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The rarer a thing is, the more it worth!

The rarer a thing is, the more it worth!

There are many low-priced eyelashes in the eyelash market. They claim to be able to send free shipping and samples for free. This is indeed a choice for beauty lovers with an insufficient budget, but it is not in line with the philosophy of Lashes Amor-precious mink lashes wholesale supplier.

People who choose us-Lashes Amor

Precious mink lashes wholesale supplier.

Our eyelashes are loved by professionals and beauty bloggers. They have more stringent requirements for eyelashes. It takes a long time from design to hand-made eyelashes. Every pair of eyelashes is carefully made and taken seriously by us. The source of mink fur in the world is limited. We treat every animal kindly. We have set up an animal fund. We will send a batch of food to the small animals every month. Because we need to get it from the mink, we need to return this favor. These mink furs are hard to come by for us. Things with scarce resources are often more precious.

Why our mink lashes so precious?

Our eyelashes will be cleaned and disinfected again and again during the production process, and have undergone hypoallergenic testing to ensure the comfort on the eyes. Eyes are the windows of the soul. Our eyelashes hope to add more light to your eyes. After repeated designs and improvements, the eyelashes developed by us are very popular in the market and have a great influence.

Lashes Amor brings the highest quality eyelashes to everyone who loves beauty. Eyelashes are one of the consumables in beauty products. It occupies an indispensable position in cosmetics and can be reused to reduce waste of funds. Many girls think that eyelashes do not need to spend too much money, they will throw them away after wearing them once or twice anyway. Or there is a quality problem. Lashes Amor will conduct multiple experiments and samples. Checks after processing to ensure that each pair of eyelashes can be used 25-30 times, which reduces unnecessary losses for beauty lovers.

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Pick us as your lashes vendor

The price in the eyelash market varies, and it is difficult to choose an excellent supplier. If you wear it yourself, buying poor quality eyelashes will affect your wearing effect and mood, and waste your money. If you have your own business, poor quality eyelashes will affect your business. As a factory and supplier, our goal is to let more people recognize our eyelash quality and wearing experience.

We need to get more recognition from beauty lovers. When you want to buy eyelashes, Lashes Amor is the first thing you think of, because it is a symbol of fashion and a guarantee of quality. It can also save you time.
In China, we often say that The rarer a thing is, the more it worth! and these eyelashes are exquisite like showcases. Girls of any age will be attracted by its beauty. It makes us more satisfied. When you have it, you will wear it more carefully and feel the special features of each eyelash.

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