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Plant Fiber Lashes & Vegan False Lashes

What Is Plant Fiber Lashes?

Are you an environmentalist?
Do you prefer Plant Fiber Lashes to mink hair lashes?

Degradable Plant Fiber Eyelashes Lash Tray Lash Packaging Box

Amor Lash Vendors now produce new Plant Fiber Lashes to meet huge demand of Vegan Lashes from the market, this lash styles made of Hemp fiber, so it is also called Hemp Fiber Lashes.

Hemp lashes are made of hemp plant fiber with high strength and excellent curvature. Hemp lashes are vegan lashes with cruelty-free, and some people, vegetarians, prefer hemp lashes to mink lashes, and hemp lashes are cruelty-free lashes, which are environmental-friendly, green, and healthy.

Wearing hemp lashes is a good option for vegetarians or many vegan lashes lovers, you can choose the lashes made of 100% plant fiber.

Hemp Lashes Advantages

Hemp lashes are 100% green and healthy, and the natural plant can make your lashes look fluffy and soft, with the super light for you comfortable to wear.

They are with perfect 3D effect, fluffy and soft, the lash band is also flexible and durable for wearing. Most importantly, the price is more affordable than mink lashes.

The latest natural plant fiber eyelashes

Plant Fiber Lashes Vendors
  1. Super light and super soft, these features will not make your eye skin feel heavy.
  2. The hemp material is a natural plant fiber, which will be safer, make your eye skin more comfortable, and fit better.
  3. More competitive price than real mink lashes, better cost performance.
  4. At present, the stock and competition of natural plant fiber eyelashes in the market is very small, which is a newer selling point.

Here are some advantages of hemp lashes in the following:

Vegan Lashes
Hemp lashes are vegan lashes made of hemp plant fiber, without any worries about the allergy problems of applying lashes. It’s a good option for you to choose the hemp lashes with cruelty-free, 100% green, and 100% safe.

Excellently Curly Lashes
Hemp lashes are excellent with great curls, compared with faux lashes. And many of you like vegan lashes but without a flat shape, hemp lashes can be taken into your consideration, 100% cruelty-free lashes with great curls. You can own fluffy and curl lashes effect after wearing hemp lashes.

3D Effect
Hemp lashes have an excellent three-dimensional effect, looking vividly beautiful and steric. I do love hemp lashes in good shape, and you can keep the hemp lashes for a long time if you can protect them well, and you don’t need to worry the hemp lashes are out of shape.

Healthy and Safe
Hemp lashes are healthy and safe, made of the top-rated hemp plant fiber, with strict quality control. You can wear the hemp lashes for your daily makeup, and hemp lashes are soft, light, and comfortable to wear, with a long duration too.

Where to Buy Hemp Lashes?

Hemp lashes are vegan lashes with cruelty-free, using environmentally friendly hemp fiber, and hemp lashes are the latest lashes types on the market, and there are not many competitors on the market.

We have top-rated hemp lashes with different styles too, that is our 3DB series vegan lashes including 17 different styles for your choice.

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