest eye makeup.Among all the eyelash categories of Amor Lashes, the number of eyelash pins that can bring cat-eye effect are the top sellers !

  • Light Volume Lashes 30% In Your Lash Order

Short length, light volume lashes are the main lash style in the market, especially wispy style, are the trending direction right now. These kind of lashes has volume effects on the root of eyelash, and has wispy extension on the tip, makes young and glam look.

  • C Curl Russian Volume 30% In Your Lash Order

DD Curl and C curl russian volume lashes is another trending direction, this kind of lashes looks super natural and has great salon lash extension look, most important it is much cheaper, easy to remove when you get tired within one week.

  • Say No to Inferior Cheap Eyelashes

Remember never say no to the inferior cheaper eyelashes, commen sense that the eye is most sensitive part of the skin, the inferior cheap eyelashes be sure will not comfortable when your clients apply the lashes on. You are lucky if the customer do not buy from you again, the bad thing is if your clients claims to you, you will lost money as well. Only high quality can bring you faithful clients.

  • Order lashes from Amor Lashes, the reliable lash vendor.
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Does Half Strip Lashes Popular?

Amor lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers found that more than 50% of women like to use natural lashes, although they occasionally try dramatic fully lash styles, but quickly return to the natural look, so recently Half Strip Lashes which looks more natural become popular again.

The Strip Lashes shown on the above catalog are half strip eyelashes with you can put an extra accent on your eyes. These false lashes give you the look as if you have eyelash extensions! The eyelashes have a light curl and therefore give your eyes a beautiful, lifting effect. Because these lashes become a little bit longer in the outer corner of your eye, your eyes appear optically larger.

When you apply the lashes, you should apply them from the 1/3 of your eyeliner calculate from the inner corner, beause the lashes are shorter than the full strip lashes.The most exciting part of half eyelashes is at the outer corner of the eye, where the eyelashes start to grow longer, increase the curvature, present the shape of half a fan, and raise the outer corner of the eye to make the eyes look bigger and more attractive.

After wearing half eyelashes, the eyes appear in a natural state as a whole, but it does not affect the partial Wispy, full volume shape, so Amor lash Vendor provides more half strip lash styles such as cat eye wing eyelashes, full volume eyelashes, and wispy half strip lashes of eyelashes for customers to choose from. .

This comments is coming from customer, it completely indicated how she love the lashes:

“They look very natural. I love the size of the lash not too big yet not small. In my opinion they are the best lashes I have bought. I like how they start small and increase in size at the end. As you can see on the picture I didn’t use eyeliner and they look very nice. If I want a more dramatic look like to go out I simple out on eyeliner and it’s perfect. I used to but Kiss #11 they look very natural as well but, since I tried these on these are my new favorite”

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How to Get the Perfect Cat Eye With Eyelashes?

Cat Eyelashes Are The Best Sellers

According to the Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers date analysis, 80% of people (both men and women) believe that the cat-eye effect is the sexiest eye makeup.Among all the eyelash categories of Amor Lashes, the number of eyelash pins that can bring cat-eye effect are the top sellers ! Amor Lashes vendors list four types of eyelashes. The degree of curvature, volume and width of these eyelashes have their own characteristics, but they will all make a good cat-eye effect. Which one do you like? Please leave a message under the blog.

Cat eyes makes your eye width than usual, so you should make a wing on the out corner of your eye, and draw an eyeline, that will make your top eyelash even and your eyes looks width, view another blog “How Do You Make Cat Eyes Look With Eyelashes?”, this blog we introdcue eyelashes mainly!

Amor Lash Vendors

Four Cat Eye Eyelashes And Self Make Up Picture

Following 4 Lash styles are typical cat eye eyelashes, the pictures show to you only with light make up can apply lashes, these lashes are very easy to apply on, suitable for daily use.

  • L Curl cat eye lashes

This lashes suitable for ppl who tired of heavy make up and like natural lashes, it is simple to apply, and no request to the makeup basis.

Amor Lash Vendors
  • C curl wispy cat eye lashes

This wispy lashes get fluffy lash look, is the most popular right now!

Amor Lash Vendors
  • Russian Volume C curl cat eye lashes

This lash style suitable for the ppl who like Russian volume lashes, this is only Curl.

Amor Lash Vendors
  • half lashes C Curl cat eye lash style

This half lashes need Eyeline and Wing on the out corner of the eyes, they are only less width as usual lashes, so they need help of basic make up! Very popular lash style!

Amor Lash Vendors
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How to Make Your Monolid Eyes Bigger?

  • How to Get Bigger Eyes Look for Monolid Eyes?

People with monolid eyes are mainly distributed in Northeast Asia, mainly China, South Korea and Japanese. Girls with monolid eyes have smaller eyes than Westerners, and the natural eyelashes grow in a drooping pattern. These characteristics all negatively affect the beauty of girls. This is the most annoying thing.How to do? False Lashes can make their eyes looks bigger! Amor Lash Vendors provide fluttery lashes with crisscross layers that open up the eye or shorter, less dramatic lashes. Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes top tip is to always curl the lashes once they’re applied, to give more height to the eyes.

  • Make Up Your Eye Background Before Apply Lashes

Monolid ppl need to do 2 things before apply lashes, First thing is to make shadow area upon eyelid to set off eyelashes, only in this case , the eyelashes can work well, to enhance the eyes and make it look bigger than before. Second thing is to draw bold eyeline, and wing if you like to get cat eye look.

Monolid eye’s natural lashes grows down direction, curler lift the natural lashes before apply lashes, so the natural lashes will well mix strip lashes.

  • What Lash Styles Suit Monolid Eyes?

Monolid eyes natural lashes do not support long lashes, no matter lash extension or strip lashes, short lashes natural style is the major type, wispy style, classic style is the best choice, cat eye look lash styles are popular.

Amor Lash Vendor prepared 2 styles for the monolid eyes, short but natural or wispy look.

  • Monolid Eyes Become Big Eyes Now

View the following picture, check the before and after, the big eyes be sure will get much admire sight than before! Do you want to change your monolid eyes look? start from order eyelashes.

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What Are 6D Eyelashes Means?

  • Do You Offer 6D Eyelashes?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers often get customer inquiries, asking us whether we provide 6D eyelashes, which has puzzled us for a long time. We don’t know the concept of 6D False Eyelashes, so we show the dramatic/mess fluffy/volume styles to customers to choose from, and they basically choose the Volume Looking Eyelash style!

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

  • What Does 6D Eyelashes Means?

I found an icon that is popular in a small area of ​​beauty salons. This is the most reliable explanation I have seen about eyelashes 1/2/3/4/5/6D, 6D is grafting In the process of eyelashes, each natural eyelashes are grafted with an eyelash fan consisting of 6 eyelashes. After the final grafting, a very fluffy three-dimensional effect will appear.

  • This 6D Is Different With Physics 6D Meaning

Physics tells us that the length, width and height form a three-dimensional object, which we call 3D. This principle is applied to the eyelashes, so the eyelashes laid in multiple layers also have width, thickness and length. It is called 3D False Eyelashes worthy of the name. Then the 6D here is not the concept of physics, because no one knows what the 6D of physics looks like. So, all the salespeople at Amor Eyelash Vendor now know that 6D lashes are full-bodied lashes similar to the Mega Volume effect.

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers
  • What 6D Eyelashes Does Amor Lash Vendor Supply?

Amor Lash Vendor wholesale many different 6D eyelash styles, including 6D Mink Lashes, 6D Faux Mink Lashes, 6D Silk Lashes, 6D Plant Fibre Lashes, luxury price and affordable price all available, you can choose from according to your budget.

Following we show C curl 6D falase lashes and D curl False lashes to you, they are showing fluffy, dramatic or Russian Volume looks, but very lightweight, confortalbe, they are popular styles, much help to your Lash Business.

C curvature, Fluffy 6D Volume False Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

C curvature, Wing Fan 6D Volume False Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

C curvature, Wing Fan 6D Volume False Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

C Curvature, Dramatic Airy 6D Volume False Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

D Curl Fluffy Airy 6D Volume Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

D Curl Fluffy Airy 6D Volume Mink Lashes

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers
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Does D Curl Russian Volume Lashes popular?

Why D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes Become Popular Again?

D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes start to bomb for a long time! Many ladies love them the only way because they are get used to the lash extension look, Amor Lashes Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers launched these lash styles on the year 2019, and it start to bomb on the year 2020, when the break of Covid-19, people can not go to salon, this lash style became the replacement of lash extension.

What Pro Does D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes Have?

The picture is the synthetic fiber D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes, it has following pros:

  1. Lash Extension Look
  2. Super Lightweight
  3. Super Natural
  4. Easy Applying
  5. D Curly At The Tip Of Lash Hairs
  6. Thinner hairs
  7. Airy between clusters
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

How About D Curl Russian Volume Mink Strip Lashes?

Mink eyelashes are more spiritual than synthetic eyelashes, not so rigid.
The Russian D Mink Strip Lashes produced by Amor Eyelash Vendor have made some changes, including reducing the space between the clusters, and reducing the curvature appropriately to avoid some customers’ upper eyelids being touched by curled lashes.
Mink eyelashes have a slightly thicker radius than synthetic eyelashes, but don’t add weight, and the wearing effect is better than synthetic eyelashes

  • Wispy D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Customers Feedbacks:

“these are bomb!! they are super curly and natural. and extension looking. Perfect for everyday daytime wear! love them. I cut them to fit my eye shape , i also did cut them into sections for a natural wear! Last Video is a different style! Always get asked what lashes i wear :)”

  • Clear Band D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Customers Feedbacks:

“I L O V E! It gives the look of individual lashes. I haven’t seen my lash tech since I purchased these because they actually get the job done. The curl on these are perfect.”

  • Clear Band Wing D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Customers Feedbacks:

“I love the eyelashes they are very comfortable and easy to put on! They actually look like eyelashes extensions when you wear them💕”

  • Wispy D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Customers Feedbacks:

“Taking a break from my lash extensions so I wanted some strips that would give me a similar look … I love these they are super curly but that’s what gives it that D Curl lash extension look I love them!”

  • Wispy D Curl Russian Volume Strip Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers

Customers Feedbacks:

“These are the most cutest lashes I ever bought!! Look just like lash extensions GET THEM NOW!! It’s super curly so you will have to get a grip of the lashes to fully secure them to your eyelids. Some lashes are curlier than others so just match each as best you can!!!”

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Who Are the Major Consumer of 25mm Mink Lashes?

Is the 25mm lashes for black girls only?

Yes, accoding to history of sale data provided by Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes, all the 25mm Mink Lashes were ordered by black girls. Also according to the feedbacks, these luxury 25mm Mink Lashes make a super charm look on black girls, the feedback pictures shows the lashes are much fit, seems it was natural born like natural lashes.25mm MinK Lashes Eyelashes are dedicated for black girls.

25mm Mink Lashes
25mm Lashes
25mm Mink Lashes Wholesale

How about white girls wear 25mm lashes?

Please view the below picture, this is how it looks, the white girl with 25mm Lashes, obviously, the lashes and girl can not fit.They don’t look like a whole, white skin can show the lashes very clearly, fluffy lashes look very beautiful, but lashes are for beauty, and the lashes here take away the beauty of others, others Just remembering the eyelashes and forgetting the beauty of people is intolerable.

25mm Lashes Vs 22mm Lashes Vs 18mm Lashes

25mm eyelashes have to be fluffy, thick or even messy?

Many wholesalers believe that 25mm eyelashes must be thick, fluffy, and even messy to be popular, so they make a lot of these styles and post them on social media, which is a misunderstanding. Black girls also live in a world composed of communities, messy thick eyelashes, can only be used in very few scenes, such as self-appreciation, such as special parties or nightlife, but if you appear in daily life with such thick eyelashes Life scene, then you are an alternative rather than a beautiful normal person, just like the beautiful bikinis can only appear in swimming pools and beaches.

25mm Mink Lash Vendors
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers
Wholesale Eyelash Vendors

Eyelashes that fit well with natural eyelashes are popular styles

Amor Lash Vendor specializes in the production of luxurious 25mm eyelashes. We never deviate from the mainstream eyelashes styles. The 25mm mink eyelashes we produce are hand placed and 100% handmade.
The 25mm lashes that our model displayed were very attractive and matched the model’s face very well. They looked as pleasing to the eye as natural lashes. These lash styles can be used in any scene, so they are very popular!

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes

Do 25mm Faux Mink Lashes Same Perfect Effects?

Yes, though the faux minks are not so good curl, they are little bit more straight than the mink lashes, less confortable than the luxury mink lashes, but the lash styles by Amor Lashes same good quality than the mink lashes, they can get same perfect make up effects! And they are only half price! If you do not want to promote high level brand, you can order faux minks from us.

Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes
Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers Amor Lashes

Want To See More lash styles?