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The popularity of our eyelashes

The popularity of our eyelashes

The popularity of our mink lashes. The 3D mink eyelashes produced by Lashes Amor are elegant, lifelike, and natural. Eyeliner is natural and durable, and the style is fashionable.

Our designers continue to study aesthetics and have bold design concepts. And each new product can become a hit!


In 2012, the mink false eyelashes were proposed. Which has refreshed consumers all over the world and began to fully understand the beauty of false eyelashes. This period is the embryonic period of mink eyelashes. And consumers begin to recognize mink eyelashes.

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The 3D mink false eyelashes developed in 2013, due to the distinct layering, once again allowed consumers around the world to redefine the beauty of false eyelashes. Changing the drawbacks of the original false eyelashes with only one curvature (BCDJ), exaggerated and realistic, Naturally, 3D mink eyelashes are popular all over the world.

In October 2018, our designers once again boldly innovated. Increasing the length of 3D false eyelashes from 13-16mm to 20-25mm. Which once again set off a world consumption boom.

The popularity of our mink lashes,

Lash base camp-Lashes Amor

The popularity of our mink lashes. Consumers all over the world redefine their eyelashes because of our designers’ bold reforms and innovations. Our partners also enjoy the unlimited business opportunities brought by each innovation!

At the same time, many peers have started to imitate our styles. But because they have no technology, the imitated products are only approximate, never imitating the essence of beauty. And the product quality is not well controlled. Many suppliers use our pictures to promote customers. The actual goods provide defective products, and many customers have communicated with us to buy from other suppliers. Their goods are cheap, the quality is not good, the delivery time is slow, and they are complained about by consumers, and they have more harm than good. They didn’t have enough power. Later, they found our website from Google. At first, They ordered 2000 pairs. After a week, They ordered 3000 pairs. The next week they ordered 5000 pairs. Do you say that the trend is not popular, or the best-selling? Let customers always have the best-selling products)

Lashes Amor eyelashes, make your beauty unique!

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