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How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home?

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

Whether you prefer a subtle to full glam look, our pure Pro Eyelashes and provide the finishing touch to your look, each lash style is hand make with delicate 3D Mink Lashes to help enhance the volume length and curl of your natural lashes. the thin band makes it easy to apply and comfortable to wear next to your natural lash line

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor newly Launched Pro Eyelashes Kits for you to enjoy doing lash extension at home. This is an amazing thing, only few dollar, you can get enough Lash Accessaries, if you are a pro, you can Diy your eyelashes outstanding overalll; if you are a new starter, no matter, we have enough videos show you how to apply the lashes yourself, then you will be a professional one.

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

Our Pro Eyelashes have enougth lash accessaries for you to apply lashes or pratice to apply lashes, including 3 month use lash fans, lash glue, lash tweezers, and lash remover. Our Pro Eyelashes super easy to apply and last up to 10 days.

Pro Lash Starter Kit

The starter kit contains all the essentials you need to apply and remove your lashes in minutes.

We love lashes! But we wanted something that seemed impossible. Professional quality lashes without the hassle. These beautiful lashes can be applied in minutes & last for up to 10 days! Now your professional looks are in your own hands!

Diy Pro Lash Extension At Home

How do I apply the lashes?
Cleanse your lashes, apply the adhesive like mascara, place the lashes, then crimp. We have a whole How-to section on our website and some amazing videos on social media. Take a look around at what others recommend as well! Our community is always happy to help out and show you how its done! Pretty soon you will be the Pro and showing others

How To DIY Pro Lash Extension At Home

How does Pro Lash work?
Pro Lash uses the latest technology in lashes to give you long lasting, amazing looking lashes that are easy to apply at home.One part comes pre-applied to your lashes, and you apply the other just like you would a mascara.

How long do they last?
Your lashes will last up to 10 days. The first set you do may not quite last 10 days depending on your skill level, but most people are seeing 7-14 days routinely. That’s enought long time, right?

What if a section falls out early?
No worries! Just re-apply adhesive to the extensions and your own natural lashes. Place them back on and move on with your day!

Are they difficult to apply?
Most people find them easy to apply, even for the first time! This completely depends on you. The first set is a learning set. The second set you will know how to apply better and make them look even more amazing. By the third set, most people are Pro! If you have any questions or need extra help, please book a private session with one of our Professionals to help you!

How many sets come in a box?
There are 3 sets of lashes in each box. This is about a month’s supply.

Do they harm your natural lashes?
No. Our adhesive technology allows your natural lashes to move and grow at their own pace. This is the amazing technology that allows us to hold on for 10 days while maintaining healthy lashes!

Do you have to wear mascara with them?
No,on the other hand, Most mascaras would hinder the adhesive and make your lashes fall off early. You’d better don’t use mascara when you wear these luscious lashes!

Does it hurt to take them off?
Not at all! Our Remover is amazing at its job. It melts away the adhesive and the lashes will stuff off. If you experience any pain or discomfort, add more remover and give it a few seconds to work its magic!

How To Remove Pro Lash Extension At Home

Are they customizable?
Yes! if you want to promote this Pro Lash to make money, we can custom this kits to your own brand, this is a great and profitable eyelash business, because it has many many girls want to Diy Lash Extensions at home without to the school, there is a huge lash markets. Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor always support the ladies in USA start their lash business!!

Are they high quality?
Yes. As the leaders in professional eyelashes, we know what makes quality lashes. We made sure to bring the same quality and level of performance to you with Pro Lash.

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What Mink Lashes Does Tati Daily Wear?

Amor Lashes is one of the top Wholesale Lash Vendor, we always focus on the trending of eyelash fashion, of course, the media celebrities are always on the range of our eyesight, today we talk on the famous Youtube blogger, Ms Tati, to see what kind of Mink Lashes does she wearing daily, and how the lashes works?

Tati’s Eyelash looks very natural and cute from the front, but when she look down, we can see her lashes clearly, she did wear a pair of Mink Lashes, and it looks very short, the Fuller Outer Half Lash that will ready lift the eye!

Mink Lashes

She said on her Youtube video: “I do want to share with you all, remember how it was keeping it a little bit of a secret, the lashes that i was gonna use on Erica for her wedding day ”

“My gosh,these are the best lashes of all time, love them!
They are perfect,they make the look she looked old hollywood glam and it was just beautiful!”

False Lashes

“Well i happen to be wearing them for this video as well
i bought like like 10 packs of these, i’am obsessed with this lash, it is absolutely so good,
For some reasons this is kind of a fuller outer half lash that will ready lift the eye!”

Below picture are catlog of half lashes which designed and produced by Amor Wholesale Eyelash Supplier, these lashes from shortest 10mm, longest 14mm length, 9 styles total, more choice for the people who love half lashes.

That is easy to apply, you can use these over and over and over again,
they are built sturdy !
and you know sometimes lash companies will say use these 25 times you’re like,
Okay how they’re gonna fall apart,But these really hold up, you get a lot of mileage out of them,

Mink Lashes DQ09

They are amazing whether you are doing full glam big day makeup or you just want a little something extra on a date night or a casual afternoon of filming,
i have no reason to be in lashes other than this video

Eyelash Vendor

But you know what?
i’m keeping them on, i think they’re cute!

Mink Lash Vendor

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Can $10000 Start Mink Eyelash Business?

Can a $10,000 budget start a mink eyelash business? This question is offen asked by the customers come from Lashesamor website. Amor Lash Vendor now give you a sure answer, yes, it’s possible and profitable. But it may present some challenges,here are some factors to consider,lets talk them one by one:

How many mink lash styles can create a lash brand?
Amor Mink Lash Vendor advise that 5 styles is the best choice. If you get more styles, you have to do a lot of work on description and buying guidance, same on the after sale service you need to prepare much more, that will make you get crazy if you are not so patient.

Mink Lash Sourcing and Budget:
According to Amor Mink Lash Vendors purchasing policy, single style 400 pairs can get max discount.Meanwhile, you can get free packaging, for the result, $7000 can order 5 mink lash styles 2000 pairs high quality Mink Lashes, that amount payment including shipping fee.

3D22C Mink Lashes

Website and E-commerce Platform:
Setting up a professional website and an e-commerce platform is essential for online sales. Invest in building an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website on shopify that showcases your products effectively. We distribute $1000 for the website and E-commerce platform.

Marketing and Advertising:
Allocate $2000 of your budget for marketing and advertising efforts. This may include social media advertising, influencer collaborations, content creation, and search engine optimization (SEO) to increase your online visibility. Of course, Mink Lash photography and video promotional materials need to do by yourself without any addtional payment.

Fluffy Mink Lashes 3D98

Inventory Management:
2000 pair lashes do not occupy much more space, you can put it anywhere of your home, just consider it will be easy for the express comany. No more budget for the inventory management

Most important, Amor Mink Lash Vendors advise you should face to the dark color skin girls customers when you starting advitizing, these girls are the main consumers of mink lashes, because the mink lashes can get flutty eyelash look and much popular by black girls. Black girl never care about fucking cruelty-free concept, they have the right get beauty, mink lashes is much better than any other lashes on eye make-up.

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Are Mink Eyelashes Profitable?

Are mink eyelashes profitable? The answer is yes, but why are so many well-known brands no longer selling mink lashes? Is this an opportunity for small and medium eyelash brands? Please browse this blog carefully to discover business opportunities and expand eyelash profits.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes
Drama Lash For Deep-Set Eye

We have noticed that many well-known eyelash brand companies, such as KISS, DUO, etc., no longer sell mink eyelashes. Is it because the market no longer favors mink eyelashes? Not at all, Amor Lash Vendor believes that mink eyelashes are the most comfortable eyelashes, and fluffy mink eyelashes are the favorite of dark-skinned girls. The number of this consumer group is very large, and this is the opportunity for small eyelash brand companies to expand. Foresighted owners should cherish this opportunity to occupy this market and retain these mink eyelash consumers before big brands sell mink eyelashes again.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes

If you have a community store, you can sell our onlycanas brand mink eyelashes, 6 styles for you to choose, minimum order quantity of 30 pairs, the price will be delivered to your home for $4, you can sell it for $6, 50% profit, as long as If you can contact enough community stores, you can make a lot of money as a brand agent.

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes

If you have a budget of 10,000 US dollars and make your own brand, we can also design brand packaging for you, and give you a better discount, so that you have better profit margins.

Big eyelash brands do not sell mink eyelashes because of the pressure of animal protection. This creates a gap in the market and is the best opportunity for small brands to develop! 80% of consumers of mink eyelashes don’t care whether it is cruelty-free at all, they only care about whether the eyelashes are comfortable? Is the price cheap? If you can provide cheap, good quality mink eyelashes, then you are a winner!

Amor Lashes has been producing high-quality mink eyelashes, we have taken a lot of measures to reduce production costs, and finally reduced the cost of mink eyelashes to the point where everyone can afford, $6 high-quality mink eyelashes, isn’t it great ?

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Hot Selling Onlycanas Cluster Lashes

Cluster Lashes are the most popular false lashes nowadays, because they are not only have the characteristics of strip eyelashes, compare to Individual lash extension, they are super easy to apply, you can apply the cluster lashes within only ten minutes, ony cost 10% money,much affordable. It also has the feature of DIY, you can match the cluster lashes of different lengths and curls to one eye, and create eyelashes that suit your own temperament. Therefore, tufted eyelashes are very popular, and there are a lot of explosive models brand. onlycanas is one such popular brand.

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Why Are Cluster Lashes So Popular?

Why Are Cluster Lashes So Popular?

Cluster Lashes are becoming the darling of the eyelash market and are very popular among girls. Amor Lash Vendor through big data analysis, the reasons for the popularity of clustered eyelashes are roughly the following factors, this blog analyzes why clustered eyelashes are so popular.

Cluster Lashes

A simplified version of eyelash extension

Cluster eyelashes are a new way of eyelash extension, which is much simpler than single eyelash grafting and cluster eyelash grafting, and the entire eyelashes can be grafted 4 times of eyelash extension.

Cluster Lashes


Cluster eyelash grafting is skillful and requires some practice work to be proficient, but when you master the grafting method proficiently, it only takes 10 minutes to complete eyelash grafting, which is an amazing miracle.

Cluster Lashes

Save money

The set including glue is less than 30 dollars, which is much less than the more than 100 dollars of eyelash grafting, and a 144-piece cluster eyelash set can be used for more than 4 months, and the average cost of less than 10 dollars a month is indeed Eyelash extensions that everyone can afford.

Cluster Lashes

Enjoy the fun of DIY eyelash extensions

Clustered eyelashes can also be called self-grafting eyelashes. You can choose different curvatures, different lengths, and even different styles of clustered eyelashes. You can create an eyelash map according to your eye shape and do eyelash grafting according to the eyelash map. This is very exciting. People are excited, which is the biggest reason why girls like self-grafting eyelashes.

Cluster Lashes

Order cluster lashes from AMOR lash vendor

Amor Lash Vendor designed and produce few cluster lashes with cheaper wholesale price, if you want to promote cluster lash business, pls contact with our WhatsApp button which link to sales girls. and also provides retail services for end consumers, our Amazon store is updating now,you can buy samples from Amazon July,2023.

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Are Mink Lashes Expensive?

Luxury Mink Lashes expensive than faux minks, this is a real facts, and there are real reason for their high price, but you have the chance to buy low price luxury mink lashes at a less expensive price when you read this blog, Amor Lash Vendor now shares how to get luxury mink lashes at only $4, while Lilylashes sell them over $20 price.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

Should mink eyelashes be expensive?

Of course, it should be more expensive than other eyelashes. First of all, the raw materials are expensive. The price of mink hair is high and the supply capacity is low. It cannot be mass-produced at any time. Secondly, mink eyelashes are placed manually, and the daily production quantity of skilled workers is also limited. , so the price of mink eyelashes is higher than other eyelashes.

luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How to reduce the cost of mink eyelashes?

Amor Mink Lash Vendor has been working on reducing the cost of mink eyelashes so that ordinary consumers can afford them.
The first is to reduce the price of mink hair, we can now collect mink hair in the same way as collecting wool, so the purchase price of mink hair is reduced;
We have also trained more skilled workers to increase their speed of producing mink eyelashes. The more eyelashes produced per unit time, the lower the cost.
We produced beautiful and strong boxes in large batches at one time, and mass production reduced packaging costs.
During the transportation process, we use a more favorable air transportation solution, no longer pursue the ultimate fast transportation solution, and reduce the transportation cost.

a pair of 16mm 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

What is the price of mink eyelashes?

Through various cost-cutting practices, we are very proud to announce that you can now buy beautifully packaged mink lashes for $6, which is the Community Guided Retail Price for Amor luxury lashes mink lashes, which is the same price as synthetic lashes from the drugstore. Very good price!

A pair of 3d 16mm mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price

How can individual consumers enjoy wholesale prices?

The wholesale price of Amor Mink Lashes Vendor is $4 a pair, the wholesale minimum order quantity is 30 pairs of eyelashes, that is to say, if you spend $120, you will get 30 mink eyelashes free shipping! You can’t use so much? It doesn’t matter, you can buy in groups with friends and relatives. As long as they are in the same community and the pick-up address is close, you can cooperate with each other and make group purchases, so that you can enjoy very favorable wholesale prices.

woman wearing a pair of 3d mink lashes
luxury Mink Lashes $4 Price
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How To Use Natural Mink Lashes For Long-lasting?

Amor eyelash vendor offer natural mink lashes

Amor Lashes Natural Collection offers premium-quality, cruelty-free lashes with a light volume effect.

Natural Mink Lashes

Black band sets the stage for a more defined lash, with distinct clusters of criss-crossed hairs for a cleaner, more modern lash shape.

Why natural mink lashes so comfortable?

Mink lashes are super lightweight and with little curl degree itself, so the natural mink lashes has natural and fluffy looks,mink hairs are the best hairs among all animal hairs, light, soft, flexible, high qulity and comfortable. Mink lashes are the most popular lashes.

Natural Mink Lashes

Does natural mink lashes very expensive?

Not too expensive, Amor Wholesale lash vendor now offers afordable cruelty-free mink lashes, only $4 each pairs natural mink lashes with beautiful Lash Box Packaging.We now get mink hair like wool,the price getting down quickly. The natural mink lashes price little higher only because of the labour costs, because our mink lashes are pure handmade, so they are little higher than the lashes made by other materials.

The natural mink lashes can be sold 6$ retail price on supermarket or drugstore, there are 50% profits. We are sure that $6 is good price for any lady who love natural mink lashes,This is definitely a very affordable price。

A pair of 3d 13mm mink lashes
Natural Mink Lashes

How to take care of natural Mink lashes?

Always handle the false lashes by the band and not the hairs as they are delicate.

After each use, gently remove any excess lash glue using your applicator or fingers.

Store the lashes in a case or back on the original tray to maintain its shape.

If your lashes lose their curl then use a lash curler to reshape them.

To preserve the curl of your lashes we recommend avoid getting them wet or soaking them in water or makeup remover.

How to get $4 price natural mink lashes?

Order bulk over 50 pairs lashes, you can get this very very competitive price, total 200$ they will deliver to your door! If you are not lash vendor, only self use, we recommend that you and a few friends make a group purchase, enjoy this very cheap price, and enjoy the charm of high-quality eyelashes.

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Who Love Cluster Lashes?

Who love cluster lashes?

Cluster lashes, also known as cluster extensions, are a type of eyelash extension that involves applying small clusters of multiple lashes to natural lash. They are made by Amor Eyelash Vendor for girls who love a more dramatic and voluminous lash look. Cluster lashes are not individually applied like classic or volume lash extensions, but rather a cluster of lashes is adhered to natural lash.

Cluster Lash Vendor

Colledge student girl love cluster lashes

Female college students are youthful and beautiful, lash extension is unnecessary consumption for them. But they like to make appropriate changes to their eyelashes to add to their sexy appearance. They like to do lash extension themselves. So cluster eyelashes became their favorite because of the cheaper price and Diy possibility and the little challlenge ability. These C-curve 10mm length 10D less layer cluster Lashes are their favorite specification.

Cluster Lash Vendor

who love dramatic lashes Love cluster lashes

Individuals who desire a fuller, more dramatic lash look, love to order cluster lashes.Cluster lashes are known for providing a dramatic, voluminous effect. They can enhance the appearance of sparse or thin natural lashes, giving a fuller and more glamorous look.

Cluster Lash Vendor

Those ladies preparing for special occasions:

Cluster lashes are often popular choices for events such as weddings, parties, proms, or photo shoots. They can add extra flair and make the eyes stand out in photographs and under bright lights.

Mua and lash techs love cluster lashes

Cluster lashes can be a valuable tool for makeup artists and beauty professionals who work in the fashion, entertainment, or beauty industry. They can be used to create different looks for clients, photoshoots, or runway shows.

Cluster Lash Vendor

People with a time constraint love cluster lashes:

Cluster lashes are quicker to apply compared to individual lash extensions, as multiple lashes are adhered together. If you’re looking for a lash enhancement option that can be applied in a shorter time frame, cluster lashes may be a suitable choice.Amor Wholesale Lash Vedor now update 40D cluster lashes, max four part can apply your full lash make up!

Cluster lashes may not be suitable for everyone, especially those seeking a more natural and lightweight lash look. It’s essential to consult with a professional lash technician to discuss your preferences, suitability, and any potential concerns before deciding to apply cluster lashes.

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Why Lash Techs love Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions?

If you’re lash techs or make up salon boss and now looking for Wholesale Lash Vendors & Suppliers for all your eyelash extension needs, now you have meet the right Eyelash Vendor. Welcome to Amor Lashes, world top Wholesale Eyelash Vendor‘s website.Here you can get Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions which is well praised by lash techs.

Amor Lashes always innovate new false lashes so that the lash techs can graft Lashes Multiplied, Application Time Minimized and finial Beauty Magnified. This has happened for decades, we gained respect and support from many lash techs, and get more lash orders from beauty salon all over the world. We don’t just offer wholesale lashes, but everything you need for your lash extension appointments.

Why Amor Lashes Top Eyelash Vendors & Suppliers?

With so many options out there, how do you choose the right wholesale lash suppliers for your business or practice?

Lash techs and estheticians have more choices than ever these days, with the ability to invest in their supplies and inventory online with the click of a button.

So, why do so many of them continue to choose Amor Lash Venddor over the competition? It’s simple – nobody offers better eyelash extension supplies than us! We have experience in eyelash art ourselves. We’ve seen what worked and what didn’t and formulated our own products that not only met our expectations, but exceeded them!

Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions

How We Came To Be Top Wholesale Lash Supplier Online

Our Creative Director, Michelle Trump, spent eight years as a lash artist , studying the science behind eyelashes and becoming one of the best in the business,she know how to make best lashes to meet the requirement of lash techs..
Our founder, Mr. Eric Li, eyelash designer for 10 years. Who is super sensative on fashion popularity. He continually design fashion lashes for the lash techs, ensure they can do lash extensions for customers and let the Lashes Multiplied. Application Time Minimized. Beauty Magnified, he knows what is the fashion lash styles know and he knows how to design and produce the fashion lashes!
Based on these Michelle and Eric’s right guide, Amor Lashes already became the top online eyelash vendor.

Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions

What We Can Offer Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions In Wholesale Price?

On top of our collection of cruelty-free faux mink lashes and Promade fans, we carry all the other essential components of any lash artists arsenal. These include:

Wholesale Lash Glue & Remover
Eyelash Extension Tweezers
Additional Lash Tech Accessories

Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions

Big Orders Are Respected and Enjoy Huge Discount for Amor Lashes’ Lash Extensions

This is a wholesale program with discounts on large orders.You are likely wondering how much money you can save when purchasing bulk eyelash extensions and lash tech supplies with us.

Get 8% off for orders over $300.Discount code: Bulkorder8
Get 12% off for orders over $500.Discount code: Bulkorder12
Free Priority Shipping For Orders Over $300

What’s really cool about the program is that the more you spend, the more you save! You can invest in larger quantities, and when you pick us as your wholesale lash suppliers, you’ll be able to stretch your budget further.

Every wholesale purchase comes with free gifts, such as free tweezers, adhesives, and more! Please note that the wholesale discount does not apply to Bundles, Kits。

These savings are just one of the many reasons we are considered one of the top wholesale lash vendors & suppliers on the market. Lash techs choose us time and time again, and the reviews speak for themselves.

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Why do eyelash artists like premade fan lashes?

Why do eyelash artists like premade fan lashes?

Amor Eyelash Wholesaler is the best partner of eyelash artists, we have been working hard to design and produce more efficient grafted eyelashes for eyelash artists.premade fan lashes are an excellent product for lash artists. Its main advantage is that they provide a faster and easier application process than individual eyelash extensions. With pre-made fans, lash artists can apply multiple lashes to each natural lash at the same time, saving time and effort. In addition, premade fan lashes give more fuller and fluffy than single lashes, making them popular with lash artists. This blog will introduce you why eyelash artists like premade fan lashes.

Pre-made fan lashes are eyelash combinations

Precast scalloped lashes from Amor Lashes Wholesalers are lash assemblies, usually with several lashes pre-glued on the bottom, and slightly flared or flared to mimic the look of natural lashes. These clusters are then applied to the natural lashes using a specialized adhesive.

5D pre-made fan lashes are the most popular

5D Pre-made fan lashes are fan-shaped prefabricated eyelashes composed of 5 eyelashes (D here is not dimensional, but a special term in the eyelash industry, which refers to several eyelashes.). Amor eyelash wholesalers provide 3D to 12D pre-made fan lashes, and 5D pre-made fan lashes are the best sellers. In terms of efficiency, grafting 5D fan-shaped eyelashes saves a lot of time than grafting single eyelashes. From the perspective of effect, grafting 5D eyelashes is the best choice for the weight that natural eyelashes can bear,customers who graft 5D eyelashes feel the best . A customer complained that she grafted 10D fan-shaped eyelashes last time, which was very plump and beautiful, but it always brought weight and pressure to her natural eyelashes, which made her feel uncomfortable.

C/D curved pre-made fan lashes most popular

Pre-made fan lashes, also known as pre-volume lashes, are a type of lash extensions used to create fuller, fuller lashes. The fan-shaped eyelashes with C/D curvature can form a thicker grafted eyelash effect. Among the fan-shaped eyelashes manufactured by Amor eyelash suppliers, the eyelashes with a D curve are the most ordered, followed by the C curve. Many eyelash stylists have reported that mink eyelashes with D curvature are better than fan-shaped eyelashes made of other materials, and the effect of thick eyelash extension is better, plump and fluffy, and more popular with customers.

Pre-made fan lashes can be customized

Amor Eyelash Supplier provides PBT synthetic fiber, fan-shaped prefabricated eyelashes made of mink hair, the length is from 7mm to 12mm, and the degree of curvature is C/D. We also provide customized services. If you want to order DD curved mink eyelashes in bulk, or vegan plant fiber eyelashes, or you want to customize your own brand logo packaging, we will customize it for you, but the delivery time needs to be extended and payment is required. Shipped after 15 days.

Please note that pre-fanned lashes require professional application by a lash technician. If you want to apply eyelashes above 12D, you should consult the customer’s feelings. The fan-shaped eyelashes of 12D and above increase a lot in weight, and they should be applied carefully and accurately to ensure that customers do not bear weight pressure while experiencing fluffy eyelashes.

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How Challenge On 5 Minute Eyevery Day Lash Routine?

5 minutes everyday lash routine is a perfect time control makeup.when you mastered this, congratulations, you can get at least more 20 minutes early morning sleep! In order to mastered this, Amor Eyelash Vendor shares this blog, Lyk how challenge on 4 minutes everyday lash routine step by step. This is a cluster lashtes apply routine, which is more difficult than strip lashes, also these cluster lashes lasts up to seven days.

Curl your lashes:

Use an eyelash curler to give your lashes a natural lift and open up your eyes.

Eyevery Day Lash Routine Cluster lashes

Apply lash bond

I start up by applying the lash bond to my natural lashes and here I’m using the Clg2 Cluster lash glue. This lash glue are customized for cluster lashes, ensure they will last 7 days. This lash glue are stronger than common strip lash glue.

Eyevery Day Lash Routine Apply lash bond

Apply cluster lashes

Here i choose 4 part cluster lashes to finish eyelash make up, i apply longer cluster lashes on the out corner of my eye, shorter clusters on the other part of my eyes.
These lashes have three links in each set and I used two long two medium and one short cluster. I like combinate ,this makes my eye looks flexible.
So a common question I get asked is if you feel the lashes when they’re on your eye, and the honest answer is no.Our lash man is super thin and it’s made To Be very comfortable

Eyevery Day Lash Routine apply cluster lashes

Seal the lashes

Here I’m applying the lash seal, lets the cluster lashes well blende with natural lashes, which ensures that the lashes are gonna stay on for up to seven days

Where to buy the cluster lashes?

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Venor supplies many styles of this cluster lashes, different curl, different length, and different layers mix, they are going to sell to customers on Amazon shop.Bulk order, go to their lash webiste go get wholesale lash price.

This lash routine took me five minutes and it’s so affordable and perfect for your work week or any vacation.I am sure when i apply strip lashes, it will be much easy and less time.

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Who Is Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier ?

Every eyelash retailer wants to find a reliable eyelash supplier, who can place orders with confidence and continue to repurchase, so what kind of eyelash supplier is trustworthy? There are 5 relatively intuitive conditions for measuring Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier. Let us explain them separately to see how reliable eyelash suppliers do.

Lash Customer Map Of United State

Many lash styles of eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier can provide enough eyelash styles, and their eyelash catalogs always have eyelash styles you like, made of eyelash materials you approve, such as biodegradable plant fiber eyelashes!
If the eyelash supplier has an independent eyelash website, and there are enough pictures of eyelashes on the website, then you can choose the style that suits your customers from these intuitive pictures, isn’t it very convenient?
Secondly, it depends on whether the variety of eyelash materials is complete? Are there mink eyelashes, fiber eyelashes, human hair eyelashes, and plant fiber eyelashes?
In addition to strip eyelashes and segmented eyelashes for personal use, can we also provide grafted eyelashes for makeup artists?

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier

Good quality eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier to provide high quality eyelashes. We all know that high-quality eyelashes are the basis of market competition. Only high-quality false eyelashes can win the recognition and continuous purchase of customers. Amor eyelash wholesalers remind you that when your order quantity does not exceed 100 pairs of eyelashes, do not put too much price pressure on the wholesaler, otherwise the wholesaler will provide you with low-quality eyelashes for profit, which will make you lose customers, The loss is greater than the profit brought by the price.

Fashion eyelashes

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier have their own designers, always keep an eye on the trend of the eyelash market, design and produce updated and fashionable eyelash styles in time. Especially the eyelash styles of female Internet celebrities are the most intuitive eyelash popular phenomenon. And can customize popular fashion eyelashes according to customer requirements.

Quick response

Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier are very service-oriented, and the information feedback is very fast. For example, amor lashes, WhatsApp information feedback speed does not exceed 8 hours, and the 8-hour delayed feedback is caused by time difference. Your inquiry will be answered promptly and accurately, and we will provide you with a very economical packaging and transportation plan according to your budget.

Fast save shipping

Amor’s Trustworth Wholesale Lash Supplier will ship your order to your door within 4 days. Let you start eyelash business in time. If you are an old customer who repurchases, they will arrange for you a more economical transportation plan that is slower but saves freight according to your replenishment time requirements. Because Amor wholesalers have long-term agreements with many international logistics companies and have rich experience. For example, if you purchase a sample order of 6 pairs, Fedex will be arranged. If your order has a custom-made packing box, and the order is heavy, DHL will be arranged to transport it for you, saving shipping costs!

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How East Asian Girl Apply Eyelash Well?

Eyelashes can enhance the appearance of eyes with a single eyelid by creating the illusion of larger eyes. The length and thickness of the lashes can provide a frame that draws attention to the eyes and makes them appear more prominent. Additionally, longer lashes can cast shadows, which can create depth and give the impression of larger, more defined eyes.But East Asian girls has Straight Eyelashes and smaller or absent upper lid crease this not suitable to apply false eyelashes.They should do some make up proceed to get rid of these factors. Amor Eyelash Vendor share this blog tell you how east Asian girls apply eyelashes.

Curl Your Lashes Before You Try Any False Lashes

It may sound crazy, but with daily use of the curler, you can actually train your lashes to curl. Initially, lashes are more resistant to curling, so you may have to hold down on the curler longer for the first few weeks.When your eyelashes looks a little curl upward,then start apply false lashes, suport the following make up tips,to make a beautiful eyelash make up.

Supporting eyelash make up tips:


Apply a thin line of eyeliner along the upper lash line, gradually thickening it towards the outer corner. This can make the eyes appear more elongated and open.

Color contact lenses:

White or Nude Eyeliner:

Apply a white or nude-colored eyeliner to the waterline of the lower lash line. This technique can make the eyes appear bigger and more awake.


Use light, shimmery eyeshadow shades on the eyelids, focusing on the inner corners and center. This brightens the eyes and creates the illusion of larger, more open eyes.

Eyeshadow Make Up Tip


Apply mascara to both the upper and lower lashes to add length and volume. Wiggle the mascara wand at the base of the lashes and gradually work your way up to create a wide-eyed effect.

Curling lashes:

Use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes before applying mascara. Curled lashes help lift the eyes and create the illusion of larger, more open eyes.


Well-groomed and defined eyebrows can complement the eyes and create balance, making them appear larger. Ensure your eyebrows are properly shaped and filled in.

Remember, the key is to keep the makeup light and natural-looking, as heavy or dark makeup can have the opposite effect and make the eyes appear smaller. Experiment with these techniques to find what works best for you.

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How Mink Cluster Lashes Enhance Beauty Of The Eyes?

Mink Cluster Lashes Pack

What’s Different From Strip Lashes?

Cluster mink lashes are made from individual clusters of mink fur hairs. They are not strip lashes, which consist of a single band with multiple lashes attached, cluster mink lashes are composed of small clusters of lashes that are grouped together. These clusters usually contain several individual lashes on each cluster.

Cluster mink lashes are applied to the natural lashes, rather than being attached to the eyelid. This allows for more Diy effects and versatile applications, as the clusters can be placed along the lash line to achieve the desired effect.

These lashes are favored for their natural and feathery appearance, softness, and lightweight feel. They are known for their ability to provide a fuller and more voluminous look to the lashes, enhancing the overall appearance of the eyes. Cluster mink lashes are chosen seeking a glamorous and dramatic lash look for everyday wear.

Mink Cluster Lashes

How Cluster Mink Lashes Enhance The Eyes?

Cluster mink lashes have the ability to enhance the overall appearance of the eyes in several ways.

Firstly, their voluminous and fuller design adds depth and intensity to the lashes, making them appear thicker, longer, and more glamorous. This instantly draws attention to the eyes, making them stand out and creating a captivating look.

Secondly, the denser arrangement of the lash clusters creates a sense of lushness and richness, which can make the eyes appear more defined and alluring. The added volume helps to frame the eyes and create a more pronounced and dramatic effect, enhancing their natural beauty.

Moreover, the soft and fluttery nature of cluster mink lashes adds a touch of elegance and femininity to the eyes. The lightweight feel and natural appearance of these lashes contribute to seamless integration with the natural lashes, resulting in a more cohesive and polished overall look.

Overall, the enhanced volume, thickness, definition, and softness provided by cluster mink lashes work together to elevate the appearance of the eyes, making them appear more striking, captivating, and aesthetically pleasing.

Mink Cluster Lashes Mix Packs

Where To Buy Cluster Mink Lashes?

Amor Eyelash Vendor designs and produce several cluster mink lashes style, we develop colorful cluster mink lashes as well, and now we are now developing more combination packs to meet the various individual needs of girls。
These flexible cluster mink lashes are super popular among girls, they are crazily trying to make a more beautiful eye appearance. When you want to start a cluster mink lashes business, please hit the WhatsApp button and contact our sales girls!

Color Mink Cluster Lashes
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Where Can Buy Cheaper Cruelty-Free Mink Lashes?

Cruelty-Free Limits Sales Of Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are being discriminated against for the cruelty-free controversy right now. Many hypermarkets and supermarket chains reject mink lashes because the suppliers cannot provide cruelty-free certification. This has caused great dissatisfaction among consumers, because mink lashes are the most comfotable experienced variety among all eyelashes, and they need mink lashes for daily makeup. If there are no powerful suppliers to purchase mink eyelashes, then they cannot buy high-quality mink eyelashes at a cheap price. So consumers want to know if mink lashes are truly cruelty-free? Why can’t get cruelty-free certification? Where can buy cheap cruelty-free mink lashes? Amor Eyelash Wholesale Supplier will give you an explanation from the perspective of manufacturers and suppliers.

What Are Cruelty Free Mink Lashes?

Cruelty-free mink eyelashes means mink eyelashes from the material part, production part and inspection part, from top to bottom, without harming or killing animals.
Mink eyelashes are discriminated against because they are involved in the fur industry. Everyone knows that mink fur is used to make high-end winter clothing. It is very beautiful, the price is very high, and the profit is very high. This has led to the industrialization of breeding mink and killing them for fur. The industry, which was soon boycotted by the four non-governmental organizations PETA, Australia’s Choice Cruelty Free (CCF), the US Consumer Cosmetic Information Coalition (CCIC), and the UK’s Cruelty Free International The organization has a broad mass base, and they boycott this cruel product of mink fur coats! From boycotting mink coats, to boycotting mink eyelashes, here’s why mink eyelashes are discriminated against.

Are Mink Lashes Cruelty-free?

Amor Mink Eyelash Wholesaler produces cruelty-free mink eyelashes, and applies to China’s official inspection agency to certify upstream suppliers and its own production process, proving that mink eyelashes from raw materials to production do not harm or kill animals.

CCIC certification guarantees cruelty-free hair

Amor eyelash wholesale supplier produces cruelty-free mink eyelashes, our mink hair suppliers provide cruelty-free mink hair, we have applied for CCIC (China Comodity Inspection Company) certification for hair suppliers, proving that their mink farming complies with zero Cruel environment, the mink hair is cut from the adult mink, it is taken from the live mink, just like shearing sheep in Australia, instead of killing the mink to get the eyelashes, the local CCIC organization conducts an annual inspection on the hair suppliers Annual assessment, thus ensuring cruelty-free mink hair

Certification Of The Production Process Guarantees Cruelty-free

The production of mink eyelashes includes artificial arrangement of eyelashes according to the eyelash map, sticking of eyelash stems, physical heating and shaping, trimming, packing and shipping, etc. We have applied for the local CCIC certification, which proves that it is a cruelty-free processing process.

Why Mink Lashes Can’t Be Cruelty-Free Certified

The supply chain of American lash suppliers is too long, and it is expensive and difficult to obtain certification. They do not want to do certification. Mink eyelashes are mainly produced in China, and there is no similar Leaping Bunny certification body in China.

Why Can’t US Vendor Be Certified Cruelty-free?

High-quality mink eyelashes are all handmade, so the eyelash factories are distributed in areas with cheap labor, and the scale is relatively small. American eyelash suppliers such as ARDELL, KISS will have many small eyelash manufacturers supply eyelashes for them, and the organization will be certified It will be very cumbersome and the time period is long, and there is no cost performance, so they give up certification, and even give up the category of mink eyelashes.
Amor mink wholesalers speculate that mink eyelashes are worn by dark-skinned people, who have weak purchasing power, so they abandon the mink eyelashes variety to avoid being attacked by organizations that oppose mink eyelashes, posing a threat to their entire eyelash product chain.

Why Aren’t Manufacturers Certified Cruelty-free?

The manufacturers of mink eyelashes are mainly located in China, Vietnam, Indonesia and other countries, not in the United States and Canada, but the largest consumer of mink eyelashes is in the United States, and the Leaping Bunny certification is only for American and Canadian companies. Therefore, the manufacturer cannot obtain certification at all.
However, Amor eyelash wholesalers have obtained the zero-cruelty certification from the authoritative organization CCIC. This CCIC means China Comodity Inspection Company) instead of (Coalition for Consumer Information in Cosmetics, CCIC). Although we do not have certification from the US agency, we do produce cheaper cruelty-free mink lashes.

Where Can Buy Cheap Cruelty-free Mink Lashes?

To buy cheap cruelty-free mink eyelashes, find Amor mink eyelashes wholesalers. We provide a complete set of solutions. After reintegrating the mink fur supply chain and skilled workers, we have reduced production costs and passed benefits to our consumers. Now as long as you invest $135, we can send you 30 pairs of mink eyelashes with free shipping, and there is also a beautiful brand packaging, shipping to your home for $135, saving $40 compared to before! I recommend you to buy dramatic eyelashes, because the multi-layered hand-laid mink eyelashes, three-dimensional, plump, fluffy, very dramatic look, make you stand out, and will bring you a lot of compliments.

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What Is Cost Rate Of Luxury Lash Box?

As a responsible Wholesale Eyelash Supplier, we never suggest our customers customize luxury lash box from beginning. Because this adds a lot of fees and costs, including additional design fees, additional shipping fees, and custom box fees, compressing your profit margins, make you lose your competitive advantage in the market, let us analyze them one by one,show you what is the cost rate of luxury lash box.

luxury Custom Lash Box

Various costs of custom eyelash boxes:

Design Fees

A general graphic designer needs a design fee of 30 US dollars to design a relatively beautiful brand logo. We do not calculate the design time and the time cost of communication with the graphic designer, but only the expenditure. This fee is 30 US dollars.

The Cost Of Custom Lash Box

Amor Eyelash Wholesalers provide customized lash Packaging services, the mininum order quantity is 30 pieces, cost of the box is 2.5 US dollars. If the lash box shape that is not common, the cost will be higher, and some luxury custom eyelash packaging even costs 3.5 US dollars . We cost a custom lash box at $2.50. Of course, the cost of custom-made eyelash boxes will decrease as the number of customizations increases. If you customize 100 eyelash boxes, the cost will be reduced to $2 each.

luxury Custom Lash Box

Additional Shipping Costs

The luxury magnetic eyelash box will increase the weight of the package and increase the shipping cost. According to Amor Lash’s calculation, each eyelash box will increase the shipping cost by US$0.2.

Cost Per Pair Of Lashes

Say you order 30 pairs of Dramatic Mink Lashes, customize 30 luxe boxes, and pay $30 for brand logo deisgn , so all your costs are $105 for lashes and $30 for shipping, $30 for logo design, and the eyelash box is $75, for a total of $240. Among the costs, lash box and related is $111, 46.25% on all costs! This is too much!
Then average cost per pair of lashes is $8, you need to buy more than $12 to make a 50% profit.

20 mm mink eyelashes DM03 with 9 clusters short in corner and long in middle
Dramatic Mink Lashes Dm03

Alternative Solutions for Eyelash Packaging

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Suppliers recommends that you use the beautiful carton packaging we provide in the early stage of your eyelash business. If you order 30 pairs of dramatic mink eyelashes, we will provide you with beautiful free eyelash packaging, then only $120 for all will be delivered to your home. The same quality dramatic mink eyelashes cost $4 per pair, our suggested selling price is $5.99, and the profit is also 50%.
The same profit margin, the same eyelashes, just because the different lash box, the price are great different! Do you think consumers are willing to pay $5.99 to buy? Or willing to buy it for $12? Without a doubt, I’m sure consumers are willing to pay $5.99!

Free Lash Box Model

Who Needs This Packaging Solution?

We know that big brands are developed from small brands. Selling Onlycanas brands dramatic mink lashes to develop their own customer groups, earn start-up funds, and finally develop their own big brands is a road to success, which has been verified by many successful people. Amor Eyelash Wholesaler provides you with such a brand. This packaging brand is prepared for baby mothers, part-time makeup artists, and social account bloggers with community influence. These people can order some eyelashes to sell in the community, make money beyond their main job.

Great Chance To Be Texas Regional Agent

If you want to be a brand regional agent of dramatic eyelashes, this is a very good variety, send these dramatic mink eyelashes to all physical stores that can sell eyelashes in your area, let all stores sell eyelashes for you, you only earn 10 % price difference and wholesaler commission will get very good returns. If you’re in Texas, these products are your best chance to make money. Amor Lash Wholesalers found these dramatic mink lashes a favorite of Texas beautiesolesaler provides you with such a brand. This packaging brand is prepared for baby mothers, part-time makeup artists, and social account bloggers with community influence. These people can order some eyelashes to sell in the community, make money beyond their main job.

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Why Dramatic Mink Lashes Best Lash Business Choice?

Welcome to the website of Wholesale Eyelashes Supply, this website is managed by Amor Wholesale Eyelashes Suppliers, on this website you can find any kind of strip eyelashes you need for eyelashes business,All kinds of eyelashes and eyelash accessories needed for eyelash extensions. These eyelash products are very popular in the United States, with good quality and cheap price, Amor eyelash supplier provides super fast shipping service, it is the best partner for American eyelash business owners,these dramatic mink lashes best lash business choice.

Dramatic Mink Lashes

Handmade Dramatic Mink Eyelashes

Dramatic mink eyelashes are the most popular eyelash style, handmade by skilled workers of Amor Eyelash Vendor. It is made of soft mink hair with its own curvature. When the multi-layered mink eyelashes are finished, it will immediately show a very plump and fluffy dramatic appearance. Wearing this dramatic eyelashes will enhance your eyes and make you become The focus of sight, you will be complimented by the female friends around you.

Dramatic Mink Lashes

Cost-effective Onlycanas Brand Dramatic Mink Lashes

OnlyCanas is our registered brand of mink eyelashes, welcome to be our community agent, we have selected 12 comedy eyelashes, equipped with beautiful packaging, can be delivered to your door for $4, the retail guide price is $5.98, such high-quality mink eyelashes, The price is cheaper than KISS and ARDELL eyelashes, very competitive, it is the best choice for eyelash business.

Dramatic Mink Lashes

Who Is Main Consumer Of Dramatic Mink Lashes

According to the data analysis of Amor eyelash wholesalers, only the comic eyelashes made of mink hair can get the best effect, and the dramatic eyelashes can only be worn by black and brown-skinned ladies to wear a bold and eye-catching effect, which can make the eyes more charming and charming Unforgettable, which can help you stand out and make a positive impact in every area of your life. This data analysis tells us that the consumer groups of dramatic eyelashes are black and brown skinned people, which can guide our sales direction.

Dramatic Mink Lashes

Cruelty-Free Dramatic Mink Lashes

Mink eyelashes are the most comfortable eyelashes to wear, and give people the best sense of experience! However, because of the misleading of some media, it caused some controversy and was treated unfairly! The mink hair used by Amor eyelash suppliers is cruelty-free. We are now drawing on the experience of sheep farming in Australia to breed mink. Adult mink are sheared to make mink eyelashes. Mink are very well cared for during the raising process, so mink eyelashes from the Amor eyelash supplier are cruelty-free. These mink hairs are not dry, dry, brittle, or hard. They are healthy, flexible, elastic, and full of vitality. The mink eyelashes made are flexible and comfortable!

Dramatic Mink Lashes

If you are doing lash business, please contact with Amor Wholesale lash vendor and order dramatic mink lashes to promote, i am sure you can get good reward.

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How To Apply False Eyelashes Look Natural

Applying natural-looking false eyelashes is a process of experience and skill. This is a pretty tricky thing,especially for the new ones, but if you follow the steps below and practice a few times, you’ll get the hang of it pretty quickly. Amor Eyelash Wholesaler shares this helpful guidance blog, you will know How To Apply False Eyelashes Look Natural after you well learn it。

False Eyelashes Look Natural
precious mink lashes wholesale supplier of model shows
False Eyelashes Look Natural

Choose lashes with an invisible eyelash band
Choose fine lashes
Choose clear lash glue
Make sure they’re not too big for your eyes
Apply them correctly
Apply liner to your top lash line
Blend them with your natural eyelashes

Choose Lashes With An Invisible Eyelash Band

The more visible the lash band, the less realistic your false lashes will look. Instead, opt for lashes with an invisible band that are completely clear in colour instead. These are completely clear in colour instead of being black and therefore provide a much more undetectable look once applied.
All of our ‘natural’ false lashes feature a clear lash band.

False Eyelashes Look Natural

Choose Fine Lashes

The ultra-soft silky Cashmere Lashes that we use here at Amor Lashes are even finer than silk ones, creating an even more natural, soft look.

Choose Clear Lash Glue

A lot of makeup enthusiasts prefer black adhesive because it’s typically the same shade as their false lashes, mascara, and liner. However, if you’re looking for a natural look, try using a clear glue.

lashes glue
Clear Lash Band

Make Sure They’re Not Too Big For Your Eyes

False eyelashes are made much longer than the average person’s lash line. Before applying your false lashes, measure the false lashes against your lash line and trim if necessary. Without this step, you risk applying lashes that are way too wide for your eyes and hang off the outer edge of your eyes… not a cute look!

Apply Them Correctly

Correct application of your false lashes is incredibly important and will determine not only how natural your lashes look, but how long they will last.
Apply the falsies onto your eyelids as close as you can to your natural lashes. The strip should start where most of your natural lashes begin. To determine where they should end, count about two to four lashes inward from the edge of your outer counter or apply your lashes halfway between the inner corner of your eye and the start of your pupil.

how to appy eyelashes with paragraph
How to apply eyelashes

Apply Liner To Your Top Lash Line

Once your lashes are on, we advise that you apply a black eyeliner to your waterline to fill in any gaps between the false lash and your natural lash line and help to conceal the band of your false lashes for a perfect and seamless look. You may also want to use an eyebrow spoolie brush to keep your lashes separated and nicely fluffed up. Lashes that are stuck together and clumpy from mascara look fake, so it’s always a good idea to have a small spoolie brush on hand.

Blend Them With Your Natural Eyelashes

It’s really up to you whether you add mascara before or after you apply your false lashes, or not at all for that matter. However, to ensure a perfectly seamless look, we recommend adding a light coat of mascara to your natural lashes before adding the falsies, to help your lashes blend into the strips.

More Natural Mink Lash Styles From Amor Eyelash Vendor

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What Length Mink Lashes Do You Want?

Short Natural Mink Lashes
Regular 3D Mink Lashes
A pair of 3d 18mm mink lashes
20mm Mink Lashes
25mm Mink Lashes
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Where Can Buy Pre-made Fan Lashes?

Amor Eyelash Vendor is one of the top Pre-made Fan Lashes suppliers, if you are the Boss of the beauty salon or lash studio and want to order individual lashes, cluster lashes, or fan lashes, please contact our sales girls, you can buy Pre-made Fan Lashes from Amor Lashes at competitive wholesale prices, no matter what kind of lash styles. Following you can see the pictures and introductions of our lash styles.

How to place a Pre-made Fan Lashes order?

If you want to place a perfect order, you should first count your sales data and know what characteristics of eyelashes you need, and then you tell Amor Lashes sales girls, tell them the details of lash styles, curl degree, and the number of each style, you will get quotation from sales in a very short time.

How to order Pre-made Fan Lashes?

When we wanna place a Pre-made Fan Lashes order, we usually use the following data to define the lash extension, as follows:
Material: silk, cashmere, human hair, mink furs
Curl: J, B, C, D
Thickness: .
Mink Fur Number: 3D Fan lashes mean 3 mink furs hairs, max 20D Lash Fan extensions
Color: Black or others

For example, 5D human hair 0.07C10mm, Black, 20 pcs, that means you will order 20 pieces of human hair Lash Fan Extension made of 5 mink fur hairs, with 0.07mm thickness and 10mm length, at C curl degrees, black color.

Pre-made Fan Lashes Extension

Fan lash extensions mean 3 or more lash hairs heat-bonded at the lash end and forming a fan shape lash combination, these fan lashes also have different curls and lengths, and they are marked with different names.

7D14MM-0.10Thickness D Curl Short Stem Fan Lash Extension

According to their unfolded shape, they have also named chicken feet fans, fishtail fans, phoenix fans, and so on. A fan made up of three eyelashes is called a 3D fan, a fan made up of four eyelashes is called a 4D fan, and so on, and now the maximum number is 20D fans.

How does Pre-made Fan Lashes Classify?

Long Stem Fan Lash Extensions

Short Stem Fan Lash Extensions

Natural Fan Lash Extensions

Volume Fan Lash Extensions

Mix Fan Lash Extensions

3D/4D—-20D Fan Lash Extensions

Other Lash Extensions Amor Lashes Suppliy

Amor Wholesale Eyelash Vendor also provide Individual Lash Extensions and Cluster Lash Extensions and Easy Fan Lash Extensions,

they are also popular between make up artist for their high quality!

Individual Lash Extensions:

Individual lash extensions mean a single individual with different curls, different diameters, and different lengths, these lash extensions can be applied to the baby’s lashes, forming beautiful lash extensions.

Cluster Lash Extensions

The root of the cluster lash extensions is not a point, but a line segment. When applying for cluster lash extensions, they are applied to several baby eyelashes instead of one baby eyelash.

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Why Do Ppl Find it Difficult To Apply Eyelashes?

Wearing false eyelashes can be challenging for some people because it requires a steady hand and some practice to apply them correctly. This is not the point, the following matters may be the reason Why Do Ppl Find it Difficult To Wear Eyelashes. Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor lists the mistakes you’re probably making when applying false eyelashes and gives tips on how to do it well.

Apply Eyelashes Without Good Measure And Trim

Strip lashes are made as long as they can, so they can meet all eye’s width, the details width is about 35cm. Before you apply the Mink Lashes, you need to measure the width of the lashes you need first, then cut off the extreme part to meet your eyes. When you do not well trim the lashes, the false lashes will give you overweight and make your eyes look small, get a very bad makeup feeling!

Apply Eyelashes

Apply Eyelashes Not Well Exposed After Apply Lash Glue

Lash glue are not fast dry glue, they need 20 seconds to get sticky.”This time is suitable for most girls’ makeup speed” Said Mr.Eric, the designer of Amor Wholesale Mink Lash Vendor. This is quite different with lash extension glue. If you apply the lashes more quickly before the lash glue gets sticky, they are not well applied to the eyeliner, they will fall off!
For the same reason, when you do not apply the lash glue evenly, the part of the lashes with more lash glue will not sticky as the part with lash glue, so you can not apply the lash well.

Apply Eyelashes

Not applying false lashes close enough to their real ones

A common mistake that rookies make is not applying false lashes close enough to their real ones, which often leaves a strip of visible skin in between. “After applying lashes, conceal the glue with a super thin liner along the upper waterline. This makes the eyelashes look more natural, and hides the glue bits that might still be visible,” says Designer Eric. Since most eyelash glues are water-based, you can just wash your face to remove false lashes painlessly.

The lashes aren’t fit your Eyeshape

The goal of your lashes is to open up your eyes and give a somewhat dramatic effect to your eye makeup. “If you have hooded eyes, for example, using fluffy strip false lashes can make your eyes look smaller and enhance your hooded lids.” Designer Eric Said. When you choose the wrong lashes, they will give you very bad makeup effects.

Apply Eyelashes

Apply false lashes do not care about the skin color

Regarding to white color girls, a pair of false lashes that is too long or heavy can weigh down the eyelids and feel uncomfortable, while to a black girl, a pair of false lashes that is too short or sparse may not give the desired effect. Furthermore, false eyelashes come in different lengths and thicknesses, and choosing the right pair can be overwhelming.

In summary, wearing false eyelashes can be challenging, but when you subscribe Amor Lashes channel, and get the right guidance, these challenges can be get over easily!